*Let’s eat!*
Let’s eat! K : Do you like crab? T : Yes, but I don’t like shelling them. *Thank you.*
K : Today there’s someone who can do that for you. Our Chef.
T : Thank you. G : Sure. *I can do it.*
K : If you don’t mind. / Not at all. *Chef Gun fighting!*
T : There are 2 cameras on you now. J : Looks like a real pro. No wonder he’s a Masterchef. *Extraordinary.*
H : Masterchef? K : Can you do this one for me? *Sure.*
G : Sure. I’ll just shell them all. G : You go ahead and try other stuff, G : Don’t wait for me.
K : No we will. *I’m sorry.*
T : I shouldn’t have mentioned that. G : Since I got crab juice on my hands, might as well shell the whole plate. *Bring out the crabs!*
J : 12 blue crabs, please. H : This pizza goes so well with this dressing. *Good with honey.*
T : Actually, it’s even better with honey dip.
H : With what? T : Honey.
H : Ah, honey. H : It’s really good with this salad dressing. T : This kind of pizza goes well with honey dip.
K : Really? G : Yes.
T : Yes, because there’s cheese in it. H : Please, that should be enough.
G : This is the last one. H : I feel bad. *For your children.*
T : Feels like dining with your dad. *Curious Curious*
T : When you make a dish, do you think about decoration? G : I do, but not too much if it’s a simple dish. *How did you start?*
J : I want to know, how did you begin your chef career when you were 14? G : I just walked into a restaurant and asked to be an intern for free. K : Shall we speak in English? G : In New York. H : New York? G : That’s right, New York. H : How long? *5 years.*
G : I worked in New York for like, 5 years.
H : Which year? I was in New York too. T : What were you doing in New York? H : I was in Wonder Girls, and we were promoting there, and I lived there for 3 years. T : In Thailand, the song was very well-known.
H : Thank you. T : The Wonder Girls song. *Who wants some crab?* Thank you. H : I lived in Madison Square Park, 31st. G : That’s very near. K : You first. Do you want this? *Thank you* N : It’s good. J : What do we do next? G : I’ll teach you guys how to cook the menu you chose after this. G : Are you guys ready? *So ready.*
Yeah, I’m ready. T : Are we done eating? / Yes. *Let’s go?*
H : (In Thai) Let’s go. T : Let’s get cooking! T : This is the most important time of the day. The two teams will learn how to make the dishes thay had picked this morning. Gun will show you how. G : In the competition, there are 2 teams, Red and Blue. Team Red is making Korean chicken tom yum paired with salad with Kewpie’s Japanese roasted sesame dressing. G : Team Blue is making bulgogi pork sandwich paired with salad and Kewpie’s spicy roasted sesame dressing. G : In the competition, each menu cost 100 baht. served with Concept Water, 0 kCal vitamin water. T : Hold on, all this, salad and sandwich and drink, for just 100 baht? G : Yes. *Joining the lines.*
T : Wow, that’s a good price.
I can’t wait to join in the lines. T : The revenues from this Food Truck Battle 3-day competition, *Donation to philanthropy.*
will be donated to philanthropy causes. T : Let’s begin.
G : The first dish. I’ll start with the Red Team. *Come over.*
G : Come closer. T : (In korean) If you have any doubts, you can ask Chef Gun directly. G : We’re starting with your dish. N : Team Red? / Yes. G : We’re making budae jjigae. This is quite a lot. *Gochujang*
Start with gochujang (red chili paste). About half a cup. J : Half a cup. *2 spoons?*
H : 2? G : 2 spoonfuls. *Chicken stock*
G : And this is chicken stock. About half a cube. *Ground chili*
Add dried chili So if you like spicy you can add more. *Serious*
One spoonful. *Sugar*
And sugar. *Salt?*
N : Salt? G : No sugar. G : Two and a half spoonfuls. *Like this?*
T : Gun, do it like this. G : Like this? G : A pinch of salt, and *Soy sauce*
soy sauce, to add some saltiness. T : This is soy sauce. G : Hard to tell. With this spoon, maybe 5 spoons. *Corn starch*
And corn starch. *What?* *Ooh*
H : Ooh. Corn starch G : To thicken it up. One spoonful. J : A small spoonful. G : And 5-6 cloves of garlic. The amount is quite small but you can make adjustments. *5 portions*
with this, you can make about 5 portions. Add water. G : And there is one more ingredient. *Kewpie vinegar*
Vinegar for some acidity and that tom yum taste. About…ah, I can’t just play by ear. So about 2 spoonfuls. J : Teaspoon?
G : 2 bigger (table) spoons. G : This is the color you’d get. *Like a pancake*
T : That’s it? G : Lower the flame. N : Looks like spicy sauce. *Like dakgalbi*
H : Probably tastes like dakgalbi (spicy chicken).

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