Food Chain Magnate Extended Gameplay

Hey Everybody! This subtitle channel contains Paulo’s list of “Rahdo’s goofs”. If you report goofs we didn’t notice, please leave timestamps. Thank You! 🙂 Forgot to the the “First to Train someone” Milestone that will give her $15 discount on every turn when she has to pay the workers It’s actually $10 +$5 because when Jen sells burgers she gets and extra $5 due to her “First Burger Marketed” Milestone And now that he would do the $10 he’s over the $20 and would receive the Milestone “First to $20” and get to see the Reserve cards 11:35 Actually Jen has 2 workers that require Salary, the Junior Vice-President and the Burger Cook… it would be $10 not $5, but she has the Milestone that gives are $15 discount on Salaries so they won’t cost anything Clarification: Customers, when offered a choice, will go for the lower cost for them (selling price + travelling cost) , Richard got this right. If there’s a tie they’ll go to the place with more waitresses (Richard again got this right). If there’s another tie, they’ll finally choose based on turn order (Richard missed this part and it does affect some decisions he makes) Like stated in the previous note, the cost of that burger for House 4 is: Jen $10 / Richard $9 + $1 (for the distance the customer has to travel) So the cost is the same… first Tie-Breaker: number of Waitresses: They both have 2 Final tie-breaker is turn order, so that burger should have gone to Jen since she’s first in turn order! Again, Richard is forgetting the turn order tie-breaker and Jen has a much easier time manipulating that because of her much bigger structure Jen forgot to Hire one more worker from her CEO card Forgot to pay for the workers… Richard now has to pay $5 because he has 1 skilled worker!

18 thoughts on “Food Chain Magnate Extended Gameplay

  1. At 11:30 Jen has $10 of salaries (she has the burger cook) but wouldn't have to pay due to the $15 discount from the Milestone.

  2. Great video, Rahdo! Thanks!

    Am I wrong in that Jen wouldn't need to price cut at the end? She can just use additional marketing campaigns to add other products to to what the neighborhoods want.

  3. At 20.00, the sum of distance and price is equal and both restaurants have the same number of waitresses. In this case, customers go to the chains i turn order, in this case Jenns, not yours.

  4. Totally not seeing where the direct player conflict is as you can always follow the your opponent in a 2 player game if you are second, which you could manipulate with your work slots… there's really no stealing, discarding or destroying that I see. There's more direct conflict in Forge War during the mining phase where you can directly steal miners from your opponent, right? It seems like this game would be right up your alley!

  5. this is unfair. After SUSD I was like Cool game, but pricey and not so great looking in terms of the dull city map. Now Seeing in detail how the game works. I WANT IT SO BAD. Dull map be damned. Though I only have one person to play it with really. And we barely can make two gamenights per year together. T.T

  6. I was interested in this, but seeing how there is an obvious strategy ( hiring a recruiter and then a trainer ), kinda broke this game for me.

  7. This seems like a game where a more experienced player can go "I WILL CRUSH YOU ON MY TRAY AND SERVE YOUR LOWER BACK AS BURGERS"
    It's seems extremely crushing. I love it!

  8. This seems like a very complicated version of Monopoly to me… Won't you just get to the same kind of situation where one player gets ahead early, and gets so many bonuses from getting everything first that it becomes impossible for anyone to catch up?

  9. Does Jen have to keep a slot open for her marketing person? the one running the "infinite billboard campaign"?
    For example at 17:50 you laid out all the employees under the CEO taking up all the "open slots" but if you counted the marketing person she'd have been one over.
    (I hope I'm explaining that correctly.)
    I'm just curious. I ordered this game after watching these walk through because it looks so awesome, and I figured I'd ask for clarification while I'm waiting for it to arrive.

    Great video!

  10. +Rahdo Fantastic run-through, extra impressive knowing you didn't like this game from the outset. This game is a sure thing for me;will add this to my collection. Thanks

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