Food photography lighting setup with one flash light source

HI , I am Manjot from lenspassions photography. Come again with new video but with different subject. It is my first video on food photography. I did few assignments on food photography. On Drinks On Snakes On Sweet dish On also on main course Food photography is very challenging job. You need to construct the photo until you
reach to perfect balance and reality. Everything in the photo is a decision. Every piece is perfectly placed by the photographer. You need to choose best camera angle according to shape and size of the food. When shooting from the front of the food try to keep a great foreground and background to play with. Use these empty spaces to tell more of a story. Surround your main dish with ingredients and
props that relate to the food. Light is main asset, and acquiring a few tools
to help you control it will bring your food photography up to the next level. Poor use of light will ruin your story and
immediately turn off your audience. Here are some common setup for food photography, First and most effective setup is window light, a natural light is best light if you can use
it effect with the help of diffuser and reflectors The second is Back lighting in food photography It is a great way to show the highlight on the top of shiny food. In this lighting setup, the subject with their coating of oil look even more appetizing when they have a nice
glow around the top. In the last, side lighting Side lighting is a great all-rounder. It works for nearly every situation, either use two side lights or one with reflector. Both are effective according to the food shape and color. Now time to come, I will show you how I set lights for today food photography. Start from background, I pasted a art paper on board with tapes The platform I used is a wooden textured tile that is ideal for food photography And placed a diffuser between food and light to soften the light I am using Godox V860 Mark two Flash and placed it left side of the diffuser To soft more , I covered flash with white
soft cloth , the both diffuser are stopping 2 steps , so I am using flash on manual with
full power of 1/1 The 3/4 Angle for Food Photography is best
angle This angle is when your camera is placed anywhere
from 25 to 75 degrees in relation to your subject. I placed camera approx. 65 to 70 degree for this shoot
I am using D7500 DSLR, Godox V860 mark II flash and Manfrotto 190 series tripod also
using newer diffuser I am providing all links in description, you
can buy directly clicking on these links. Let’s go to shoot,
The first shot, light come from left side and beautifully highlighted the food ,
Watch the animation how light travel on the object through diffuser and highlighted one
side and give moody effect. Second Picture is same setting just change
the camera angle and props . and the last picture took with same settings
with portrait mode and finished after post production in Photoshop. In this video I show you side artificial lighting, In my next videos I will come with other important lighting setups and angles. That’s all for today. Don’t forget to like and comment, it will
help to spread my video to many other viewers. I would like if you will share in comment
which of picture most appealed you. Thanks for Watching

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