G : They should be able to sell a lot. It’s only 10 minutes in. *10 minutes in*
T : How many do you think they can sell? / G : 50-60 sandwiches. K : Thank you so much. H : Here, drinks first. *Result of James’ efforts*
G : James got all the customers to his side with just one call. H : Hello, welcome to Team Red. J : You guys are so cute. I love you. Hi. *Keep saying hi*
N : Come on. Come on. Okay. *I won’t be outdone*
J : Let’s give it a cheer. / Yeah! / Is it yummy? / Yes! *You haven’t tasted it* J : But you haven’t even tasted it. *You look yummy enough*
F : You look yummy enough. / J : Really? N : Thank you. / Thanks. F : Hey, owner. Here’s 1000 baht. N/K : Thank you very much. J : This might take some time, you can talk to me while you wait. *I’m lonely*
I’m lonely. Come on, come on, come on. *Customer feedback*
This is the first sandwich, cut by Chef Nam Tae Hyun himself. Let’s eat, see how good it tastes. *Taste of love* I gotta say, it’s delicious. *Korean style*
Very good. It has this Korean taste, very easy to eat. Team Blue. / Why did you pick this dish? *Just for the seller*
I like Korean food. / I like Korean guys. *I like this*
How is it? / Very good. Delicious. T/G : Hi. Please visit us. / How is it going for you? H : Barely catching up. *Are you hot?*
T : Are you hot? / H : Yes. *MC Ten is kind.*
T : I’ll fan you up. F : How about you? / T : I’m good. Are you? / F : I’m okay. *Just for you*
F : You have the fan, Ten. / T : That’s fine, I’m all right. N : Come on. F : 1 2 3, come on! *Still energetic*
N : Come on. Come on. *Awesome Awesome* F : Nam Tae Hyun, say come one again. 1 2 3. *Intimidating* J : Say something. *I won’t lose* F : Nam Tae Hyun, say come one again. 1 2 3. *Pumped Pumped*
N/F : Come on! H/F : Team Red, Team Red, Team Red. *Pen please*
N : Can I get a signing pen? / K : Can we have a pen? G : Team Blue is giving out autographs for every customer. *Autograph session*
[Nam Tae Hyun has begun his marketing strategy] [by getting a pen to sign autographs.] G : Team Blue is giving out autographs, what will Team Red do? T : Do you have anything to give? *What will Red Team do?*
[They won’t be outdone. James is coming out to give free hugs.] *Free hugs for all* T : Team Blue is giving autographs, T : Team Red is giving… / G : Free hugs. H : Team Red. *Still intense* *Problem for Red?*
H : James, I got a situation. *HA:TFELT got cut*
H : Do you have a band-aid? J : I need a band-aid, please. J : Are you okay? *Not giving up* H : I’m good, I’m good. J : No, use some band-aid. / H : Okay. J : Can you please wait just a bit? *Fisrt aid session*
I need to give some first aid. *Get well soon HA:TFELT* J : Are you okay? / H : Yes, I’m good, I’m good. F : I am Team James. Red. They’re putting a lot of effort into it. They’re giving their all. I want them to win. *Speechless*
It’s so delicious I’m tearing up. I’m blushing so hard right now. J : Hey Team Red, free hugs for you! *13 minutes left*
T : 13 minutes left! *Near closing time*
T : Hurry up, the stalls are closing. / G : That’s right. T/G : Get in line. / Both lines. F : I really like you, HA:TFELT. H : You do? F : Yes, very much. J : Why do you speak Korean? F : I can speak Thai too. / J : Pardon? *Thank you*
F : James fighting. / J : Thank you. N : Thank you. F : Can I have a hug? N : Okay. / K : Wait a sec. *Free hugs from the Chef* [Nam Tae Hyun is giving the fans what they wanted: free hugs.] *Less than 10 minutes*
T : Less than 10 minutes remaining. T/G : Who is going to be the winner? / Who is today’s winner? G : At the end of the day, we won’t find out. *We’ll find out tomorrow*
T : Because the results will be announced tomorrow morning. H : Welcome. *Someone’s hungry…*
T : I can’t wait anymore. I’m dying of curiosity. / G : They won’t have enough for other customers. *Last chance*
G : Team Red, call out to your customers one last time, 10 minutes left. H : Fighting. Fighting. *Support from MC*
T : HA:TFELT fighting, James fighting. J : Thank you. K : Thank you so much. *Hurry up!*
G : It’s their last-minute sprint. T : I’ll help hand out the drinks. *MC Ten handing out drinks* *Hello* G : Don’t forget about the other team. T : I’ll be over there soon. *Helping out*
T : Don’t forget about Team Red. T : Come visit Team Blue. H : We don’t accept money now. We’re giving it out for free. *Closed*
T : The lines are now closed. G : Only thing left to see is whether they can change their minds to Team Red. N : Blue team is sold out. *A bit more*
J : We’re almost done, please be patient. *Last seconds* *Not giving up* *Time’s UP*
G : Time’s up! How does it taste? It’s really tasty and hot, just the way Thai people like it. James is hot? That too, and the sandwich. The sandwich is good. The salad is also good. *Awesome *
Sandwich tastes great. The bread is really soft, the filling’s killing. / Lovely. How is it, the first bite? *Original taste*
Tastes great, just like bulgogi in Korea. / And a touch of spiciness too. *True fan*
If the sandwiches are on sale at 7-11, will you buy it? / Of course. *Team Red fighting!*
Definitely. Red Team fighting.

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