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Hi everybody and welcome back to my
channel! Today’s video is gonna be about food, and about the differences between
Italy and the USA. First difference I noticed is that in Italy we use a lot
of olive oil Here instead not even everyone has olive oil in the house they just use butter. They use a lot of butter for everything. Just an example, they put butter on top of sweet potatoes on top of pancakes, even if butter is already inside the pancakes They have toasts with butter while instead in Italy you
may have bread with olive oil and also for example if you want to make an
egg you’re not gonna put olive oil in the pan but you’re gonna use butter and
so yeah they just use butter for everything. Then for example for salads
and vegetables is a condiment in Italy we use olive oil, maybe vinegar, salt. Here
instead they use a lot of sauces and dressings like for example ranch it’s a
very common typical sauce that they use for example with vegetables and salads and
also Italian dressing that’s something they call it’s not Italian of course but
they call the so and then of course they have a lot of other sauces like where’s
my barbecue sauce for meat and other stuff like that they love guacamole and
other sauces where you can dip chips and tortillas Here people don’t really have a time to eat In Italy is very important. You’re gonna have
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that’s something that you’re not gonna skip
there’s a time for lunch, usually like, at least for me, is around maybe one or two
if I’m like at school and then you’re gonna have dinner around 8:30. Here
instead you don’t really have a time usually dinner is like very early
like at 5:00, 5:30, maybe 6:00 but anyways no one really cares. You
just eat when you’re hungry and you have snacks. And also another important
thing… in Italy meals are very important I said it already, so especially for dinner if it’s like during the week you’re gonna set
the table, everyone is gonna sit at the table, you’re gonna have dinner together.
It’s an occasion to talk, to enjoy food, and that’s it. Here instead they hardly hardly ever set the table, they are just gonna prepare something for dinner and have it
in the kitchen maybe or sometimes even standing. In Italy, especially if you go
to a restaurant and you wanna like a full meal, you’re gonna have an appetizer or a
starter, then first dish, which can be pasta, rice or soup, then second dish which can
be meat, fish, or something else with a side dish maybe, and then dessert, fruit,
maybe coffee, and liquor. And that’s a very like that’s a full meal. Here
instead when you go to a restaurant or even at home you’re gonna have one
dish. Then pizza of course American pizza is completely
different than Italian pizza. Here they don’t really use mozzarella cheese to put on
top, but it’s like a different type of cheese and I feel like the dough it’s
different too, and the condiments too Here the most common pizza is
pepperoni pizza, which is not pizza with peppers, but it’s pizza with sort of
like spicy salami. Also they put chicken on top of pizza and, even if I have never
seen it here, I know that people also use pineapple on top of pizza and I know
that’s like an insult for Italians but that’s it. But what I wanted to say is
that here you’re not gonna see people eating a whole pizza. If it’s like a
normal pizza, you’re gonna eat half of it or maybe like a few slices and I can get
when you order the family size pizza when for example you are with
friends. We have that in Italy too and then you’re gonna have just one or
two slices. Or, what in Italy we call baby pizzas for children, that’s the only pizza you’re gonna eat whole. Homemade. When people here say homemade it doesn’t
mean that they really made it and prepared
it. For example, people say homemade cake but they mean that they use pre-made
cake mix: the boxes where you just have to add oil, water, and eggs, and you just
put it in the oven and it’s ready If you really want to mean that you prepared it all by
yourself, you have to say from scratch and also you saw it or if you haven’t
just go to my previous video the one at Wegmans. I show you the cookie dough.
that’s because here people tend to use a lot of all ready-made food where you
just have to put in the microwave and it’s ready. For example mac in mac and
cheese. A lot of people eat pre-made mac and cheese, for example at school. It’s
just these boxes where there’s like shrinked very little pasta, and it’s like squished together, and then you have to put water, put it in the microwave, and your mac
and cheese is ready. And it’s like disgusting. Also I’m never gonna
use the cake mixes. I love baking and for me using cake mixes it’s like no you
make my heart break but that’s fine that’s just me maybe In Italy if you
want to eat something but you don’t really have time or you don’t want to
you’re just gonna put on some water to boil so you can have some pasta or you’re
gonna open the fridge and do something very quickly. Here instead if they don’t
have time or they don’t want to cook they’re gonna go out to eat because here
is like it doesn’t take that much time is in Italy. If you go to restaurant in
Italy we’re known for slow food so maybe it takes
hours. Going to a restaurant is an occasion to spend time with friends or
family and talk and enjoy good food. Instead here it’s normal to go out to
eat, it doesn’t take that much, even if it’s not a fast food. And another thing,
on the go. People here eat a lot of food on the go so maybe they’re just gonna
have something. A coffee or not even not only a coffee like real food too- you’re
gonna buy it and maybe bring it to school and eat it there, or while they
drive, or while they walk. In Italy food is very important, is a big part of our
culture. Maybe we’re too obsessed with food. But at the same time that’s like
really important. Here instead they don’t have a real tradition of food. Of course they have typical dishes, but at the same time American
food is like a mix of other cultures they took parts of other cultures, mixed
them together, and made their own versions of food. Which is not wrong, I mean that’s
what they do, what they are. So here for example you can eat a lot of Mexican
food, and not only. You have food from all over the world, and at the same time that
doesn’t mean that American food is bad. A lot of people think that American food is
crap, and of course they have junk food too but I really have to say that there are
very good restaurants, and very good recipes. That’s kinda of the same reason
why if you’re Italian and you come to the USA and you want to eat Italian food.
Don’t. Or at least don’t if you really expect to real Italian food, because
you’re just gonna eat the American version of Italian food, which at the
same time it’s fair because the food they have here is the one that Italian immigrants brought to America in the 60s and so then Americans of course
changed the recipes, rearranged them and so now they havetheir own
version of Italian food. So for example that’s why they have like recipes that
in Italy we don’t even know what they are: spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti bolognese fettuccine alfredo, and other things
that are not really Italian And what’s funny is that I went twice to
Italian restaurants here, and the people who I was with, asked me if what I was
eating really tasted Italian, and I was like “I’ve never had this in Italy but I
guess it could taste Italian” As the last thing: baking. Baking drives me crazy
here. It’s because if I want to prepare something from like my own recipe I have
to convert everything like all the ingredients that’s because here for
example they don’t have grams and kilograms.They don’t even have meters and
celsius. So when you put something in the oven you’re gonna convert from
Celsius to Fahrenheit and grams to ounces, or if you bake or if you’re
preparing something to eat you’re gonna convert grams or milligrams to cups and
teaspoons, tablespoon. These for example are cups. You use 1 cup, half a cup,
1/3 of a cup, 1/4, 1/8. And then you have for like little quantities, you have
tablespoon, teaspoon, an eigth of a teaspoon, a fourth of a teaspoon. So this
was everything for today, I hope you enjoyed the video. If you liked the video
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14 thoughts on “FOOD |ITALY VS USA| – Year abroad

  1. the biggest difference between American food and other countries food id that American food has to appeal to literally a hundred different kinds of palettes , American Italian food has to appeal to Irish, German, Mexican, polish etc not just Italian so American foods to an outsider would seem sort of bland

  2. You comments about meals are right on the money. Forty years ago, families sat down for meals together. Workers too lunch breaks together. When I was a kid, I sat at the kitchen table and had breakfast before I went to school. Now with both parents working, breakfast often consists of a bagel or a Pop-tart.

    Supper was always a family event and after supper was when things happened. Now, kids have so many activities that meals are taken on the run.

    It is sad. We've lost a lot.

  3. Are you insulting our freedom units? Celcius=communism and Fahrenheit=Freedom (but tbh we need to go to the metric system)

  4. Bravissima Chiara , ho conosciuto il tuo canale ieri ed è un piacere ascoltarti . Hai una pronuncia e un accento ottimi , io ho vissuto 7 anni in Inghilterra e devo dire che l'accento italiano si sente sempre quando parlo in inglese , non sono mai riuscito a eliminarlo , lol . Comunque volevo dirti che i tuoi video trasmettono la positività della stupenda realtà che stai vivendo . You are living The time of your life . I tuoi genotori saranno così orgogliosi di te . By the way , ti consiglio un giorno, magari finita la scuola, di vivere per un periodo in Australia . E' un paese stupendo , secondo me ti piacerebbe un sacco .Ci sono stato nel 2014 per 3 mesi , un sogno davvero . Li noterai tanti slang simpatici anche . Li per esempio le parola le accorciano facendole finire i o . Tipo sandwich is sarno ( se ricordo bene ) . Continua così e quando sentì assurdità sull'Italia ti prego spiegagli che sono stereotipi assurdi … Magari gli si apre un po' la mente a certi americani chiusi .

  5. Had to laugh at the pepperoni pizza comment. While on one of my many trips to Germany I ordered a pepperoni pizza and got a pizza loaded with all sorts of peppers. Now I love peppers but unless they are well cooked they do not love me. Still, it was great!

  6. Thanks for the video. I am going to host a exchange student from Sardinia this coming year. Can you please give me some tips on what kinds of food my student might like, also what foods he probably wouldn’t enjoy. I can use all the help I can get hosting first time. Thank you!

  7. Dunno, I cooked some people from Milan a Chicago-style deep dish pizza (pounds of sausage and cheese), and they said it was better than anything they could get in Italy. They were also amazed that bread, butter, garlic and cheese is a thing. They also demolished about 12 pounds of smoked brisket. American food can hold its own.

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