T : 3 2 1 T : Start! G : Red team fighting! T : Blue team fighting! K : 1 cup of soy sauce. / 1 cup. G : Let’s have a look at teamwork. This team makes the sauce together. *Work together* *Division of labor*
That team divides their labor. *Division of labor*
K : 2 cloves of garlic. *Good teamwork*
T : Great communication. *Serious mode*
G : Aren’t we talking at all? *Serious mode* T : They’re focused. G : Very focused. *Very focused* K : 1 cup of mayonnaise for the hot sauce. *No pressure at all*
N : Okay. K : Tablespoon. G : Aren’t you forgetting something? *What did Team Red forget?* *Water!*
J : Water! T : Is the ingredients all correct? / H : I think so. / G : Why is it too thick? J : You can add more. No problem. *Helping out*
G : Teamwork for both teams seem to be going well. T : Did you put in right ingredients? *Quick work*
Taste? T : This team has indy rock vibes. G : They’re ready for the spread. You’re in a hurry. G : This team is just beginning to blend the sauce. G : Your sauce is so thick. / T : Probably very spicy. N : Oh, it’s perfect. K : Can you put half of that cup into this? *Hesitation*
N : Half, right? / K : Yeah. N : Okay. *5 minutes*
T : 5 minutes have passed. *Support team*
N : You can do it. You can do it. T : You look like professionals. / G : Real pros. *Cheering hard*
N : You can do it. You can do it. N : Kitty is the brain. / Brain and marketing. *Still tense* H : Careful, it’s hot. *6 minutes passed*
G : 6 minutes have passed. *Very quick*
G : They’re really quick. G : Please make sure the meat is properly cooked. T : 6 minutes have passed. G : They’re starting on the chicken. J : Put in the sauce. / G : I think we gave them too much time. G : Not even 10 minutes in. They’re starting on the bread. *Super focused* *Poor MC*
G : They’re so focused they don’t even talk to us. / Not at all. T : No talking at all. T : They are ignoring us. H : We just cook. G : Okay. *Sunglasses OFF!!*
N : Good. T : Wow, such confidence. Awesome. *I won’t lose* *So so* *Not impressed* G : It’s real tight. Very. The chicken is coming along well. G : How is that team over there? *Easy*
T : I think Team Blue is going to finish first. G : The filling is packed. *All pork!* J : We have to grill the bread. *Oops* J : The chicken comes after, right? H : We put chicken on, and then grill. / J : Oh. G : Did you forget, James? J : Yes, I did. J : You think it’s okay now? H : We have enough time. N : Good. G : Make sure it’s crispy. N : No, not yet. *Big portion*
G : Both teams have a lot of filling. / T : Right. G : They’re confident of the taste. With this much filling. *Too much time*
T : I think we gave them too much time. G : Me too. *100 portions 1 hour*
G : Tomorrow we’ll have them make 100 portions in 1 hour. *WHAAAT*
H : Whaaaat? G : Don’t forget the salad. H : Shall we flip? *Ignored again*
G : They’re not listening. G : Don’t forget the salad. *Still ignored* G : Still not listening. *Poor MC* *What happened?* N : It’s okay. I’m good. *Change of cook* *Time is running out*
T : Now we have 5 minutes remaining. T : (In Korean ) 5 minutes left. *Last stretch* G : This team is finishing up. *True pride*
N : Good. G : You can decorate. K : Do you want to put anything in? N : Everything is good. T : Decoration is allowed. N : No, we only have the taste. T : Okay. Only taste. N : Team Blue is finished. *4 minutes*
G : 4 minutes left. Team Blue is almost done. *Hurry up* G : Let’s see if they can cut it well. G : Here’s the team flag. *A bit more* J : Do you want to add something? T/G : 3 minutes left. *Final check* H : What I wanted was like…this. *2 minutes*
T : 2 minutes left. Ah, okay. / G : They’re coming over, be careful. H : But it’s not thick enough. N : Hello. / K : Hi. N : Do you want this? J : No please. *Distracting duty*
N : Thank you. H : That’s what I wanted. *Chaotic!*
K : What about that one? H : That one we screwed. H : Wait, wait, wait. We have 1 more minute. N : Gun, you’re hot, right? *Even the MC* K : Marketing, you know? *Hidden agenda*
N : And massage, do you want massage? N : Thai massage, yeah. N : Come here. *Comfy Comfy* G : Wow. / Team Blue. T : Thai massage. T : Do you think they will get good scores? *Still at it*
G : 45 seconds to go. / N : You have good muscle. *Fighting* T : The two teams have finished. T : Stop. G : The most important thing for me is the taste. Let’s try them.

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