*Final round*
T : Hello. Welcome to the final round of Food Truck Battle. G : How are you feeling now? *Excited Excited*
T : I’m very nervous. We’ve been training vigorously for this final round. G : They put in their best efforts in the past rounds. *Do it again?*
T : It’s a pity this is really the last battle. I want to do more. *Surprise*
T : I forgot. We’ve got something special today. G : What is it?? T : This time, I’m not the MC anymore. *Join the battle!*
And Gun is not the chef anymore. This time we are competing too. *Join the battle!*
G : Okay. Shake. / T : I think I’m going to win. *Confident!*
T : I think I’m going to win. Do you think I’m going to win? G : I know you will. G : Let’s introduce both teams. Please welcome Team Blue: Kitty and Nam Tae Hyun. T : Let’s hear it for Team Red! G : I want to hear what they’re feeling, now that this is the final round. Starting with Team Blue. N : Actually, we’ve gotten so used to making them, *GG EZ*
I can do it with my eyes closed. *Do it for real*
H : You really have to do that then. T : Nam Tae Hyun just said he was so used to making the sandwiches he could do it with his eyes closed. Oh. T : How about Team Red? H : This is the last day, I have nothing else to worry about. And we’ve got a big crowd supporting us. I’ll do my best. *I’ll do my best* T : How about you, James? J : This is the final. We’re getting serious this time. We’ve been goin easy on you all this time. *We went easy on you*
It’s time we get into gear. We’ve forfeitedmany games, this time… G : It’s not the same as losing, you know. *Stuttering now*
J : We went easy on them. Now we show them the real us *We’ll see*
and how it’s done. *Not backing down*
T : You guys look confident enough. G : We’ll leave them to do some prepping in the kitchen. H : Do we have enough drinks? G/J : How are you James? / We’re getting ready. *Who’s with me?*
J : Today there’s a new member in the team. T : How do you divide the duties among the members? J : The first one gets the bread and spread the sauce, and place them here. *All planned out*
The second one puts on the filling and does the grilling. HA:TFELT then cuts the bread and serve with salad. I think it’s going to be quicker. T : Wow. You’re keeping up the sunglasses concept. G/T : I need to have my sunglasses if I’m on this team. / Right. *Oops!*
G/T : We don’t know which team we’ll be in yet. / I’ve got mine ready. Oops. *Glasses time*
G : Are you with Team Blue? / T : No, no. / K : I can lend you mine, try them on. T : You need sunglasses for Team Blue right? / Yes. T : Here, like this. Okay, that should work. G/T : Are you really with this team? / This team? G/T : I don’t know. / Better not tell. *Autographs ready*
T : Tae Hyun is getting his autographs ready. N : That’s right. T : Buy from the Blue team and get Nam Tae Hyun’s autograph for free *We want one* T : Let’s review the rules. 1 person can buy from 1 team only. G/T : What’s the price? / 100 baht per set. T : The proceeds will be donated to philanthropic organizations. *Please support us*
You can do good by eating. Please support the cause. G : If you couldn’t get them here today, *Available at 7-11*
T : you can buy them at any 7-11 branch. T : The time for preparation is over. Now is the time both teams get to promote their food. G : Who do we start with? Team Red. / Blue. N/J : Red first? / Rock-paper-scissors? N/K : Loser first. J : Scissors, paper, rock! N/K : Yeah! *You start*
T : Red first. G : Need a megaphone? I’ll get a megaphone. J : Hello, can you hear me? *Yes!*
Yes! J : Team Red’s dish today, *Korean chicken tom yum sandwich.*
Korean chicken tom yum sandwich. It’s really good, we made it with our hearts. I’m sure you’ll like it. And we ‘ve got special drinks too. *Come and buy one.*
Come and buy one. H : Hello Bangkok! H : (In Thai) Korean tom yum, very delicious. *Tom yum*
H : Tom yum *Korean*
Korean *Delicious*
H : Delicious *Very*
Very Yeah! N : Hello. *Bulgogi pork sandwich*
N : We’re bulgogi sandwich team. *Language switch!*
Which is very…limited. Hurry and grab one. T : Hurry up and get in line. Their bulgogi sandwich is limited. *Special performance*
N : And we have a special performance for you. G : We’ve got another special event, *Special event*
the last one for today’s Food Truck Battle. G : What are we doing? *Sign the trucks*
T : We’re having the contestants sign the Food Trucks. T/G : Let’s get to it. / You’ve all got huge signatures. T : I’ll sign here. *Final round*
T : The last round of Food Truck Battle is about to begin. T/G : Go to your stations, get ready. / We’re starting. T : Okay, start! [Now is the grand reveal] [which team MC Ten and Chef Gun is going to join.] H : Scissors, paper, rock! H : Yeah! Ten is with Team Red. *Shake*
G : Let’s shake before the battle. T : For a fair game. G : Which team are you in? T : Team Red. Which are you in? G : Today, Team Blue. T/G : Okay. / Today we’re competing, but we made a great team. G : Fighting. *Being supportive*
T : Thank you for the past 2 rounds. *Ten attacks!*
T : But this time it’s my win. G : Okay. T : Let’s go! / Yeah! T : Can I get a glove please? *Battle start!* N : Wow, yay, Gun! *New member* *Showing the ropes* T : Why are you speaking in English? T : Do I do it like this? J : Yes, then I put on the chicken. / T : Okay. N : I’ll get ready at the front. *Like a pro*
N : I’ll go to do my marketing. J : we’ve got this prepped, you can use the spoon. T : We do it together, makes it faster. J : Okay, sure, and when I’m done, J : you put them here, and I’ll do the grilling. *Will it go well?*
T : Sure. *Will it go well?* T/J : I’ll put them here then. / Good. *Ten is dedicated* *What’s going on?* J/T : Oh my god!

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