T : Thank you everyone for your support on Food Truck Battle From tomorrow onwards, the contest moves to Bangkok. And we’ll find out who will be the ultimate winner. T : Hello. We’re in Bangkok. T : Do you know where we are at? G : Where is it? We are at the Asiatique Riverfront. T : A few questions for both teams How do you feel about yesterday’s battle. *Who would win?*
G/T : And who do you think is going to win today? K : Starting with Ten. G : Who do you think is going to win? T : I think…Team…Red? *Not so sure…*
They were so quick yesterday. *Is it Red?*
J : Were we? They said we were going to win. T : As for Team Blue, just like Nam Tae Hyun said. They made it very crispy and spicy. And the line was long. *Lots of Blue customers*
So I really can’t guess. / G : Who will it be? T/G : Did you see the lines? / They were pretty even. / So I can’t say for sure. G/T : All in all, one team sold 82 sandwiches. / And the other sold 89. *Very close.* T : Which team do you think sold 89? J : I think Blue got 89. T : Yesterday they sold out. *Too tired*
N : Actually, we were tired, so we decided to announce we sold out. T : Nam Tae Hyun said the reason they sold out quickly was because they felt hot and tired. T : Here’s the thing: for this round, the winner…no wait, I mean me and Gun *Ten and Gun are in!*
will be joining the contestants in the cooking for each team. We’ll find out who is joining who after revealing the rules for this round. *Awesome* *#PromotionTime*
G : Tell us what we get if you join a team. *No good*
T : First of all, in terms of cooking skills, I don’t have any. If you get me, I’ll do whatever other team members tell me to. *Good employee* N : You don’t have to do anything. *Example*
N/K : You just stand in front. / Nothing else. *Truck mascot*
N : Because you’ve got a lot of fans. T : Thank you. **Gun’s time to shine**
G : If you pick me, *I’ll do everything*
The work should be easier. But since the kitchen is small, if I join a team, I’ll have to do all the work. J : You do everything? G : Everything. N : Awesome. *Time to decide*
T : I’ll give you some time to work out who you want in your team. And I’ll announce yesterday’s scores. *Who to choose?* *Thinking hard* G : One thing I’d like to add. Think about after today as well. The contest doesn’t end today. You have the total sales in 7-11 to take into account. You get a prize for today’s win, but if you win in the overall, *Big prize awaits*
you also get another special prize. T : The team who got higher 7-11 sales will receive a set of 6 colored gems. *6 colored gems!* N : Infinity Stones? T : Gun, we’re about to reveal the winner. G/T : It’s time. T/G : Are you ready? / Let me hold that. *Nervous Nervous* T : Are you ready? *Ready?* T : Please countdown for me. *Blue wins!*
T : Team Blue! G : Blue won again. G : But we have another surprise. T : Yes, a double surprise. The winner doesn’t get to choose first. *Winners don’t choose?* T : doesn’t get to choose first. *Red picks first*
T : The losing team gets to choose who is joining their team. H : We say you two do rock-paper-scissors. *Rock-paper-scissors*
And we pick the winner. J : That’s the deal. H : Best of 3 rounds. T : Gun, do you know I was a rock-paper-scissors champion. / G : Okay. G : You get the winner? *Winner to Team Red*
H/J : Yes. / We get the winner. K : And we get the loser. *Bragger*
G : Champion, you said? *Tantrum Tantrum*
T : You were slow. *I was kidding*
G : Fine. We start over. / T : That’s okay. G : Let’s start over. I was slow.

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