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Hey, how you doing? NY Dosa. Phone Caller: Are you open today? Open and serving food already. Carly: Known around the
world as the Dosa Man, Thiru Kumar makes the best
dosas in New York City. Starting around noon
Mondays through Saturdays, you’ll find a line of New
Yorkers and tourists waiting for these world-famous dosas
in Washington Square Park. I’m coming from Kolkata,
India. I’m a tourist, and I made a point to
travel around eight stations just to have these dosas. I’m from Singapore, visiting New York. We checked out when he’s
open, and we’re like, “OK, we leave after we try his dosas.” Carly: Between his loyal fans and ongoing 18 years of success, Thiru has garnered fan clubs
in Japan and California. He’s also listed in 42 different
guide books about visiting NYC and has been profiled
in countless publications. My purpose is, like, I
wanted to have a quality food for everybody, you know? Like, even poor people, rich
people, everybody could have under-$10, good, healthy, vegan food. Hey, guys, it’s Carly. Hi, I’m Medha. And we’re here in Washington
Square Park ready to try out some famous dosas. And I myself have never had a dosa. I’ve had a couple of dosas in
the past, but I’ve never had it in street form, so I’m
really excited to try this out. All right, well, let’s do it! Carly: But first, we wanted
to learn what goes into making these famous dosas. The batter, which is made up
of fermented rice and lentil, is formed into a circle on the grill and topped with a hot chutney. Up next, Thiru customizes
the dosa to your liking. His most popular dosa, the
#2 Special Pondicherry, is made with potatoes and a vegetable mix and served with a cup of sambaar, which is a lentil-based vegetable soup, and a side of coconut chutney. The samosa dosa features
a chopped-up samosa for extra crunch. We opted for the masala
dosa, which is loaded with potatoes cooked with a masala mix. So we got our dosas, and we’re super excited to try it out. What are you expecting, Carly? You know, so I’ve never had a dosa. I’m expecting a lot of spice,
which I’m very excited for. I’ve been eyeing those potatoes all day, so I am ready to bite into these. It’s so crispy. Oh, and that spice, you can just feel it growing and growing. Medha: This can totally
fill you up for, like, a good, nice lunch. Carly: Mmhmm. Medha: Eating in Washington
Square Park, it’s amazing. I read about Thiru a few months ago. There have been videos,
articles. He’s won awards. He has a fan club. He’s
all over the world. I wanted to know what the hype was about, and I’m here to say it
lives up to the hype. I definitely understand why so many people are lined up every single day in the park just to have Thiru’s dosas. Carly: Though he’s the
only one doing the cooking, Thiru often gets assistance
from friends and volunteers. Most of them are NYU students
in between class will come and help me, and the
workers around the neighborhood. Carly: Besides dosas, Thiru
also offers items like uttapam with veggies and a Jaffna Lunch with
four small pancakes. Thiru usually sells out by
3 or 4 p.m., but customers both old and new will
tell you that this food is definitely worth the wait. This food is freakin’ amazing. Like, you could serve
this in an, I don’t know, however-many-stars restaurant. And he just makes it out here! Like, the food just speaks for itself. So I find that really special here, to be able to get Indian street food. I think India has some
of the best street food, and New York’s known for
all the kebabs and hot dogs, and all that stuff, but
yeah, this is really special. This is just exactly what we get in India, and the dosas are awesome, and it should be a must-have in New York.

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  1. he is not from India though he is Sri Lankan ethnicity and the food there is same as is in South India,…….

  2. Sambar is a soup!
    It's like calling a ketchup a soup
    u guys deserve trump!
    Lol don't try to fit everything into your western foods.

  3. Stupid Americans! It’s sambar not soup. And you don’t eat a dosa like a sandwich. When you can adopt chopsticks, eat Indian food the way it’s supposed to be eaten

  4. Only in wash square park??? Yo i swear these indian people need to bring some of their cuisines to brooklyn so i dont have to travel so far to queens lol.

  5. Why r Nyc food carts so hyped all the damn time? Yea he makes good dosas but it’s not “the best” dosa in nyc that’s just crazy. Tons of restaurants that make better dosas.

  6. I’ve passed by this guy’s cart several times but I never really bothered to check it out until all these videos about him started coming out. I’ll probably have it the next time I’m in Manhattan.

  7. That Indian girl acting like she has had "couple of dosas"…. Please! You've had them countless times before…

  8. That's not how u eat a dosa. It's not a burrito pls. You have to tear off a piece of the dosa with the filling dip it in the sambar or chutney and have it. That's the authentic way of eating a dosa

  9. If you ever want to have the best dosa you must come to india, were you can find number of dosas which is greater than the number of dishes available in most countries. 😛

  10. Whoah that looks delicious especially with the using the hand without glove that probably wipe their ass after shitting in the morning

  11. The dosa he makes and the ingredients in it are not even half as tasty as the dosas made in Chennai but foreigners crave it coz they dont know better. But its nice to see he works so hard.

  12. As a vegan and New Yorker, I can't believe I've never heard of the Dosa guy! Anyhow as yummy as it looks, what doesn't seem appetizing is the fact that he doesn't use gloves, he's on his phone while cooking, and his hand touches the mixture that people eat. Very unsanitary.

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