G : We’ve got a lot of time left. *While waiting…*
T : Gun, since you’ve studied cooking for so long, have you ever run a restaurant? G : Yes, 3 years ago. *Ten’s age now*
G : I was probably your age, maybe even younger. I became a chef when I was 20. G : Even younger than me. A chef at 20? T : Was that in Thailand? / G : That’s right. J : Gun, is this too bland? *Taste for me* *Try it yourself*
G : You need to figure that out for yourself. *Try it yourself*
G : Because you’re cooking. / H : What do you think? / J : I think we add more. *Deep discussion* *Not yet* *Bland?*
T : No? Too bland? / G : No. / T : Salty? / G : Not salty, but I’m not telling. *Curious* *Well…* *25 minutes in*
G : 20 minutes in. / T : 20 minutes. T : How are you guys doing? Confident? T : Taehyun, how is it going after 20 minutes? *Being blunt*
N : I probably won’t make it. *Busy Busy* J : I want the chicken to cook faster. if I add water will it lose the taste? G : Not if you keep frying until it’s dry again. *Too late*
G : But not… no… *It’s a soup!* J : That’s too much. *Noooooooooooooooooo* G : You can’t pour that out now. That’s like washing the chicken. *This is bad* J : What do I do then? J : Sorry. / H : What? What just happened? J : Too much water. / H : Too much water? J : Sorry. / H : It’s okay. *It’s okay, James*
H : It’s okay. We can do this. *Waaaaaaaah*
H : It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t worry. G : What you can do is pour it out a bit, then add more seasoning. So add the salty thing, yeah. *Tense!*
T : That’s fine, James. Too salty last time, too bland this time. / It’s okay. G : So for Team Red… / He asked me He wants the chicken to cook faster, is it okay to add water? *What do I do?*
I was going to tell him just a little dash will do. / J : What do I do now? G : Pour the excess water out and add seasoning. *Save me!* J : Hold on, now I don’t have… / G : The chicken is done. *More seasoning*
T : Do we need more seasoning? / G : You do, but the chicken is cooked by now. G : Taste it, see if it’s salty. If it’s salty enough, then it should be okay. H : I think the sauce is enough. *How will this go?* *Blue’s side*
G : Let’s a have a look at the pork on this side. See how it tastes. N : Onion? / K : Yes. K : You can put all of them in there. *Going smooth* *Good*
G : It’s better with the added sauce. But it lacks the spicy punch. *More spicy*
Well, you can add more of the fresh chili. *Go ahead*
G : The taste is fine now, but… / T : Do we tell them? / G : Go ahead. G : This can be more spicy, you can add more chili in it. / K : Sure. G : How many sandwiches do you think each team is going to make, now that we’re halfway through? *Yes?*
T : Right. / G : So how many do you reckon? T : Both teams? / G : Yes, how many for Red, how many for Blue. N : Ten, can you taste this for us? T : It’s not spicy, is it? N : No. *It’s good!*
N : It’s good. *I’m sure* T : The thing is, the first batch is quite bland, but this one is tasty. N : Why? *Inconsistent*
G : These taste different, not consistent. / Yeah. *Get rid of this*
N/K : This is trash. / Really? N/K : Yeah. / Okay. *Hard way* G : I’m forced to consider food cost now. / T : Right. *Quality first*
G : Because there is cost in making food. But for now, quality comes first. Best for customers. *5 sandwiches*
T : Team Red has plated 1 2 3 4 5 dishes. T : Remember the rules. *Do you hear me?*
T : Each dish must be presentable. It has to look good. / That’s right. *James fighting*
H : What? What’s wrong? *What happened?* *Fighting*
H : Fighting. T : Tae Hyun, I think the pork filling is not enough. / I’m making more now. *Red serving* *Time’s running out*
T : 5 minutes to go. / G : Wait… T : 3 minutes left. *Almost…*
G : They’re reaching 20 dishes. T : 3 minutes left, *Focused*
G : Red and Blue. *Going strong*
G : Red is off to a good start today. They came our fighting, very determined. *Stay calm in storm*
T : Team Blue is more calm. G : Approaching 1 minute mark. Almost 1 minute. *90 seconds*
G/T : 90 seconds. G : Should we get out of the way? T/G : 14 13 12 T/G : 11 9 8 T : 7 6 T : 5 T/G : 4 T/G : 3 2 1 *Time’s UP!*
T : Time’s up!

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