– Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. I’m gonna do a recipe, so try it maybe. No, hello folks. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are doing the
fondue burger, okay? Let that sink in, Michael. Let it sink in. Basically, loads of you
sent me links to this in the last couple of weeks,
a restaurant in America I think that sells a fondue burger, and the burger was cored out
and you pour fondue over chips. Ugh, sounds pretty darn good, right? So we’re gonna try it. If you’re not already
in, the web site, the full
write up, ingredients, all the stuff you need
to really give this a go other from this video is
there, along with the thousands of other recipes and food fun, okay? So head on over there after
this and just play around. That’s the international
sign of playing around. Thought I’d mix it up today and
put my really sharp lens on. Look at the blur in the background. This is like really cinematic, like, you know, when they film
cooking shows on the telly and there’s like 100
people behind the scenes. This is you and I. We’re making this possible. Living the dream, which normally, sometimes I’m completely out of focus. Anyhow, this is a nice brioche bun. They seem to be in trend at the moment so I thought I’d just get
one of those, serrated knife. Make sure you get your
hand out of the way. I can never normally
cut these very straight, and to be honest, that’s one
of the best I’ve done recently. Normally it’s like, leaning tower of bap. But all I’ll do is toast these buns. Random fact, I’ve never
really enjoyed toasting buns. I just get a lot of heat
from you guys if I don’t. Woo. Get this pan hot, and I’m
just gonna toast the buns one at a time ’cause I need a small pan. I really should’ve used a bigger pan, but I can’t be bothered to change it now. There is no oil in this pan, all this? This is a dry fry. You could just shove it
in a toaster actually. I do really like this lens, actually. It’s nice, isn’t it? There we go, nice toasted bun. Look at that. Let’s get her out. Well, it could be a male. Poom, in goes the other one. What is this strange beast
lurking in my kitchen? Hey Boston. Hey mate, how you doing? Next to Michael Jackson’s socks. ‘Cause I was too busy filming Boston, this one, the lid got a bit better colour, which is what we’re gonna
put a hole in anyway, but I like it, I like it. So I actually put the bottom one back on a little bit longer. There we go, buns are done. Unless you got buns, hun. I forget that song. Welcome to my sofa area of the house. We’re now gonna use the residual heat in the pan to cook our burgers. What the heck am I doing? I’m really sorry. So let’s go. Really sorry, really sorry. Yep, so this pan is still a teeny bit warm and I’m just gonna put it back on flame. Gonna use the residal. I like that word residal, even though it should be residual, right? Let’s change it. A drizzle of vegetable oil. Oh yeah, that is a warm pan. I can, that’s why the oil’s
moving so fast already, and this, woo, is a burger. We’re gonna cook the burger. That’s it. But do make sure, although
I personally prefer, this is gonna be controversial, I like when I go and have a burger and it’s a little bit pink in the middle, but for most of you, you’re
gonna want it cooked through. My actual favourite way to have a steak is generally like, rare or blue. I had a steak tartare
in London quite recently and it was amazing. Looked like that but with an egg on it. So we’re just cooking this up, and we’re gonna get it looking gorgeous. I do like to make my own burgers normally, but today it’s all about the
final product, all right? I don’t know why I’m prodding that. It doesn’t really do much. Just give me some sort of satisfaction. Nice burger times. All right, you can just
rest there, my friend. All right dogs, next we
need to make the fondue and for that, we actually
need a bit of white wine. Yep, that’s wine. I need most of it, otherwise I would. Terrible, I am. All right, so what we apparently do is get a little sauce
pan, add in the wine. Got a lemon here and I’m just
gonna get the juice out of it. All right, so about a
tablespoon of lemon juice. Goes in there. I still managed to get a pip
in it after all that, amazing. So we bring this up on a low heat. We don’t wanna simmer it. Wanna get it just to bubbles apparently, but while that happens,
bubbles the monkey, but while that happens, we’re
gonna work on our cheese. Into this bowl is going 200 grammes of pre-grated emmental cheese, and this is a block of
gruyere cheese, okay? We’re gonna just grate that in. It’s gonna taste great. And this is like, way much
more fondue than I’m gonna need I think, but we’re just gonna go with it. Yeah, so I think with
like a normal fondue, you’d like, rub garlic on a dish and you put the whole
candle thing underneath it. We’re just gonna kind of bodging this, all right, but it’ll do. I mean, I could’ve cheated
and just microwaved up some cheddar and put some
milk in it or something. This is gonna be about two
tablespoons of plain flour, and I’m just gonna give that a mix through so the flour will grip and sort of, I don’t know, antique the cheese. It looks like it’s really
old now and rustic, like it’s been in a big mansion. But break it up, make sure those flavours are all mingled together. Yeah, I like that. Looks like spaghetti. All right, so you’ve
got some little bubbles coming to the surface here. Now, apparently, the next
step we do is take our cheese and we do this in batches,
so maybe a quarter at a time. Dump it in. Oh yeah. I bet that wine is like, “Who are you? “This is crazy, you’re not a wine glass.” And then we just take
a whisk and gradually, once it’s melted through,
add the next batch, you know, and so on, and
obviously it should thicken up with the flour in there and
obviously the cheese, too. Batch number two. Oh yeah. It’s important to keep it whisking to get all the lumps out,
keep it nice and smooth. Oh, it is naughty. Speaking of naughty, I’m
just gonna chuck the rest in. Why not? I’m living the dream. Living on the edge, isn’t it? Mix this. Oh, you can see how much
that’s thickened up. Definitely gonna have to break this down. So this is over a low flame still, folks. Remember, this has all been a low flame. Just gonna add a slight splash of milk. It did say to add some more alcohol, but I actually don’t have any more, so just to loosen it up, but you can see, ’cause I have been whisking
it, it is getting thinner. Oh, I’m loving that. Ba da ba ba ba. I’ve just taken the burger and
the top bun off of that board and I put it onto this one. Time to cut our holes out. The base stays intact, all right? That’s normal. This is where it gets weird. We take a cookie cutter and
we plunge it into the burger. All right, there we go. So, I guess you’re kind of left with a slider, if you want it. All right, and now, the same with the bun. This is a bit, gotta be a
bit more firmer with that. There it is. Holy bap, holy burger. Boom. It’s like some sort of weird donut. Donut make that into a donut. So look, you totally do have your own like, mini slider thing right there. What about portion control? Said the guy that made
the giant [Inaudible]. Just wanna show you folks that the chips are done nice and golden brown with the salt and pepper
pretty much cooked into it. I love making my chips that way. Takes about half an hour. Down goes our base. Little squeeze of mayo. Just some watercressy salad stuff, you know, for the people
that are like rabbits. Slice of tomato. Oh my gosh, this is so weird. I’m just gonna drizzle a
little bit of relish in it. Sit our other holy bun on top. Can you see that? All right. I’ve now got my chips that we made earlier and we’re just stickin’ ’em in there. I’ve also got some strips of bacon. Before we even started this morning, and just let it cool
down so it’s just nice and terrible and manoeuvrable. Hey, that looks bloomin’ good. I’ve got my ladle, let’s do it. Oh my god. Ugh, look at that. That is awesome. It needs pepper. You’ve got a lovely surface on you. You deserve just something
to be stuck on ya. Ugh, check that out. Oh my god, suddenly you
guys have got very keen, well, you were. A bird. You just got, you’re pretending, huh? You pretend you’re not interested? That’s cool. I hope that was as fun
for you as it was for me. That was really cool. The fondue burger. How do you even eat this? Oh my gosh. I’m gonna just try and
take a bit of everything. By the power of grey
school, that was amazing. That, honestly, that was, I can’t eat the rest of
that on my own right now. It’s only like 10:00 in the morning, so I’ll probably have it for dinner and share it with Mrs. Barry. It’s really, really good. I want you to try, you must try this. So now it’s your turn. If you do try it, send me a picture @MyVirginKitchen on all social media. I love to see your attempts. It’s why I do this in its whole entirety. Don’t forget to check out
the My Virgin Kitchen podcast every week free to download
on most podcast providers. Subscribe for any of the
recipe videos and food fun. Let me know down below what
you wanna see you next, and I’ll see you again next time. Goodbye and good luck, it’s amazing.

20 thoughts on “FONDUE BURGER

  1. This is in the top 5 of things made on the channel EVER! If you want to try it, here's the link to the method etc full recipe / write up don't forget to tag us in your attempts if you do

  2. Hi Barry, I absolutely love your content and channel mate, without blowing smoke up your booty you're one of my favourite Chefs/Cookery personalities ๐Ÿ˜Š
    I do have a request though, since moving out of my family home and into my own place, my meals have become less and less about great taste etc and more about what I can afford/budget to last me the month.
    Would you please, if possible, throw together a few recipes you like (maybe from your bachelor days) where its not going to cost much but is still fun to cook and tasty to eat??
    Hope the family are all well and thank you for these amazing videos ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Why not just leave the burger intact, put the bacon and the sauce inside en have the chips on the side? :S

  4. Love this concept, and I hate to be the toasted bun polce, but dry toast doesn't work. Light brushing of butter first or just toast it in a buttered pan. Otherwise why even do it!

  5. That is magical the melty goodness of fondue meets the deliciousness of a burger that is Frickin Heaven on a bun bun I Love IT!!!

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