Five Nature’s Claims | The Spike Feeders Commander Gameplay S4E6

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where you can support us directly. Now, kick back and enjoy the show. [music] Bill: Hey Spikes! Welcome back to another
Thursday with us, your friendly neighbourhood Spike Feeders. We are comin’ at you with a
little bit of a laid back episode with decks that we’re more familiar with, I would say.
We do have some favourites and some underdogs I would say comin’ back to join us. Jerry: Breya. [all laugh] Bill: Specifically Jerry. Jim: Jerry’s feeling a little targeted. Bill: It’s been probably a season and a half
since he’s been in a game. Eliot: Feels like centuries. Jim: Yeah. Bill: Like centuries. Jim: He’s been farming, feeding Canadians. Bill: Yeah, all of the Canadians. Jim: I don’t know. Jerry: All of the Canadians. Bill: Every single person. Anyway, so, welcome
back Jerry. Jerry: Hey, thanks man. Bill: Glad to have you on the show. Just to
do the roll call, I’m playing Najeela, it’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to
play her so it’s still the same Flash Hulk build. Hopefully we’re going to do the same
things that you guys have seen before, like activating Mirror Entity twice. [all laugh] Jim: Yeah. I’m playing Bears in Cars. This
is a Stax deck. It uses hatebears and it uses them to crew vehicles and so hopefully we
get like a universal detriment to the table while I am just beating face with beefy vehicles. Bill: With vehicles that have guys that are
like this. Jim: Yeah. This is like a little different
than what you’ve seen on the channel in the past. I was going Azorius before under Grand
Arbiter, and now I’m Esper because Tymna and Silas Renn are… better? [all laugh] Jim: For this deck. It’s card advantage and
recursion for artifacts, which is exactly what this deck wants to do, so thank you to
Cameron from the Lab Maniacs for recommending that. Yeah, it’s a fun deck. I really like
playing it. Eliot: I’m here with somebody who has been
betrayed lately by his noble followers – Prossh, Skyraider of Kher.It’s a Food Chain deck.
He’s the OG and he’s here to show you why. [all laugh] Eliot: It’s a little bit of a slower build,
there’s some stax elements to separate it from the “go fast” Tazri, Niv, or First Sliver
that have arisen, but yep. Good old Jund Food Chain. Jerry: I’m back with – I think this is the
first time I’m playing my own Breya list in awhile, I think the past three times have
been other people’s Breya lists that I’ve gotten to play, so I’m back with Breya Bomberman.
She’s my bae. I’m just gonna bomb people out. I don’t know. Eliot: I don’t know. Jerry: I don’t know man. Bill: Alright, and I will be starting us off
in turn order so I will draw for my turn. Okay, you know what, I was going to play another
land but because I drew this one, I do want to show it off. I’m going to play a forest
into Noble Hierarch and pass the turn. Jerry: Wow, I like the low-key rub-ins. Bill: The low-key rub-ins. [all laugh] Jim: Draw a card. I would like to play this
Morphic Pool untapped and I think I’m just going to pass the turn. Eliot: I’m going to draw for my turn. Let’s
see. I’m going to play a City of Brass and I’m going to be the first to take a damage
to myself. First blood, 39. Jim: We got him on the ropes, boys! Eliot: And I’m going to cast a Llanowar Elves.
Pass the turn to my good friend Jeremia. Jerry: Electrickery? Wait what? Untap, draw.
I haven’t played Magic in forever. I don’t know how to play Magic. Jim: What’s your excuse on talking? Jerry: Um, I haven’t… Bill: I haven’t! Corn! Jerry: Misty Rainforest. I will pass the turn. Bill: I will draw a card and I’m going to
play Command Tower. I think it’s going to be her time in the sun, I’m going to cast
Najeela, or at least attempt to. Jim: Okay I am going to respond to that. I’m
going to cast Vampiric Tutor. Jerry: I’m going to respond to that. I’m going
to crack my Misty Rainforest. Bill: Oh my goodness, okay. Eliot: Jerry to 39. Does anybody have a response
to Jerry’s… Bill: Actually I do! Jim: Can we search at the same time, Jer? Jer: Okay. Cracked my Misty Rainforest, I’m
going to get a Watery Grave tapped. Jim: Okay, I’m going to put this card on top
and when Vampiric Tutor resolves I’m going to lose 2 life. Jerry: 38. Bill: I am on the throne! Ha-ha! Jim: Okay, I would like to untap. Eliot: Wow. Bill: Hang on! Eliot: Is Najeela resolving? Bill: Is Najeela resolving? Jim: Yeah, I’d like to untap. Exile it from
the stack, please. Bill: I’m good. Pass the turn. Jim: Untap, draw this card. Jerry: What card is it? Jim: This one. Jerry: Oh. Jim: I’m going to play an Island. Jerry: Okay, okay. Eliot: You would. Jim: I’m going to cast Smuggler’s Copter. Bill: Oooh! Smuggly Cops. Jim: Yep. Then I would like to pass the turn. Bill: Did you see how I reached for Najeela
there, assuming she was going to… [all laugh] Eliot: I’m going to draw. Ooh, that’s a good
draw. Yeah, it’s a really good draw. Jerry: It’s probably Food Chain. He’s going
to win the game. Bill: Yep. Eliot: I’m going to play Command Tower. I’m
going to tap my Command Tower for an Elves of Deep Shadow. Tap my Llanowar Elves for
a Fyndhorn Elves, and I’m going to tap my City of Brass, take a pain to 38 and cast
Mirri’s Guile. Bill: Ah, Sensei’s Divining Top. Jim: That’s not even a judge promo. Eliot: It’s not. It’s Tempest. I don’t think
it- Jim: It does. Yeah, it was very recently a
judge promo. Eliot: [sigh] Jim: I have one if you want it. Eliot: [sigh] Jerry: I mean I’ll buy it from him. Bill: Deals on cam. Eliot: Pass the turn. Jerry: Untap, draw this Magic card. Oooh.
I will play a Tundra and I’ll tap 2 mana for Boberino. I’ll pass the turn. Bill: Alright. Jerry: I played it out as a 2-mana blocker
for Najeela. Eliot: Big brain plays. Bill: Draw a card. Interesting. I’m going
to play this Overgrown Tomb untapped, try to meet you guys. Jim: Bill goes to 38. Eliot: Wow, Jerry’s on the throne! Bill: I’m going to move to combat and attack
Jim for 4. Jim: No blocks. Go to 34? Eliot: 34. Bill: Then I’m going to tap these here. Oh
sorry it was an extra 1 from exalted. Eliot: Oh! Cheater! Bill: It attacks originally. Jim: 33. Bill: Then I’m going to tap 3 and pay 2 life
going to 36 and cast Birthing Pod. Jim: Yup. Eliot: Yeah that’s pretty good eh? Bill: Do I want to pod something right now?
I think I do. I’m going to tap Noble Hierarch, pay another 2 life and activate Birthing Pod,
saccing the Nobile Hierarch. Eliot: 34 life. Bill: Alright and off of the Pod I’m going
to get Bloom Tender. Jerry: Tendy Blooms. Bill: Tendy. Tendies. And I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: That card is better than Noble Hierarch
right now. Jim: I’ll untap, draw a card. I’m going to
play this Scalding Tarn. Jerry: How hot is it? Jim: I think I’m going to crack the Scalding
Tarn. I’m going to get this Tundra, then I think I’m going to cast Pain Seer. Bill: Oh! That’s tech! Jerry: What does this card do? Jim: I love this card. Pain Seer is Bob, but
it triggers when you untap it. Jerry: Okay. Jim: So that’s kinda cool. So then I think
I’m just going to pass the turn. Jerry: Ooh, no attacks. Bill: Leave on blocks! Jim: No, Smuggler’s Copter triggers on blocks
too, and if nobody attacks me then I can just crew it with Pain Seer on Bill’s end step
and still get the Bob effect. Eliot: In my upkeep I’m going to Mirri’s Guile,
look at the top 3, no cheating. I will put them back in this order. Jerry: Put Food Chain on top. Eliot: And draw this card. Bill: Food Chain. Jerry: He’s not saying anything, not denying
it. Eliot: Everybody be cool. I’m going to play
a Badlands. Jerry: That’s bad news for us. Bill: It is. Eliot: I’m going to cast Wheel of Fortune. Jerry: Oh. Bill: Aw. Jerry: I have no effects. Jim: Hm. Bill? Bill: I have no effects. Jim: I’m going to respond. I’m going to cast
Brainstorm. Bill: That’s really good. [all laugh] Jim: So that resolves? Eliot: Yep, no effects. Jim: I’ll draw 3 cards. Bill: You get to keep your best 2 cards. Jim: Okay, Brainstorm resolves. Eliot: Alrighty. I am discarding Luxury Suite
and Genesis Hydra. Jerry: I am discarding Jace, Wielder of Mysteries,
Steam Vents, Underground Sea, Talisman of Indulgence, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, and Demonic
Consultation. Bill: Wow. I am discarding Viscera Seer, Eldritch
Evolution, Recruiter of the Guard, Academy Rector, Sneak Attack. Jim: How good is Rector Sneak Attack though? Bill: Rector Sneak Attack! Jim: Especially since you can Sneak Attack
the Rector in and then Eldritch Evo it away. Jerry: Or Birthing Pod it. Jim: That’s so good. Bill: Yeah. Jim: Okay, I am discarding Back to Basics,
Mox Diamond, Mana Vault, Chain of Vapor. Eliot: Wow, this was a good Wheel of Fortune.
I’m going to draw 7 cards, how about you guys? Jerry: I’m going to elect to draw 8. Bill: That’s cheating! Jerry: You sure? Eliot: Oh yeah. I’m really sure, actually. Bill: Moderately. Eliot: These are some pretty good cards, my
guys. Alrighty, I’m going to take a pain off of this City of Brass, go to 37. Jerry: Running away with it! Eliot: I’m going to cast the biggest Ouphe.
Collector Ouphe. Bill: Oh no! Jim: I will – Jer, do you have a response? Jerry: I have zero response. Jim: Bill? Bill: Nope. Jim: I would like to respond by crewing Smuggler’s
Copter. Eliot: That’s insane. [all laugh] Jerry: Can’t you crew a vehicle anyway without
it, or is it an activated ability? Bill: It is an activated ability. Jerry: Okay. Jim: Unfortunately. Eliot: If my man resolves I will pass. Oh,
I will not pass. This is a sorcery. I’m going to take a pain off of this Elves of Deep Shadow,
go to 36 and cast Imperial Seal. Jerry: Oh. Bill: There it is. Jerry: You guys I found – I found the whatchamacallit. Bill: Jerry do you have a response? Jerry: Pass priority. Bill: I have no effects. Jim: Yep, do it. Eliot: Alrighty. I’m going to put this card
on top with my Seal of the Imperial and go to 34. Jerry: Guys, I’m so far ahead. I’m like 10%
higher than all of your life totals. Eliot: I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: That’s crazy. Jerry: I’m going to untap, upkeep, trigger
Bob, I’m going to take 3. Eliot: You were saying? Jerry: You know… Jim: I’ve got Jerry at 34? Eliot: I’ve got Jerry at 36. 39-3. Jim: Oh yeah, that’s right. Jerry: Then I’m going to draw another card
as card for turn and then be sad about all my artifacts. Bill: Oh, yeah. Ouphe. Or… “weef”? Jim: “Owfe”? “Oo-fee”? Jerry: I’m going to play a Spire of Industry. Eliot: What’s that – City of Brass but for
artifacts? Jerry: City of Brass if I have an artifact.
So I’m going to play a Lotus Petal for no value. Eliot: Ah, there we go. Jerry: Just as an artifacty. And then, like,
oh my goodness. Eliot: I will not block. Jerry: I know, like, it’s just one of those
things where, like, I might have to do a thing, but I don’t know if it’s the _right_ thing…
Um. We just Wheeled… Eliot Imperial Sealed… I’m gonna Git Probe Eliot. Eliot: Ooh. Paying life? Jerry: No- Yes. Yes! Sorry,. Yes. Eliot: Jerry is with the rest of us. Jerry: I’m going to look at your hand. Jim: What’s in his hand? Jerry: Tainted Pact, Dark Rit, Regrowth and
two lands. Bill: Did he tell the truth? Eliot: He did tell the truth. Jerry: Yeah, absolutely. Eliot: I am also telling the truth. [[[eyebrow raises]]] Jim: Wait, what’s the logic puzzle? If you
were lying would you tell the truth about it? [[[glare]]] Eliot: I don’t know how I’m going to cut that
to make it work, but… Jerry: Okay. Does it do anything? Bill: You should attack. Jerry: I mean, I’m going to attack. Jim: Don’t attack. Eliot: What? Jerry: I’m going to attack Eliot for 2. Jim: No! You need Najeela blockers, he’s gonna
activate Najeela on his turn. Jerry: Trust me! It’s fine. Jim: Okay. Eliot: I have no blocks. 32. Jerry: I just wanted to get someone off the
throne. Then I’m going to tap 3 mana and I’m going to Toxic Deluge, X equals.. Bill: 2, I guess? Jerry: Yeah, 2. Bill: Yeah, that’s fine. Eliot: [K.O.] Bill: Najeela to the command zone. Jerry: I could tap Spire of Industry for a
colourless for that, so I’m losing 2 life. I’m down to 32. Bob down too, don’t worry
guys. Okay, pass the turn. Jim: I’m okay with that, I don’t get my Pain
Seer trigger but it’s like, fine. Bill: Yeah. I’m okay with this too. Eliot: I think I’m also okay with that, because
now the, uh.. Jim: The Najeela’s gone. And the Bloom Tender,
because he was going to activate. Bill: I’m going to play Volcanic Island… Jerry: And he’s lost a bunch of creatures. Bill: Tap this Forest for a Birds, and Green
White – Saffi. And pass. Rebuild! Jim: Untap, draw a card. I’m going to play
Scrubland, then I would like to cast Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Eliot: o Jerry: Yep. Jim: K, then I would like to Crew Smuggler’s
Copter, move to combat, I will attack Jerry for 3, trigger Smuggler’s Copter. Jerry: I guess the trigger happens before
damage. Jim: Yep. I’ll draw a card. I will discard…
Flooded Strand. Then 3 damage to Jerry. Eliot: Jerry goes to 29. Jim: Second Main Phase, I’m going to cast
Chrome Mox pitching Path to Exile. Eliot: So it taps for a White. Jim: Then I’m going to cast Serra Ascendant. Jerry: Oh! Bill: 30 or more life? Eliot: Yyyyep. Bill: Okay so it is _active_, it’s currently
active. Eliot: It’s a 6/6! Bill: I haaaaaaaaave- do you have a response? Eliot: I have no response. Jerry: No response. Bill: I’m gonna pay 2 life. Jim: K, Misstep happens. Eliot: Yeah, Bill is at 32. Jim: And I will pass the turn. Eliot: Wow. I will untap. Yeah, this is sad
now. I will Mirri’s Guile in my upkeep. Bill: I think that that was a worthwhile trade. Jerry: 2 life for a 6/6 beater with lifelink. Bill: If I had a way to deal damage to him
then I would be less worried about it, but like, with it being a 6/6, I don’t, so… Jerry: Swing with the Birds! Send a message.
It’s flying, isn’t it? Jim: It has flying when it’s active. Bill: It’s pretty good. Eliot: I’m going to put these back like this,
with my Mirri’s Guile. And then I’m going to draw a card for my turn. Oh! Jerry, whispering: Food chain! (normal voice)
I guess he could have switched it now that the plan’s changed and he has Mirri’s Guile Eliot: Big brain plays.I’m going to play a
Swamp. A Snow-Covered Swamp, sorry. Bill: That was the card that he drew. Eliot: Yeah. Planned it. Jerry: No, that was one of the lands, I know.
We saw. Eliot: I’m going to take a pain off of this
City of Brass going to 31 Jerry: How am I the lowest life total? What
happened? Eliot: I’m going to cast Regrowth. Jim: Targeting? Eliot: Collector Ouphe. Jim: Oo-fee? Bill: Weef? Eliot: Collector Weef. Jim: Jerry, priority? Yeah, no, that resolves. Eliot: I would like to return it to my hand.
I would like to cast it! Oooooof! Bill: Haha, that’s pretty good! Jerry: I’m just gonna say this for the memes: Oof. Jim: No artifacts, no creatures. Nobody can
do anything! Jerry: Let’s just put these cards… Eliot: Yep, that is my turn. Jerry: Untap. Draw. Jim: We just need something that says “You
cannot activate activated abilities of lands.” Eliot: Karn plus Mycosynth Lattice goooo~ Jerry: Okay, I’m gonna tap three mana using
Spire of Industry for a colourless again so I don’t have to lose needless life. I’m going
to play a Trinket Mage and trigger Trinket Mage. Eliot: Trin-ger-t Mage. Jerry: Get this useless Sol Ring and put it
in my hand. Bill: Useless. Eliot: What an _idiot_. Jerry: I will then pass the turn. Bill: Untap. Draw a card! That’s pretty cool.
I’m going to play this Plateau as my land for the turn. And then I think we’re just
gonna run her out while everybody’s tapped out, I’m gonna cast Najeela. Jerry: Crack Lo- ohhh. Bill: Yeah, nice try. Eliot: Nice try, guy. Bill: Then I will attack James for 2. Eliot: Ooh, James. Jim: Go to 30. Jerry: Bill back on the throne. Bill: And I’m good after that. Jim: Let me just check my graveyard real quick. Bill: Uh oh. Is Silas Renn coming out? Jerry: Probably. Eliot: Dig Through Time? Jim: Okay, untap. Draw a card. Inventors’
Fair. Jerry: More l- I’m not even going to do it. Eliot: It’s actually very fair, to be… Jim: To be fair? Eliot: To be Inventors’ Fair. Bill: Extraordinarily fair. Jerry: Until he plays an Aradara Express. Eliot: Choo choo. Bill: He can search for Aradara Express. Jim: Yeah. I’m going to… Bill: “What did you bring to the fair?” “A
train.” Jim: I’m going to cast Tymna Jerry: That’s pretty fair. Bill: Weavy. Jim: Then I would like to move to combat.
I’ll declare attacks at Jerry for 3 in the air. Eliot: 26. Jim: Second Main Phase, Tymna trigger. Lose
1 life, draw a card. Eliot: Maybe this Prossh plan isn’t so bad. Jerry: I was about to say, this “Cast Prossh”
might win. Jim: Cards in hand? Eliot: Ooh, a couple. Four. Jerry: Seven. Bill: Four. Jerry: If you play a Wheel effect this Sol
Ring is gonna go to the graveyard… Jim: I think I’m just going to cast Silas
Renn. Bill: You cannot activate this Chrome Mox. Jim: Oh, yeah, right! Hm. That’s interesting.
I’m going to cast a Talisman of Progress. And I will pass the turn. Jerry: He ran out his artifact, I just put
it in my hand – I had no place to put it! Jim: Might as well cast it. Eliot: I’m going to untap, and in my upkeep
I’m going to trigger this Mirri’s Guile. I’m going to put them back like this and draw
a card for my turn. I’m going to play this Twilight Mire. Everybody be cool. Jerry: Okay. By the way, that was the other
card in his hand. His other land card. So I am out of lands known. Eliot: I’m just going to pass the turn. Bill: That’s bad for us, probably. Jerry: That’s 5 mana you’re holding up there,
bud. Eliot: Don’t talk to me! Or my son. Bill: That’s 5 Nature’s Claims. Jerry: Untap, draw. Jim: How long until we see that in a standard
set? “Destroy 5 target artifacts, target player gains 20 life.” Bill: If it was like 3 green, I would play
that. Eliot: Seeds of Innocence. Jerry: I’m getting pretty tired of holding
this card in my hand. Bill: Is it Sol Ring? Jerry: I’m going to play a Lion’s Eye Diamond. Eliot: Storm count 1. Jerry: Then I’m going to tap… Spire of… Bill: Me too. Jerry: …Tundra. Bill: Spire of Tundra. Eliot: Tundra of Industry. Jerry: No, Watery Grave. We’re going to tap
the Watery Grave. That took way more effort than it needed to. Jim: Spire of Tundistry. Jerry: I’m going to play out a Sol Ring. Metalcraft
online. Bill: Did you say “Battlecraft”? Jerry: METAL craft? Eliot: Maximum armor. Jerry: Pass the turn. Bill: poweroverwhelming Jim: That was a good one. Bill: I know. Eliot, mockingly: “I know. I’m Bill”. Bill: I’m going to draw card. I don’t know
how effective this is going to be, but let’s see. I’m going to play this City of Brass. Eliot: Hey, me too! Bill: Hey, nice! I think I just want to…
I think I have to wait. But I really want to do this. I think if I’m waiting, I roll
this out because it’s pretty free. I’m going to cast Mystic Remora. Jerry: Oh, that IS pretty free. Eliot: Prossh is a creature, idiot! Jim: Maybe I’ll hold off on casting my artifacts
for now. Bill: It maybe draws me cards, and maybe doesn’t.
It is what it is. Eliot: It is pretty free. Jim: It is pretty what it is. Bill: I’m going to pass the turn, I think. Jerry: I can’t wait to crack this Lion’s Eye
Diamond after you guys wheel, in response to one of you guys wheeling. Eliot: Ouphe! Jerry: Nooo! Eliot: …oof. Jerry: I’m just having a good time over here,
guys. Thanks for inviting me back. I’m glad you guys didn’t completely fire me. Eliot: We tried, but god, the contracts. Jim: Move to combat. I will attack Jerry for
3 in the air. Jerry: Swing at him with the Tymna; he’s not
blocking! Jim: Oh yeah! That’s true. I’m going to do
that too. Jerry: Eliot, you should block. Eliot: Oh, you’re right! Bill: So that Jerry can activate his Lion’s
Eye Diamond. Eliot: Jerry’s just so good at politics. Jim: Jerry goes to 23, Eliot goes to 29. Second
Main, I’m going to- Eliot: So you go to 31, right? Because of
Lifelink, and then – secretly – back down to 29. Jim: Yeah, draw 2 cards. Jerry: So just after that, I’m at 23, Bill’s
at 32, Jim’s at 29 and Eliot’s at 29? Is that what everyone else has? Eliot: Yes. Jim: Second Main, I’m going to play this Ancient
Tomb. Then I would like to- Jerry: Play Mystic Remora? Jim: -tap this for 2 Jerry: Oh. Jim: Go to 27. Then White White, and 2 other
colours. I’m going to cast Sun Titan. Jerry: Uh, responses? Eliot: no effects uwu Jim: He’s going to Mana Drain it. Jerry: I’m going to tap Spire of Industry
for a Blue… Eliot: Oh, god, he’s going to Mana Drain it. Jerry: …going down to 22, I’m going to attempt
to Mana Drain that. Jim: Somebody counter that Mana Drain. Bill? Bill: Nope, no effects. Jim: I’m going to pass priority. Eliot: Yowza zowza. Bill: Hey yowza dudes. Eliot: This Mana Drain, hey? Bill: Oh, uh, trigger. Do you pay 4? Jerry: Sure, you can draw a card. Eliot: Does it counter the Mana Drain? Bill: No. Eliot: Okay, well.. Jerry: I’d probably counter the Sun Titan
instead of the Mana Drain, that way the Mana Drain fizzles and he doesn’t get a Sun Titan. Eliot: Oh, big if true. What do you have in
your graveyard, actually? Jim: Serra Ascendant. Bill: That’s pretty good. Eliot: I think this is the time to go for
it, as it were. Bill: “Go for it”?! On somebody else’s turn? Jim: Do you have, like, Consultation? Eliot: I’m going to tap this Swamp for a Dark
Ritual. Bill: Trigger, pay 4? Eliot: Not paying 4. Jerry: Yep, I got no responses. Bill: Dark Ritual resolves. Eliot: I would like to – I have 3, make it
5, cast Ad Nauseam. I am not paying the 4. Bill: nice Jim: Now’s the time to Narset’s Reversal the
Mana Drain, to Mana Drain the Ad Nauseam. Jerry: Hang on, I have to do math in my head. [[[math]]] Jerry: Is this upkeep, or? Jim: First Main Phase. Eliot: Oh, he wants to pay for a Pact of Negation. Jerry: Yep! Bill: Ad Nauseam… *sigh* Jim: He’s at 29? Bill: Ad Nauseam… I have no effects to Ad
Nauseam. Jim: Yep, that resolves. I’ll track your life
total? Eliot: Alrighty! Perfect. Overgrown Tomb is
0. Bloodstained Mire, also 0. Demonic Tutor (27), Eternal Witness (24), Sylvan Library
(22), Stranglehold (18), Vampiric Tutor (17), Verdant Catacombs is 0 (17), Taiga is also
0 (17), Plunge into Darkness is 2 (15)… Jerry: Do you still run the big Chancellor
of the Forge? Eliot: No. Yeah, I think I gotta… you attacked
already? Yeah, let’s just- Riftsweeper is 2 (13), Simian Spirit Guide (10), Goblin Bombardment
(8), Blood Crypt is 0 (8), Spire Garden is 0 (8), Deathrite Shaman (7), Nature’s Claim
(6), Summoner’s Pact (6). I will stop there. (18 cards drawn for 23 life) Jim: Eliot is at 6. Jerry: Ad Nauseam resolved, back to Mana Drain
on Sun Titan. Jim: Mana Drain on the stack. Eliot: I have no further effects. Bill: That is fine. Jim: Mana Drain counters Sun Titan. Delayed
trigger for Jerry. Jerry: I’ll actually use this handy-dandy
reminder token. Eliot: Handy-dandy notebook. Jim: I would like to… Question. Does anybody
have a way to get rid of this Collector Ouphe (Owf)? Jerry: If you can untap two lands of mine. Jim: No. Bill: I do. Jim: You do? Bill: I do. Jim: I’ll Windfall if you do. Bill: I… am I okay with that? Hang on, I
gotta think. Jerry: I’m okay with this. Bill: That’s really good, it gets to draw
me a bunch of cards. Jerry: Yes. Eliot: I have… Jerry: It also gets to draw Eliot a bunch
of cards, too, so it’s like… Jim: It draws us into countermagic, right?
That’s what it does. Jerry: Because my only counter is – full disclosure
– my only countermagic is Pact of Negation. So the only reason I… Jim: I’ve got a bunch, I assume Bill has a
bunch. Spot removal and that kinda thing. Bill: Okay. So, you’re in your postcombat
Main Phase? Is there a way that I can do something, like how do I get priority in your postcombat
Main Phase? Jerry: Wait till end step- oh. Jim: I just pass priority to go to my end
step. Jerry: So you pass priority in your Main Phase- Jim: Once the round of priority ends, I get
priority again. Jerry: Then there’s another round of Main
Phase. Bill: Oh, okay. Alright. Okay, so… Jim: I’ll pass priority attempting to move
to my end step. Eliot: No effects. Jerry: No effects. Are you Fire Covenanting? Bill: I’m going to pay 10 life and Fire Covenant,
destroying your guys’ creatures. Jim: Wow, that’s rude. Bill: I told you I could do it, I didn’t say
that it was going to be… Eliot: I might have a response. I am going
to exile Simian Spirit Guide to add a Red, tap this City of Brass, going to 5 life, to
cast Tainted Pact. Bill: That’s fine. Eliot: I will exile Vexing Shusher, Avoid
Fate – don’t ask -, Null Rod, Red Elemental Blast, I will put- Bill: Oh, sorry, trigger off of the Tainted
Pact. Eliot: Oh, yeah, for sure. I will put Red
Elemental Blast into my hand. The rest are exiled, Fire Covenant kills my Ouphe. And
the other creatures as well, yeah. Jim: I thought you were going to take an entirely
different line there. Jerry: So now that the Ouphe is gone, you
can Windfall. Jim: But he’s going to Red Elemental Blast
it. Jerry: I have Pact of Negation. Jim: Oh, right! Okay. So, the line- we’ll
talk about it after the game. If you guys are interested, in seeing what I thought Eliot
should do there, we’ll talk about it after the game. Jerry: Because now that the Ouphe is gone,
it unlocks my mana. Jim: Yes. Okay, so I would like to cast Windfall. Eliot: …I forgot about the Pact of Negation. Jim: So did I. Jerry: That’s why I brought it up, to make
sure you still did it. Eliot: Yep, I will attempt to Red Elemental
Blast. Jerry: Pact of Negation the Red Elemental
Blast. Eliot: Yep. Jim: If Eliot can recur his Ouphe by the end
of the game… Bill: So in response to Windfall, I have an
effect- Jerry: But wait, first! Eliot: Oh, yeah, we have SO many Mystic Remora
triggers. Jerry: So that’s 3 of em. Bill: I’ll draw 3 cards. Jerry: I don’t think any of us are paying.
I could crack the Lion’s Eye Diamond to pay (whisper) big brain plays Bill: I think I want to do this, but I’m not
sure on what. I’m going to pay 3 taking a life – taking a damage – off of the City of
Brass, and I’m going to flash in Necromancy targeting Sun Titan. Jim: Oh, that’s a loop. Jerry: Hold on! Bill: It’s not currently a loop. Jim: He just needs a sac outlet. Bill: It’s not currently a loop because Sun
Titan goes to your graveyard. Jim: Right! That’s true. Bill: Saffi is to my graveyard specifically.
I’m just doing this for value because I’m going to discard the Necromancy anyway. Jim: Hold up. Give me my graveyard back, first
of all! You’ve got a Necromancy- you’re casting Necromancy. Bill: This is after- these have resolved,
it’s just Windfall on the stack. Jim: Okay, Necromancy. I’m going to pass on
Necromancy. Eliot: Yeah, me too. Jerry: Same. Bill: Cool. Sun Titan. Jim: Necromancy ETB trigger.. Bill: *exasperated sigh* Jim: Just take the Sun Titan! Bill: Sun Titan ETB trigger. Jerry: How many triggers are on the damn stack?? Bill: I’m just going to get this Bloom Tender
back. Jim: Okay. Windfall. Eliot: No effects. Bill: Windfall happens. Jerry: Cards in everybody’s hands? *counting* Eliot: …15, 16, 17, 18. Jim: So Eliot, what are you discarding? All
the stuff you drew off Ad Nauseam. Jerry, what are you discarding? Jerry: Sensei’s Divining Top, Walking Ballista,
Izzet Charm, Angel’s Grace. Eliot: Importantly, I am discarding everything
I drew off of the Ad Nauseam plus a Food Chain. Bill: I’m discarding Sol Ring, Enlightened
Tutor, Imperial Recruiter, Swan Song, Mana Drain, Zulaport Cutthroat, two lands. Jim: Wow. I’m discarding Heart of Kiran, Enlightened
Tutor, and Leonin Arbiter. I would like to cast Mox Opal. Eliot: Is it active? It is. Jim: It’s extra active I have 4 artifacts.
I’m going to use it to cast Mystic Remora. Bill: Oh! 2 triggers for my Mystic Remora. Jim: Yep, do it. Bill: Sorry, I’m really bad at playing Mystic
Remora, everybody. Jim: Then I would like to move to my end step. Eliot: In James’ end step, I’m going to cast,
paying 2 life, Noxious Revival, targeting Food Chain. Bill: Are you paying the 8? Eliot: I am not paying either of the 4s. Jerry: Um… Jim: So my draw a card happens first. Eliot’s
at 3. I’m going to draw a card? Bill: Active player non-active player (APNAP),
mine goes first. You’re the active player. Jim: It goes… oh yeah, that’s right. Bill: So I get to draw first. Cool. Jim: Then I’ll draw. Yeah, Noxious Revival-
or, priority? Jerry: I’m going to pay 2 life and Mental
Misstep it. Bill: Are you paying the 8? Jerry: No. Bill: Cool. Jerry: So I’m down to 20. Jim: I would like to discard for my turn.
I’m going to discard Kambal, Blind Obedience, Narset, and a whole lotta lands. Just, like,
a bunch of lands. Bill: I don’t know exactly what order this
happens in, but I also sacrifice this Necromancy in your cleanup step. Jim: Okay, that’s it for me. Eliot: Untap. Alright, so in my upkeep, look
at the top 3 with Mirri’s Guile, put them back like this, and draw this one. Let’s see…
I’m going to play a Snow-Covered Forest. I’m going to cast a Birds of Paradise. Jerry: That’s a creature. No draws for Mystic
Remoras. Eliot: I’m going to cast… a Gorilla Shaman. Jim: That’s actually really good right now. Bill: That’s really good against Jerry. Oh
man. Jim: Oh no. Jerry. Things are not looking
good for our heroes. Bill: _Gorilla Shaman_. Eliot: I’m going to activate Gorilla Shaman
targeting Lion’s Eye Diamond. Jim: Activate it. Show of force. Eliot: I’m going to activate Gorilla Shaman,
targeting Lotus Petal. Jerry: Crack it for a Blue in response. Wait!
That was just a reflex. Crack it for a Black in response. Eliot: Move to combat. Jerry: Yep. Uh, wait. Sorry. Tap Sol Ring,
I did this for a reason. Stop being bad at Magic, Jerry. Tainted Pact. Bill: Trigger. Jerry: You can draw. With a colourless floating… Eliot: I have no effects to Tainted Pact. Jerry: I’m going to look at my graveyard.
Yep, that’s where it is! Okay, cool. Jim: This is a weird game. Bill: This is a _very_ weird game. Jerry: Don’t look at my hand, guys. Bill: “Don’t look at me”. Jerry: I need to find a way to pay for a Pact
of Negation. Silence, Arid Mesa, Faithless Looting – wow, not even a combo! Can’t do
it out of the graveyard – Flooded Strand, Fellwar Stone, Island, Talisman of Progress,
Marsh Flats, Wooded Foothills, Mana Confluence, Bill: Jerry, your deck’s pretty. Jim: It is. Bill: I keep forgetting. Jerry: Demonic Tutor. That doesn’t pay for
a Rhystic, er, one of these things! Ad-… Bill: Just do it in response! Jim: In response to the… Eliot: In response to dying, Ad Nauseam. Jerry: I can’t cast it. It doesn’t matter!
Swamp, Mystical Tutor, Dark Ritual. So this technically pays for it, and then I get…
I get a bunch of mana… Jim: Although if Eliot pops your Sol Ring… Jerry: I have 6 colourless coming. Jim: In your main phase. Jerry: Yeah. Jim: But if he pops your Sol Ring your Spire
of Industry’s offline. Jerry: Windswept Heath, Auriok Salvagers – there
goes the win! -, Vampiric Tutor, Bloodstained Mire, Cyclonic Rift, Enlightened Tutor, Windfall,
Mox Diamond, Dramatic Reversal – that does nothing when your artifacts are dead -, Negate,
Scalding Tarn, Chain of Vapor – that doesn’t do anything -, Chrome Mox – that doesn’t do
anything, can’t play that at instant speed -, Ponder, Bill: At this point, do _you_ even know what
you’re looking for? Jerry: Brainstorm, Pyroblast, Mystic Remora,
Imperial Seal – I don’t know if I actually play… Jim: Whatever, just go out on your own terms. Bill: Just keep goin’. Just keep revealing
cards. Jim: What’s that? Jerry: That’s Night’s Whisper, sorry. Bill: That’s a cool Night’s Whisper, I like
that. Jerry: Flusterstorm, Cabal Ritual – does this
change anything? Jim: You’ve got a lot in your graveyard. Eliot: You do have Threshold. Jerry: So the problem is I need 2 Blue. And
the Spire of Industry has to tap.. The Watery Grave has to tap for the Ritual. Gamble, Bad
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Mana Vault – at this point I’m just showing off my bling,
guys – Force of Will, Hallowed Fountain – I might play Stifle? We’re gonna find out – Ancient
Tomb, Izzet Signet, Isochron Scepter, Mana Crypt, Mountain – I have the win in my hand,
it’s fine – Polluted Delta – It’s just, you know, getting there – Lim Dul’s Vault, Talisman
of Dominance – oh no, we’re just dead – Path to Exile – we’re dead – Badlands, Plateau.
We’ll leave that last one there. Eliot: You get a Plateau into your hand. Bill: We know that he has Laboratory Maniac
in his hand, or it’s the last card. Jim: Yeah, it’s probably in his hand. Jerry: Okay. I have a Plateau in my hand.
I’m going to put my triggers back on top of my deck. Jim: Tainted Pact resolves. Eliot: We are in my combat step. We are in
my second main. I’m going to tap this Command Tower to cast a Sol Ring. Bill: Trigger. Eliot: Yeah. Jerry: Do you need more cards? Bill: Not _really_. Jerry: But it’s nice to have. Bill: Yeah! Eliot: I’m going to cast this Lotus Petal. Bill: Trigger. I’m not even going to look
at them. Actually, I should. Eliot: And then I’m going to tap this Sol
Ring and pay a life off of this City of Brass, down to 2, to activate Gorilla Shaman targeting
Jerry’s Sol Ring. Jerry: What about Birthing Pod? Bill: That costs 9 mana. Eliot: Targeting Jerry’s Sol Ring. Jerry: Sol Ring down. Eliot: And then I’m going to move to my end
step, I guess, and discard 6 lands. Jerry: Untap, upkeep trigger, in response
to the trigger, Swords Najeela. Bill: Uh, sure. Eliot: Bill gains 3 life. Jerry: And draws a card. I don’t actually
think it matters, because Bill’s gaining a bunch. Bill: 24. Jerry: And then I have 2 mana remaining, I
will fail to pay. Bill: Alright, does anyone have any effects
in Jerry’s end step? Jim: Nope. Eliot: Nope. Jerry: I’m pretty positive Bill still wins,
I shouldn’t have done that stuff, still. That was stupid. Bill: Untap, I’m going to draw for my turn-
oh, sorry, I’m not gonna pay for Mystic Remora. Jerry: How many cards? Bill: It drew me a lot of cards. Jerry: One mana draw 10? Bill: Something like that. I just have to
decide how I want to do this. I’m going to cast Chrome Mox, trigger, you can draw a card.
Exiling Lim Dul’s Vault. I’m going to tap this Forest and this Bloom Tender for 3, er,
sorry 2. So I have 2 Green and a White floating. I’m going to activate Birthing Pod, sacrificing
Bloom Tender. Jim: Bloom Tender? Okay. Eliot: For Green and a White? Bill: I have Green and a White floating. Eliot: You have Green Green White, and then
you’re activating Birthing Pod. Bill: Yeah. Oh, sorry, for 2 life. Eliot: 21. Bill: Uh, 22. Bill: Off of the Birthing Pod I’m going to
find Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, ETB trigger, untap Birthing Pod. I’m going to forget that
I drew this card. Jerry: The card you were going to Birthing
Pod for? Are we gonna get a bunch of cats? Bill: So I have Green White floating, tap
this for a Blue, and this for a Blue, and I’m going to cast Felidar Guardian. Jerry: Off of? Oh, your mana floating. Bill: Trigger, I’m going to target… Jerry: Chrome Mox. Bill: I’m going to target this Volcanic Island
to untap it. Jerry: Are you just going to hardcast the
Kiki-Jiki too? Bill: I’m going to sacrifice Saffi Eriksdotter
targeting Felidar Guardian. Then I’m going to activate Birthing Pod, sacrificing Felidar
Guardian, paying 2 life, going to 20. Bill: Okay, so off of the Birthing Pod, I’m
going to find Kiki-Jiki, and then Saffi Eriksdotter trigger returns the Felidar Guardian. Jerry: What are you bouncing? Bill: I’m going to- I don’t know how I get
to do this in order. Jim: The Felidar Guardian trigger goes on
the stack, you can respond to it if you want. Bill: Is Kiki-Jiki in play at that point?
I forget how this actually… Jim: Yep. Bill: Okay, then yeah, I’m going to activate
Kiki-Jiki, and in response I’m going to make a copy of Felidar Guardian. Jim: Well, is it? Hang on, no it isn’t. It
doesn’t matter. Bill: If it isn’t, I’m just going to untap
Birthing Pod then. But anyway, I’m going to make a copy of Felidar Guardian. Untap Kiki-Jiki.
I’m going to do it again. Jim: You got it. Jerry: How many cats you got? Bill: Lots. Jim: How many? Bill: 100,000 tokens with haste. Jim: Okay. Bill: If you want to know what that reference
is, watch our Better Know a Combo. Jim: Oh! It’s, uh, one of these corners. Click
here once the video’s done- Bill: We know it’s up. Jim: You can watch how this works. Bill: I’m going to move to combat. I’m going
to attack each of you with 500- er, 50,000 cats. Jim: And me with this one? Bill: Uh, that one, yeah. Jim: Just that one? Bill: Yeah. Jim: Okay, I’ll- aw. Yeah, that’s game. Eliot: I will die a horrible, painful death. Jim: So that was… interesting. There was
a lot going on there. Bill: There was an awful lot. Jim: I shouted out to the end of the game,
but I wanted to mention this before I forget it. On the turn when I was about to Windfall,
the line that I was expecting you to take because you had a Command Tower untapped and
I know that you drew the Nature’s Claim off of the Ad Nauseam, Collector Ouphe was still
on the battlefield, and I was expecting you to Nature’s Claim either my Talisman or my
Chrome Mox because I wouldn’t have been able to float mana off of them, and then that would
have put me down to 2 mana available, and I wouldn’t have been able to cast the Windfall. Eliot: Yep, that should have been the play. Jim: Instead, a whole lot of other things
happened. Jerry: To be fair, you shouldn’t have cast
the Sun Titan, so I could have Mana Drained the Ad Nauseam. Jim: Oh, well, sorry! Eliot: If you Mana Drained the Ad Nauseam,
I would have won off of the Tainted Pact. Jerry: Yeah, that’s fair. Bill: The funny thing is, when that was all
resolving, if Eliot didn’t have Ad Nauseam or whatever, if nothing else was going to
happen, I drew into Mana Drain so I was just going to Mana Drain his Sun Titan instead.
So that you couldn’t have it! Jerry: Oh! I see what you mean. Bill: In response to you Mana Draining it,
I would have Mana Drained it instead. Jim: Yeah, that was something. Eliot: Yeah, my other out was attempting to
be Autumn’s Veil or Veil of Summer off of either the Ad Nauseam or the Tainted Pact,
but it only gives my things protection from Blue and Black, so- oh no, yeah! It would
have been good enough against the Fire Covenant. Bill: Because it’s a Black spell. Rakdos. Jerry: I’m not gonna be able to find it now,
but- oh! I found it! So, this got added to the deck, and I was going to attempt to use
that to win. Jim: What does that do? Jerry: So this is “You may cast up to one
target instant card and/or up to one target sorcery card from your graveyard each with
converted mana cost X or less without without paying their mana costs”. Jim: So what were you gonna do with it? Jerry: I dunno yet. Eliot: Demonic Tutor plus Cabal Ritual, or
something? Bill: For 4 mana you get to Demonic Tutor- Jim: It’s like build-your-own Dark Petition. Jerry: I dunno, it’s a little recursion. Eliot: It’s kinda neat. Jim: Yeah, it’s a good one. I was bummed,
I didn’t even get to draw off Pain Seer this game. That’s like, all I want to do with this
deck, is draw off of Pain Seer. Yeah. Eliot: I blame Prossh. I blame every time
I- every time somebody comes to the table with Prossh, everybody’s got 900 pieces of
interaction. It’s actually super tilting, I’m actually really upset. I Ad Nauseam’d
specifically into my Regrowth- er, no, I used my Regrowth earlier, and then I Ad Nauseam’d
into my Riftsweeper AND my Eternal Witness that got Windfalled, AND Jerry had the Mental
Misstep for my Noxious Revival. I still could have won on that turn, but then I had literal
no ways to get Food Chain back. Jerry: Other than someone else Timetwistering
or something. Bill: That was my feeling when I played that
deck on the show and there were 18 Chain of Vapors. Jim: When you go into the game, you’re like
“Oh, I’ve got tons of recursion, I’ve got like 4, 5, 6 ways to get back this Food Chain
if people deal with it, and then like, yeah. You draw all of it and then it gets Windfalled.
Ooh. Bill: Ouphe, even. Eliot: Yeah. Big Ouphe. Jim: That was something. That was a weirder
game than I think we usually play, with decks like these. But it was good. I mean, something…
happened. Bill: Everybody was trying to win the game
and then James had a Smuggler’s Copter. Eliot: He had Linvala at one point! Bill: That’s true! The Linvala was _really_
good. Jim: This Sun Titan would have ended the game. Eliot: His Sun Titan was the crux of everything
happening, too, to be fair. Jim: This Sun Titan would have brought back
the Serra Ascendant, and like a bunch of other stuff. And then I was getting ready to bring
some stuff back with Silas Renn, and would have been starting to attack for 12-16 each
game- er, each turn. Jerry: Each game! Jim: Each game! Once per game. Bill: But like, that would have been a _very_
fast clock for us. And you’d be gaining 6 each time, too. Eliot: Yeah, life totals were WYLD. Bill: There were a lot of changes this game. Jim: Yeah. Well, I think we should probably
call it. We’ll see you guys next week! Hey! Thanks for checking out The Spike Feeders
on YouTube. If you’re not subscribed yet, make sure you click that Subscribe button.
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37 thoughts on “Five Nature’s Claims | The Spike Feeders Commander Gameplay S4E6

  1. Sorry, this is not directly about this episode, but: Am I the only one who gets a faint, irregular beeping sound in the background? Not just on this, but every episode

  2. Wait, when Jim went to his end step, how was he able to keep casting things after bill cast his board wipe? Wouldn’t he have to go to his end step after the spell resolved?

  3. Only now realizing this: Are you using old card-backs for the center of the screen when nothing is happening? There are 6 dots which isn't the norm for current MTG cards.

  4. Solid gameplay! Truly enjoyed you leaving in the discussions. It is interesting to hear people work through things and I see no problems at a cutthroat table trying to talk toward how to handle a problem.

    One difference I see in your group versus some others is the actions you take on the way out. At the point of death, your group seems to shift to, "I will make you pay!" Often, people do not care for this and consider your plays at the end as almost mandatory toward keeping yourself alive, and/or winning. I am mixed on it, and mostly think it is a group decision, but when playing in competitive settings for a prize, etc. I tend to frown upon it. In your situation, I would be fine walking into your group and knowing the situation.

  5. I downloaded this video on my tablet to listen to it. I downloaded it in low res, so I couldn't quite tell what forest was played, though I thought I saw a guru land. I stopped the. Video got back into WiFi range and deleted the video so I could see it again in high res, oh that beautiful forest. Nielson in some of the best land art the game has. Beautiful Bill.

  6. Re: Eliot's Tainted Pact choice: Would avoid fate to counter the fire covenant be a good play too? I thought that's what Jim was referencing mid-game.

  7. Whatever Eliot grabbed off Tainted was a Pact of Negation target, because it assured the rocks unlocked and Windfall cleared his hand. Avoid Fate, Nature's Claim, or Red Elemental. His choice didn't matter, as long as Jerry followed through.

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