Food Banks –  How To Provide Healthy Food to your Local Food Banks

are you hungry hunger Hunger left so many people around us in canada in friends or in any country that is hungry so today I want to talk to you about three things first key data that I’m always like what is it where I leave second i want to give a big shout-out to special people and third i want to help you to give to provide the right stuff for the food bank okidata right now in Canada or I believe we say that five percent of the kids suffer or are affected by food insecurity and eight percent of the adults which means according to the Food and Agriculture Organization its users and their different variations that explains if you are in that situation or not they’re basically you don’t having a sweet feed yourself or you don’t even eat because there’s no food in your class at your place or you need to skip meals because you want like the day if you eat three times a day so check my blog because there are more information around what is food insecurity and could you consider yourself in that situation or someone you know may be in that situation and friends is this it’s huge numbers as well it’s like 3.5 million people and we’re talking a country that has 66 million people but 3.5 million of them are in that food insecurity situation and i’m always amazed when i read those numbers like I know about it but when you see and visualize the number of people just like what your browser aquare leave in the eastern part of canada it’s even worse we have 15 person of the population affected by food insecurities apparently and a lot of them are kids all these to say that i want to say to send a big shout-out to special people a few times every year i have the chance to host some workshops for people wants to help families or households there are affected by food insecurities so i want to share with you today a little video that i made last time I have that workshop with those of food mentors social workers and nutritionists are coming to those classes as well and those people are amazing because everywhere in the prep in the place where i live in new brass week they go all over the place to help and support people who needs their help to get the right food in their body and to know where to get that rude if they don’t have any money so food banks are key of course for that for that situation today i am and the Green Village Community Food mentor program station with with with me okay can you tell us what is it exactly that program what is it the community food mentor program is a program designed to train and assist people who want to go out and work with people who live with food insecurity and after his food banks to get their food we teach better recipes more nutritious eating budgeting and things like that better it was very good and wear green here so it’s very oregano thyme parsley scallions when you’re done beyond that i’m just gonna show you a minute we’re making a big huge amount of how many eggs 28 me my chance hello ladies what are you doing here in that corner o Grady wait for salad and it’s now so good well it is Halloween you’re ready for honda rena so what do you put in that salad challenge we have beat some almonds some scallions and there’s a dressing with olive oil apple cider vinegar Dijon mustard and controlled temperature and young men there yeah be careful don’t controlling not you child my fingers are so what are you watching here when president we’re making apple you’re part of the team that is we just went into them and mix everything together so yeah somewhat not about the fact that we get that and what are you doing here we’re making an applegate ok so let’s be sure about that applegate let’s see what did you put here this is our wet ingredients we have milk oil bananas maple syrup vanilla and a mmm it smells good and those apples flowers baking soda baking powder and apple ok so what type of flower did use rice flour and arrow ok good luck with the mixing kudos to all the social workers for mentors or any support people that are into that world are have so much admiration for you as you know food banks always need food and some time of the year are specially especially demanding in terms of food so check the holiday season or all the time of the year so when you give to the food bank and please try to make sure that each time you go grocery shopping check if there is a card somewhere for the food bank but make sure you pick the right ingredients for the food bank don’t give kraft dinner or packed sugar packed sold products for the food bank that’s my only you no call to action if you pick up for example peanut butter make sure you read the labels and it’s any peanut and that’s it no added sharpening or extra sugar or salt and if you use pasta or canned make sure that the label is very short 35 ingredients max that’s my advice because we want those people who don’t have the means to eat every day that went to get some food they get the right food until then if you like that video if you feel inspired by those people like I do make sure you like the video or you click on the little hard on the little thumbs up and share with your friends

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  1. Thank you for watching! What is your best trick in order to provide local food banks or food drive with the most nutritious food? Leave your tips below.

  2. This is great information. My husband grew up in family that was homeless at times and with food insecurities, so we are very supportive of local food banks.

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  4. Hi Angelique your channel is perfect for me as the treatment for my chronic leukemia has damaged my system and I'm really careful about my diet. This will be a great help. #YTFB

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