H : It’s raining. Oh. T : This is the final moments *Final moments*
of Food Truck Battle. The competition has just concluded. *Good job everyone*
Everyone did a great job. I had a great time. G : So what did you like about this program? *#FeelsTime*
Starting with you, Ten. T : First of all, this is the first time ever that I’m on MC duty in Thailand. I really would like to thank the producers of Food Truck Battle for giving me this opportunity. And I will also do my best next time. I’d like to thank everyone for helping me out. *Great fun*
It was really enjoyable being with all of you. *Well done* *Impressed*
G : For me, I’m pleased to be a part of the show. I never thought I’d have a chance to create dishes for a program. When I made the dishes, you’ve done great jobs of recreating my dish. Also, thank you Ten for being a great co-MC for me. *Thanks for your hard work, Chef Gun*
T/G : Thank you. T : Team Red first. *Team Red speaks*
J : I’m glad, really glad to be on Food Truck Battle. *rollercoaster*
It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, joy, excitement, I got to learn how to cook, and it brought us closer together. Communication might be an issue at times, But it is fun trying to communicate. I love it, I’m really happy to be a part of Food Truck Battle season 1. Thank you. H : Every time I come to Thailand, I’d have fond memories of it. But this time is really special. *Don’t cry, HA:TFELT*
T : Don’t cry. H : It’s an unforgettable journey. We were all exhausted, but spending time with Nam Tae Hyun, Kitty, Gun, Ten and James was a wonderful experience. Now that we’re parting ways, it’s really a pity. And although we were divided into Teams Red and Blue, today we did a great job of becoming Team Purple. I had a great time. *There, there* T : Kitty, you first. *Team Blue speaks*
Thank you for having me join the show, *Come on, Kitty* thank you to James, HA:TFELT, Ten, Gun, and everyone who supported us. *Thank you, oppa*
And especially Nam Tae Hyun oppa. Thanks for everything. Thank you. *Well done Kitty*
Thank you to all the fans who have been kind to me. N : For me who has never cooked in my life, *First time*
being on a travel program like this is a first. Normally on my working trips I’d stay in the hotel, but working this time took me to different places. I get to know more about Thailand, and made good friends. *I’ll miss it*
I’d miss the times I spent with you even after going back to Korea. Me and HA:TFELT will surely visit Thailand again. G : And this is the moment we don’t want to come to. *Tantrum*
I really don’t want this to be over. T : One team scored 118 points, the other team scored 134 points. *Huge sales*
J : We sold that much? *Really?* T : Yes, we sold a lot. *Final verdict*
G : Now it’s time. Each contestant gets an envelope. T : The card with the word “Winner” written on it *Who is the winner?*
will be this round’s winner of Food Truck Battle. Let’s count down together. *The winner is…* *Are you kidding?*
J : Are you kidding? *Congratulations, Team Red* H : Oh my god T : James and HA:TFELT won this round. *The long-awaited day* *Now we can brag*
H : Because you took it easy. N : No, no. H : You sang and forgot to sell sandwiches. *Team Blue is crying*
N/H : But it was really good. So Team Red won in the end. But we are Team Purple. T : All of us. We are Team Purple. Because red and blue makes purple. That’s why we’re Team Purple. *Good job, both teams* T : Let’s hoist the trophy together. J : Together. Yay. *See you again!* [During the contest, a lot has happened.] [We believe that the experience, friendship and bond between the contestants] [will be a fond memory to look back to,] [and will stay in their minds for years to come.]

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