Food Science and Technology research ensuring healthy food supply for the future

My job as a food scientist is all about feeding
the world in the future. And this is really important because the world’s facing climate
change, the weathers getting hotter and drier, we’re running out of oil and we’re running
out of fertilisers. So what I do in my job is look at new crops,
new types of food that we can grow in these high temperatures and drought. And then how
to make those into tasty food products that are going to be healthy for us so that we
can help reduce the problems of obesity and other diseases like diabetes and heart disease. So as you can see this is a really important
role of a food scientist in making sure that we have a healthy future. So you’re wondering why I got into food science
in the first place well I did a degree in biochemistry which was really difficult, and
very difficult to know why I was doing it and how I could apply it in future. Then I
discovered food science and didn’t really know what it was and when I checked I realised
it was a way to use my interest in science and interest in engineering in a way that
could solve problems. In terms of manufacturing new foods, that is very applicable to everybody
and it made my course that I was doing and my career really interesting and really worth

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