*Give it a try, Ten*
J : Aren’t you going to say it? *Oopsie* *Try again* *Next victim* *Awesome* T : I love the vibes of this place. *Great vibes*
T : This place has lovely atmosphere. K : They’ve got a microphone, would you like to sing? T : HA:TFELT, would you like to sing? H : Sing? N : Are there singers singing? *Best in Chantaburi*
T : This is the most famous place in Chantaburi. J : You can also hang out or have dinner. T : You can also hang out here. There is live music. J/T : And a bar. / The bar is over here. *Thais like live music*
T : Thai people like live music while having dinner. The band can play music and sing. G : Maybe you can come play live here today. T : There are many bands who paly here. / N : Really? N : I want it. N : How much? K : How much are you paying? / N : Kidding. *How much do you want?*
G : How much do you want? *Sugar daddy* T : When you were studying Korean, *First word?*
what’s the first word that you could remember? G : Jan. / Jan? *First word ever*
T/G : Jan. / Oh, Jan. / First word I remembered. *Jan* *Rice please*
T : Mine is “Rice, please.” T : When I was an intern, I’d always say “One glass of kimchi soup please.” I mean, one cup. *What does that mean?*
J : What does that mean? *One rice please*
T : Ordering the food. *Eating is important*
T : Because when you go abroad, you need to eat. K : ‘Ju sae yo’ (In Korean) means please, right? *Thank you* G : It’s not spicy. I think it has no chili. J : Do you like Thai-style som tam or crab som tam? *Hold it*
T : In Thailand we have different kinds of tom yum. *Som tam*
G : Som tam. / T : Yes, som tam. *Embarrassed* *Trying not to laugh* T : Many kinds, with crab, with fermented fish, N : Turtle? T : Fermented fish. *Fermented fish* G : But very strong smell. *Tam sua* *Tam mua* *Tam Lao*
J : There’s tam mua, tam sua, tam Lao. *Cucumber* *Fruits* *Salted eggs*
with cucumber, with beans, with fruits, with salted eggs, *Durian*
with durian. Ripe durian. *No more*
T : No, no more durian. N : I like the vitamin drink. [After the meal,] [contestants from both teams] [go for a bit of sightseeing around the water front community.] [To get in touch with the local ways of life.] N : What’s the name of this place? K : It’s called the old town Chantaboon water front. There is the river here. J : Chantaboon water front community. K/J : Chantaboon. / Chantaboon. N : Oh, I like that. K/H : Do you want to go shopping? / We have 1,000 baht. N : HA:TFELT, look. K : 100 baht. J : It’s called “Pha mud yorm” H : Let’s do rocl=paper-scissors. Loser has to wear the shawl the winner picks. *Ice cream*
K : This one, this is an ice cream shop. N : Sawasdeekrab Sawasdeekrab/Sawasdeeka *Hello*
H : Sawasdeeka K : You have to ring the bell. J : Hello. *Rocket Ice Cream*
J : Rocket Ice Cream *12 baht*
N : How much? / 12 baht each. K : Do you have chocolate? / No, we don’t. K : They don’t have chocolate. They have cola, lime, corn, blueberry, durian. *You don’t have one?*
N : No chocolate? / K : No chocolate, but they have coffee or cola. H : I’ll go for milk. N : Yeah, me too, milk. / K : Me too, milk. K : 1 cola, 3 milk, please. Thank you. Thank you. J : They told us to put whatever you bought in the cloth bag. Huh? / J : Just kidding. J : Cola, cola. H : Thank you. *Kitty likes this*
K : Milk is delicious. H : Very good. K : How’s the ice cream? H : So delicious. K : Cute. H : Sawasdeeka. *Saying hi to cats* *Serious mode* H : Oh? / K : Banana. H : Oh, really? H : I want to try. / J : It’s good. H : We’re having bananas. *Thank you*
H : Khobkhunka (thank you). *Big one*
H : I thought I’d get a small one. I say khobkhunka” and she gave me a big one. *Let’s eat*
H : I’m going to try the banana, baked banana. It’s hot. *Historical Inn*
K : Maybe we should stop here. This is very old. / J : Historic inn. N : Restaurant? K : No, I think it’s a hostel. / N : Hostel? N : Oh, what’s this? K : Bakery. *We’re saved!*
K : I think they have air con. K : That’s like durian crackers. *Durian everywhere*
N : It’s like durian everywhere. K : It’s very popular. Kanom tian kaew. *Kanom tian kaew*
It’s flour dumpling with bean stuffing. J : It’s called “Kanom tian” / K : I think it’s a sweet. K : I think it’s similar to mochi or something like that. J : Do you want to try it? / H : Okay. Thank you. K : And they cover it with banana leaf. J : How is it? / H : Delicious. Very delicious. [Coming up next, it’s time for the two teams] [to compete in Food Truck Battle.]

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