G : Now we’re doing the chicken. Okay. / This one is easy. With this amount of chicken, This is the powder I’ve mixed for you guys, so it’s not too difficult This is a blend of garlic, onion, ginger, chili powder. Add one spoon. For a cup of chicken? Yes. And also, *Ground chicken*
this is the base for the chicken. One spoon of this. H : What’s this? G : It’s chicken with chicken fat. H : Oh, okay. G : So one spoon. Actually, I should put on gloves, for hygiene. *Watch off?*
K : Don’t you have to take off your watch? G : I just use my left hand. N : Chicken? / G : Chicken. G : Chicken breast. *Marinate*
G : Marinate it for a while. J : Let it marinate.
G : We can leave it for now. Let’s get back to the sauce. *To the sauce*
Let it boil. G : So it thickens up. / H : Okay. *Whisper Whisper* *What are you whispering about?* *Are you okay?*
N : Are you okay? / G : Yeah, I’m okay. *Chef Gun fighting!*
T : Gun, fighting! Fighting! N : Waiting? G : I’m waiting. / H : It’s boiling. T : If you need help, let me know. *Can you stir for me?*
G : Can you stir that for me? *Can you stir for me?* *Sure*
G : Stir it please? / T : Like this? / G :Yes. G : Once it has thickened the smell will be like what we had this morning. T : How do you know when it’s done? G : You’ll see it thickened. There’s a way to measure. *This is good*
If you wipe it and it sticks to your fingertip like this, it’s good to go. T : If it sticks to your fingertip? / G : Yes, wipe it up. G : Okay. / One more time. For Team Red, if you wipe it like so… and it sticks to your fingertip, it’s ready. It’s hard to say what it’s like. *I want more sugar*
H : I want some more sugar. G : More sugar? You want more sugar? G : Okay. T : You don’t trust the chef? You should trust the chef. G : More sugar? G : You want more sugar? *More sugar* T : Next time, HA:TFELT will do the seasoning. G : That’s about it. G : So if I wipe it, and here, G/J : It’s on my finger. / no dripping / So it’s not sticking on the… K : More sugar? *Some more*
G : This is okay. *With the sandwich*
G : We’ll serve it with the sandwich. So we move this. G : While we warm up the pan, we work on the sandwich. Ten, can you please spread this for me? T : All over? / G :Yes. *You’re good*
T : Not to the edges, right? Just the middle bit. / G : Yes, because it’s already spicy, you don’t want too much of it. G : Now a bit of oil. H : Water? / G : Oil. Just to cook the chicken. G : Toss in the chicken. *Smells good!*
G : When it’s cooked… / H : Oh it smells really good. *Smells too good.* G : It’s a little spicy. T : Pepper, right? / G :Yes, pepper. G : Wait until it’s cooked, then we’ll toast it here. J : I’m hungry. G : Didn’t you just have dinner? / J : Hungry again. *Add some rice?* *And eggs?*
T : Add rice… And eggs… / G : And this, and you get bokkuembab (fried rice) *So yummy.*
Ah… *No sandwich.*
G : We change. No sandwich. *No sandwich.*
N : No sandwich. We do bokkeumbab. G : While you’re cooking the chicken, if one of you is free, you can toss the salad. This is Japanese roasted sesame dressing. Give it a generous pour, so that it balances with the spiciness of this sauce. *I can’t even*
And you lay it on the sandwich. *Evacuate?* G : This is actually quite easy. Not too hard. G : Then you grill it a bit. Enough to make it crunchy. To add some texture to it. When you’re done, cut it in half. Diagonally. Wow. N : Good knife. G : No, good skill. G : And pair it with the drink. G : You’ve got the drink. That’s it for Team Red! 1 set / Ah, okay. / This is Team Red’s set. G : For Team Blue, you picked pork bulgogi sandwich. This is also simple. Start with the marinate. 1 cup of soy sauce. T : So you’re filming the process? *Teamwork*
G : Yes. / We do the sauce first. Half a cup of sugar, brown sugar. G : It’s more aromatic. / N : How many spoons? G : Half a cup, because we put 1 cup of soy sauce. 1 piece of ginger. *I don’t like ginger*
N : Ginger? I don’t like ginger. G : Then you don’t have to add it. And 2 cloves of garlic, same amount. *Black pepper*
And black pepper. N : Black pepper. K : Half a spoon? G : No, not even half. Like the tip. For the smell. G : And then sesame oil. N/K : How much? G : 3 spoons. *Taking notes* *Done?*
N/K : It’s done? / Yeah. J : What? G : I told you it’s easy. H : What? G : And then blend.

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