[Welcome to the first round of Food Truck Battle in Chantaburi.] [Both teams are now ready for the battle.] J : Okay. G : You good to go? T : Team Blue? N : Okay. *Attracting customers 101*
J/H : Welcome. / Say what? / Welcome. / Welcome. / Right. T : For this round, the time limit is 1 hour. Let’s get started. Are you guys ready? Yeah! T : 3 2 1 Start! *Contest starts* T : Gun, we’ll be welcoming the customers. / G : Welcome everyone. *Saying hi*
Welcome to Team Red. *Hard at work*
G : How long do you think until they serve their first dish? T : First to serve? / G : Which team do you think? / T : I think in less than 5 minutes. *Have a guess*
G : But which team do you think? *Have a guess* *Hesitate Hesitate* T : I think it’ll be Team Blue. *Assigning duties*
T : They’ve done a good job of assigning duties. G : They figured about starting on one side first to prep the stuff *Well-planned*
so that the sale goes smoothly. G : Tean Red is at it too. They’re tossing the salad and prepping the trays. James, can you tell the customers what goods you have for sale? *Sales time*
J : Our team is selling Korean chicken tom yum sandwich. The dish is spicy, the chicken has a touch of Korean flavor, *Definitely yummy*
that will appeal to Thai people’s taste. Because Thais love spicy and flavorful food. *Explain the dish*
T : Kitty, please describe your dish. / G : Explain the food to your customers. K : Today we’re putting up pork bulgogi sandwich served with salad with Kewpie’s Japanese-style spicy roasted sesame dressing. *Direct sales* J : Sorry, I’m just a little nervous. G : Prep your ssstuff while you wait. G : Get the other bits ready. / J : Okay, don’t pressure me, I’m losing my train of thought. G : I’m not, it’ll make your workflow smoothly. / J : Damn it. *Don’t know what to do* G : I’m giving advice, not pressuring you. T : Team Blue is serving their first dish. N : Thank you. J : We want to keep the conversation going with our first customers. *Talking to customers*
J : Hold on a minute. T : I think this may be their strategy. Keep them waiting, making them hungry. T : The appetite will improve the flavor. / G : For better flavor. G : Probably their marketing plan. N : No. No. Never, no. G : Here are more customers. J : I’m new here, hold on a sec. / N : Come in *Pick your side*
G : Pick the team you want to buy from. *Close call*
G : This is close. / T : Very close. G : Four more for Team Blue. And 3 more for Red. G : James, more customers are coming. *Thank you*
H : Thank you for waiting. Thank you. H : Thank you. G : The first batch is out. All done. *Working hard* N/K : Thank you. T : They’re serving very quickly. *Thank you* *Joining in*
G : Can we join the line? / T : Can we? But I don’t have 100 baht. G : We have to taste their dishes. T/G : Yes we do. / Let’s give them some more time. T : I hear someone say ‘delicious’. / G : Delicious. T : Not sure from which side though. N : Oh. G : James, call for some customers. *Nervous Nervous* *How do I use this?*
G : The megaphone. / J : How do I use this? J : Hello, hi. Please come to our stall. *Being direct*
Please come. I love you. Gotta get back, I’m falling behind. N : So hot. It’s okay. *Sweet words from Nam Tae Hyun*
Because of you guys. *Sweet words from Nam Tae Hyun* F : So cute.

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