G : And then blend. But your side is too easy. *Too easy*
So I’d say chop up some chili. *Blend well*
G : So everything mixed. / K : Okay. G : So maybe, you can put more, but when you put too little… G : It’s okay. N : He’s a chef. Don’t worry. *Chef HA:TFELT* *Do the sauce*
G : While blending, we’re gonna do the sauce. Hot sauce. G : 4 small (tea) spoons. G : And then, add mayonnaise. It’s more concentrated, this one. It’s more flavory, Japanese-style. This one, 4 tablespoons. G : 1 2 3 4 N : Is this okay? / G : Yeah. *Is that okay?*
K : What if it’s not delicious? *Not delicious?*
K : Can I blame you? G : No. T : You can’t blame anyone. *Mayonnaise is good*
G : Because the mayonnaise is delicious. *Mayonnaise is good*
N/K : Oh. *I know*
N : I know. / G : Yeah, you know. G : It’s pretty much half It’s 2 to 1. So 2 mayonnaise, 1 hot sauce. N : Ah, okay. / K : Yes. G : Half, just half. *Something more to it?*
N : Looks like there’s more to it. *Something more to it?*
T : I think so too. *No, no*
N : Is there more difficult stuff? / G : No, no. G : The rest is the same, the sandwich bread. 1 spoon of sauce. *Add sauce* G : So this is pork cooking. *Still not done*
G : There is one more step. *Still not done*
N : How much? G : 3 oil. G : Add half a cup of onions. G : Cook it until soft. Maybe 2 minutes. Then add the pork. And then while waiting, we make the salad. Your side is not too spicy, *Spicy roasted sesame dressing*
So I used the roastee sesame, spicy flavor. About 2 spoons. Your salad doesn’t have ‘heavy’ vegetables like Team Red. *Looking good*
Wow. *Can you do this?*
N : Can you do this? / K : You can do it too. *Nam Tae Hyun, Marketing*
T : Kitty cooks and Tae Hyun does the marketing. *Practicing calls* *Can I do this?* N : What do you think about a little chili? / G : You can try. *Want to try some chili?*
G : I can try, for you. *I can!*
G : Ten will try. *Rock-paper-scissors*
T/G : Rock-paper-scissors? G : No, this is for you. *I’m the cook!*
G : You taste this, not me. / N : No, I’m the cook. N : I’m the cooker. / G : No, no. N : Okay, sorry. G : You can try. *You have to try*
G : You put it in, you taste it. If you cook, you need to taste before sending out. / N : Sorry. *I won’t do it again* G : This is finished. So, with water. G : For this team, grape flavor. T : All right. Chef Gun has just shown both teams how to make the sandwiches. *Available at 7-11*
You can buy either of these menus at 7-11. *Kitchen time!*
T : For the last stage of today’s Food Truck Battle, I’ll exlpain the rules. You have 20 minutes to make 2 sets of sandwich. After I call Time Up, you have to present us your sandwiches. [For this showdown,] [The teams makes their sandwich to be judged by Chef Gun and Ten.] [Team Red will be making Korean chicken tom yum,] [paired with salad and Kewpie’s Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] [Team Blue will be making pork bulgogi sandwich,] [paired with salad and Kewpie’s Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] T : For this round, the score is given according to T/G : appearance, taste, and teamwork. G : The faster you finish, the higher your teamwork score. G : But make sure that the taste and the appearance are also good. G : Wearing sunglasses doesn’t help, you know. *Sunglasses don’t help* N : This is teamwork. G : Okay. *Any advice?*
T : Do you have any advice for the contestants? G : I believe, since you’ve learned the recipe, you can do it fine. It’s not too difficult. *You can do it!*
I look forward to the sandwiches presented by both teams. So I’ll say this: fighting. *Ready?*
T : Are you ready? Ready? / Yes. T : 3 2 1 T : Start!

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