T : Okay, now for the scoring. G : Starting with Team Blue. 1 2 3 H : Oh, really? *Well done*
G : The taste in general is good. G : But the chili is chopped unevenly. *Word from the judges*
T : I give a 9 because everything is good except the chili. T : If it was more evenly chopped, it would get a 10. G : Now for Team Red. G : I don’t know… N : Break it. *Are you angry?*
N : Break it. *Are you angry?* T/G : 1 2 3 T : 6 points G : 17 points for Blue, and 12 points for Red. T : I give a 6 because the sauce is good, but the chicken is too salty. G : If you tasted the chicken beforehand, you could have balanced it out. H : Next time. *Next time*
J : Next time, okay. *Showdown*
T : The last category is teamwork. T : What do you think? / G : I think they work well as a team. *Clear division of labor*
G : They decided clearly as to who does what. Considering this is the first time they ever worked together *Well done*
It’s impressive teamwork. T : Okay. G/T : 8 points. G : For Team Blue, they showed teamwork right away with the sunglasses. *Duty distribution*
T : I liked when they assigned duty for each one. *Good time management*
G : Right. And they work quickly too. The task took them 5 minutes less than what we expected. T : If it were seriously selling, is this pace good enough? / G : Yes. G : But let’s see when they have to make it in bulk. *Scoring time*
G : For now, the score for this round. G/T : Okay, score for teamwork. / For Team Blue. G/T : 1 2 3 *Score?* *Not jealous at all* K : 18 points *Congratulations, Team Blue* G : Let’s tally up the score. *Point tally*
T : Total points for Team Red: 46 points. T : Total points for Team Blue: 49 points. The winner is Team Blue! *Don’t be sad*
T : Before we give you the prize, since this is the first time you two are working together. How do you feel? J : It was fun, actually. I wasn’t the type to be in the kitchen. And today I get to learn and cook for real. *Partner*
And to work together with HA:TFELT. Normally I’d do things alone, but this time I feel like I have a partner. *Start over tomorrow*
It was really enjoyable. So tomorrow, I promise the taste won’t be salty. G/T : That’s okay. This is just a practice round. / Practice, practice. H : This is the first time for me to be in a timed cooking contest. I may have put in some wrong ingredients, but it was good practice for today. I’ve learned a lot. It felt good just to smell the food cooking. T : How about Team Blue? *Still arguing*
K : You first. N : She’s not at fault. Everything is my fault. N : We are the best. G : This is your take-away: you are the best. N : I had a great time. N : As for the measly 3-point difference, I donn’t really understand it either. But it was fun. K : I had a good time too. And I feel that *Super team work*
we had connected. I mean we could divide labor, and managed not to bump into each other. K : Why are you (TEN) looking at me like that? T : For the winning team, you get late-night meal: barbecues from Peggy Cove Resort. *Box lunch*
T : And for the losing team, you get… / boxed meal. G : We’ll let them see for themselves. T : I smell somethinig fried. J : Wow, we get to have omelettes, boom! J/H : Thank you! / Thank you. T : Can you show us? J : 1 2 3 Wow. *Looks yummy*
T : It looks really good, though. J : I’m okay with this. / G : They’ve added minced pork. *Team Blue is not happy*
K : You eat with this sauce. J : You want some? I know you want some. G : The winners can enjoy their barbecue. N/K : Thank you! / Thank you. Cheers! [The first round of the contest, the winner is Team Blue.] [Next episode, find out] [if Team Red can make a comeback.]

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