J/T : Oh my god. H : Really? *Make some noise*
K : If you want to hear Nam Tae Hyun sing, make some noise! Louder! [Nam Tae Hyun is going to sing for us.] This is his trump card in customer strategy. *Cheering up*
Blue Team *No one backs down*
Red Team K : Yes, our team is ready. Grab a drink, it is hot today. *Spying on the enemy*
J/H : They’re ready to sell. / What? *Shifting gears*
J : We’re ready too, I’ll put more heat. *On a roll* K : Here. Thank you. H/J : Hello. / Hi. J : I think this one is ready. F : Are you feeling hot? J : Yes, my hands are burning right now. N : Welcome to Blue Team. *Mini concert by Nam Tae Hyun* *Souvenirs from Team Blue*
K : We’ve got Nam Tae Hyun’s autograph on every box. H/T : Hello. / Hi. F : I miss you, HA:TFELT. H : You do? *Serious mode* K : For Team Blue’s customers, *Kitty the Marketer*
buy our sandwich and join the mini concert. *Are you in?*
Are you in it! T : Team Red fighting! *Yeah!* F : Ten, are you feeling heavy? / T : No. F : You’ve hoarded all the cuteness to yourself. *What do I do?*
F : You’re blushing. / T : I shared some with James this morning, so not really. H : Thank you. *Bragging*
G : How many have you sold? We’ve sold 20. K : Let’s go rustle some feathers. / Go ahead. *Still unaware*
J : Thank you., thank you for coming. K : Did you burn some bread? *Tantrum Tantrum*
J : How come you can chill around like this? / K : I’m having it easy. T : How come? K : Onni, it’s very chill. We have our chef. H : Chef Gun is doing everything? K : Yes. *Crying now*
J : What? T : So unfair. J/T : Chef Gun is doing everything. / So unfair. K : Are you still in the fight? T : If you’re not going to help them, come join Team Red. *Ten’s request*
T : Today’s a hot day. Should we sing “So Hot” for her? *Awesome!* T : Red team’s energy is through the roof. H : Thank you for coming. Give me a hug. *Up close and personal* G : Bring them in. G : Get in line./ F : It’s quiet here. G : Sure is, I’m working alone. N : For the next song…/ F : Nam Tae Hyun! N : Okay. *Someone’s busy* Ten, in what language are you dreaming in? T : Me? It’s different each day. *In James’ class*
T : I went to a class with James. How did it go? “I had a dream I fell in love.” *You’re naughty*
J : Oh, you. Oh, you. *Not giving up*
G : Here. Thank you. K : Any special requests? “Hug me”, please. *As you request*
K : Can you sing ” Hug Me”? Are you feeling hot? J : No. J : I’m wearing few pieces today. T : What did James say? He’s going to strip if he wins today? *I didn’t know about this*
J : Ten, Ten, Ten K : Please wait a bit. Take your drinks first. Right here. *60 minutes left*
[60 minutes remaining.] T : 60 minutes remaining. J : Oh. Bye bye. *Enjoy*
T : Enjoy the meal. K : Let’s hear it for Tae Hyun oppa. G : I’ll alternate between blank and signed boxes. Awww. G : I’ll judge from the noise. Whoever’s loudest gets the autograph. *Master schemer*
Only 6 remaining. K/G : The one who screams the loudest. / Whoever screams the loudest gets this. K : Oppa, you pick. *Who’s the lucky one?* K : Gun, it’s for her. *Speechless* G : Okay. *I’m tearing up* *Jealous*
T : Why are they taking it so easy? Fighting. H : Thank you. Gun, fighting. You’re going solo. / G : Yes I am. They’ve been doing it since day 1, *Nice guy*
Now that I’m on the team, I’m doing my part. H : Thank you. Oh! *What happened?* Sorry. J : That’s okay. I can clean this up. *I got this*
J : Sorry, sorry. H : Sorry. / J : It’s okay. *It’s okay* N : How does the sandwich taste? *Aroy?*
Delicious. *Aroy!*
N : (In Thai) Delicious? N : Delicious. *Hiu*
N : How do you say “hungry”? / (In Thai) Hiu. N : Hiu? Yeah. N : It’s very difficult. T : Promoting time [After allowing Team Blue to attract the customers,] [now it’s time for Ten to go on the counterattack.] *Please support Red*
T : Please support Team Red. K : Do you want to switch sides? *No thank you*
T : No thanks. Bye bye. *What is he going to do?*

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