T : Hello. I welcome both teams to the first stage of Food Truck Battle. T : I’ll give you some time to say hi to your potential customers. *Hello to fans* *Thank you*
Thank you. *Preparations?*
T : One question: what plans do you have for this round? J : After we have the chicken and the sauce prepared, *Assigning duties*
we’ll assign each of us to the duties, that either me or HA:TFELT is going to do. *Careful planning*
We’ll have to be clear to make the system work. T : HA:TFELT, how do you prepare yourself? H : Our preparation is freestyle. T : Freestyle? *That’s not what we agreed on*
J : That’s not what we agreed on. *Team Blue*
T : Let’s ask Team Blue. N : First of all, it’s a secret. *Can’t tell* *Secret*
T : Nam Tae Hyun says it’s a secret. T : He wants to keep quiet as to what strategy they are using. *Maybe he doesn’t know*
G : Or maybe he doesn’t know. *Definitely good*
N : I’ll do my best to make it delicious. T : He’ll do his best to make it delicious. T : What about Kitty? / K : We brought sunglasses and portable fans. That’s our strategy. T : Keeping their concept of sunglasses, I see. *Hipster*
They look like hipsters. *Fighting*
G : I’d like to say, good luck to you. With the recipe I gave you and what you’ve done, *You can do it*
G : I know you can make it happen. *Good improvement*
From the first round, you’ve improved. And being here making it large scale, I know customers are looking forward to tasting it. Do your best. Fighting. *The rules*
T : Here are the rules: [The rules of the game.] [Team Red] *Korean chicken tom yum sandwich*
[is selling Korean chicken tom yum sandwich,] [paired with salad with Kewpie’s Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] [and Concept Water 0 kCal vitamin drink with stevia, lychee flavor.] [The price is 100 baht] [Team Blue] *Pork bulgogi sandwich*
[is selling Pork bulgogi sandwich,] [paired with salad with Kewpie’s spicy Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] [and Concept Water 0 kCal vitamin drink with stevia, grape flavor.] [The price is 100 baht] *60 minutes*
[Each team has 60 minutes.] [The team with the highest sales wins.] T : All right, our Food Truck Battle is about to open Team Red and Blue, *Get ready*
please get ready. *Get ready* T : Fighting. *On your mark*
J : The bread is over here, *Quick Quick*
J : The sauce is there, the salad is made here. H : That’s the sauce. / J : And the bread is cut here. K : This is very small. / N : Yeah. N : Sauce, right? / K : Yeah. K : But we can’t start now. *Explore Explore*
N : That’s the pot. / K : Yeah. K : And we just put the bread outside. H : Do you want to do the toast part, or salad part. *Assigning duties* J : Maybe I’m better with the bread. *Careful planning*
H : Then I’ll cut, put the salad, and serve. That works, right? / J : Yeah *How is it?*
G : How is it? Are you good? *Limited space*
G : Plan your moves well, the space is limited. *Take it easy*
You might not be as efficient as this morning. Take it easy. *Duties?*
T : How are the duties assigned? G : How’s your plan? *Marketing*
N : Cooking, and marketing. G : If you make salad, plastic gloves are better, because you can take them off and put them back on. *Curious Curious* N : You’re making sauce? *What to do* K : You can be here, I’ll help so you can start the first set first. After the first set I’ll do the salad. *Your own corner*
N : I’m here, and you’re here? K : Yeah, drinks, and serve. J : We heat the chicken first. G : No, no. No mixing salad yet. J : Sorry. G : You’re cheating. *Tantrum Tantrum*
J : No we’re not. / G : 5 minutes penalty, maybe? *Fidget Fidget*
G : What did you do behind our backs? J : I was just heating the chicken. T : Are you cheating? H : What? No! G : I said no prepping before serving. *Any problem?*
T : HA:TFELT, no problem with prepping, right? H : The space is cramped, we’re working out how to move around. J : We’ll take some things out, and switch to here to work. G : Put these in the back. / J : I was planning to. T : We’ll leave them to it. J : I think I need this one for the sauce. T : Are you ready? N : Yes. Let’s go. K : Chotto mate (wait a minute) K : That team was cheating. K : Do you think it’s enough? N : Yeah. / K : Okay. G : Team Red, are youy ready? *Enthusiastic*
J : Yes, we are. Any time. T : You ready? J/H : We are ready! Fighting! T : Now, both teams *Prep time over*
are done with preparations. Food Truck Battle is beginning shortly. G : Please come down to the arena. K : We have to go down first, one more time. T : I believe you have eveerything ready, right? Before we start, *Introduce your shop*
I’d like each time to promote your shops. G : Starting from this side. N : Uh, you first. J : No, Blue first. N : You won, you go first. *The fairest game*
T : Final rock-paper-scissors then. *Lost again!*
T : Red goes first. J : For us Team Red, *Korean chicken tom yum sandwich*
we pour our souls into the Korean chicken tom yum. Please enjoy. T : HA:TFELT, your turn. *Delicious*
H : Our food is delicious. T : HA:TFELT says that their food is delicious. *Come and have some*
K : Please come and have some. *Come and have some* *Why always me?*
N : Our sandwich, Ten likes it very much. Come on. *Marketing no.1*
K : Marketing. T : Please don’t forget, customers can buy from 1 shop only. T : Pick your favorite dish and join the line. T : Are you guys ready? T : Okay, when I say Battle Start, let’ say “Yeah!” Okay. 3 2 1 T : Battle Start! Yeah!

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