[That’s it for the first round of Food Truck Battle.] [I believe everyone will enjoy the food that both teams have given their all to make.] T : Now that the first day’s battle is ‘fishing’. I’d like to ask both teams how you felt about today’s contest. K : Thank you for everything. *Thank you everyone*
You’ve worked hard. And I’d like to thank all our customers today. N : I also want to thank you all for coming today. *Getting ranted*
You guys, why didn’t you come here? You only went to see Red team. T : I did, I went to help out several times. *Tantrum Tantrum*
N/H : Always. / Ten is Team Red. N : It’s not fair. N : Anyways, thank you to the students and all who have come today. I hope you enjoyed the food. T : Nam Tae Hyun said he was thankful to all of you for buying their food, and hoped you enjoyed it. T : Now for Team Red. H : At first I was just planning to have fun competing, but now that the game is on, *Harder than I thought*
it is much harder than I expected. It gives me much more respect to people in the food business and restaurants, as well as people who run food trucks like this. I’m sure James must be exhausted today. *Thank you*
I’m very grateful. Thank you. *First time*
J : It’s the first time ever for me to be running a food truck and selling for real. There are so many situations we had to face that I never knew existed for people who run food trucks. *Great experience*
It was a great experience, and enjoyable too. Thank you to all who believe in a novice cook like me and tried our food. I felt so happy. T : Let’s hear out the customers about how the food tastes. *Yummy?*
T/F : Were the sandwiches good? / Yes! T : The results of today’s contest will be announced tomorrow. *Have a guess*
T : Who do you think is goin to win? / G : Have a shake at the money box. *There are coins?*
G : Someone has paid in coins. T : They didn’t put in a hundred? G : Is it a hundred baht coin? / T : There’s only 10 baht coins. G : From what I saw, it was a really close call. *Find out tomorrow*
We’ll find out tomorrow what the final score will be. T : For now, have a good rest, and we’ll comeback tomorrow for more fun and games. Thank you all for coming tonight. Thank you. *See you tomorrow*
T : See you tomorrow. Bye. H : Food Trcuk Battle! [After the contest, both teams went to 7-11 before retiring to their rooms.] J : 7-11 is a place that every Thai people love to come. K : Sandwich with ham and cheese is very popular. K : This one. N : Ah, okay. N : Cheese? J : This one is quite good and popular in Thailand. Easy to eat. *Shopping time* J : These are Khao klong (boxed meals). / H : Khao klong. J : Yes, khao klong. H/J : This ramyon brand is…Samyang? / Sam… / Samyang. H : Have you tried this? / J : Yeah, I love this one. It’s so spicy. / H : Super spicy. H : Oh, Bento. I live Bento. N : I like this one. / K : Okay. J : Do you want some eggs? / H : Eggs? Nah. *#711review*
J : You can order something like this. Just tell them, whatever you want, you order. *Pork bun*
Salabao, it’s like a bun. / Pork bun. K : Ice cream? N : Do you want one? N : Anybody up for ice cream? H/J : Ice cream? / Yes. H : Ice cream. N/K : Milo. Do you know Milo? / Yeah. N : This one? Yeah, I know this. K : Get this heated. / J : The ice cream? K : The sandwich. J : Ice cream. H : Okay, we’re done. J : Anything else we want? Lotion. J : Okay, are we done? / H : I think so. *Thank you* J : 1000 baht. / H : One thousand. J : What are you doing? H : I’m looking for a raincoat. They have all these different colors. We don’t have this in Korea. Green, blue, purple, orange, yellow. I want orange, yellow…I want all colors, green, *Enjoying choosing rain coats*
Purple… Because I have a lot of staff. I think I’m going to have all of it. H : We don’t have it in Korea. Thank you. J : Yeah, we’re done. J/H : Thank you.

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