*Sending support* *Serious mode ON* *Fluid movements* *Ten – WayV* *Super!* *I’m blushing* *Advertising time*
T : Team Red is this way. T : Team Red, fighting. *Looks of love* *Special Night with Nam Tae Hyun* K : Oppa, hold on a minute. K : They want to give you something, is it okay? / N : Yeah. K : Go ahead. *Fan’s gift* *Bamboozled!*
N : What is this? K : It’s money. They put it on the singer. / Oh really? *Okay Okay*
N : 100 baht? / K : This is 20, 20, 20. J : Oh, what happened? H : Just change the bread. *Problem for Team Red*
J : Ten, give me another. J : What? *What’s happened again?*
What’s happening to the bread? J/T : Ten. / It’s torn off? / Yeah. *Fighting*
J : We have to change all this. I think I have to clean the pan first. J : The pan is not okay right now. *James is fixing it*
I think we have to put on more oil. *Team Blue staying calm.*
N : It’s really hard making sandwiches. Better to sing. K : Let’s hear it for Nam Tae Hyun. *Nam Tae Hyun fan meeting*
N : Thank you. Ten, if I were rich, I’d buy off Chitlom district and change the name to Chittapol. You’re cute, they must be crazy not to fall for you. *Blushing hard*
T : Thank you. *Do the cat pose*
Are you a kitty or a tom cat. *Don’t bully him*
J : Please do the cat pose. 1 2 3. Come on. Fighting. G : All the boxes will be signed by Nam Tae Hyun. *Number 1 in Marketing* You’re beautiful, Yeeun. You’re handsome, James. *Thank you Thank you* *So chill* I love you, Ten. *Bye for now* *I can’t move* J : My back hurts. K : Hello, onni. Wanna change teams? *Change your mind*
K/N : Come on. / This team’s chill. H : Okay, wow. *Chef Gun’s smooth moves*
H : Very fast. *I’m back*
J : I’m so tired. T : Fighting. High five! K : Please wait. K : Thank you. I’m really sorry. *#Restfirst*
J : Our team’s marketing strategy: rest. We’re taking a break. Chef, blow me a kiss. Go Ten, go! Go Ten go! *A little break*
T : We’re taking a fiver. N : Hello. *Having fun?*
T : Are you having fun? / Yeah. N/T : How are you? / I’m good. *For the customers*
J : The shop’s closed for now. K/T : You’re done? / Just a break. *Say what?*
T : Shall we dance? Have James teach us the moves. [Apart from the intense truck sales,] [both teams also compete in entertaining their customers,] *Songs from HA:TFELT*
[And no one is giving ground.] *Dance from Ten* *Live music from Nam Tae Hyun* *Awesome, guys*
H : Okay, we’re going back to the trucks. *Back to stations* *Just a bit more*
Nam Tae Hyun, fighting! *Chinese lesson*
What does “wo ai ni” mean? It means Ten! *Let’s hear it*
N : (In Thai) Let’s hear it. *Are you tired?*
Are you tired? N : No, I’m okay. G : It’s me. T : Sing me a song. *I know this song*
T : I know this song. *Good job, Ten* Team Blue fighting! N : Thank you. J : Have you heard songs from “9by9”? *Pouting*
You haven’t heard of it? That’s a shame. J : The chorus line. *Awesome* *Is it?* J : Don’t mumble. *Thank you*
Kitty fighting! N : Thank you. Ten, “wo ai ni ke ai” *What does that mean?*
T : What does it mean? I love you, you’re cute. [1 minute remaining.] *Time is running out*
T : Oh, time’s almost up. K : All signed. K : Thank you. *Time is running out* *Hurry!*
K : Thank you *Time’s UP* *See you*
T : Time’s up. I’ll see you in a bit. Team Blue. Yummy. *Delicious*
Delicious. So good. It’s great. I love the salad dressing. *Rich*
It’s spicy, and it’s rich. I like it a lot. It’s good. I never thought they were this this good at cooking. *Fans like this*
It’s well-rounded, not too spicy nor salty. Very nice.

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