T : Who wants to go first? *Elephant song*
K/N : The Elephant song. T : Let’s do the Elephant song. *Good rehearsal?*
T : How was the rehearsal? T/H : Did it go well? / Yes. T : Nothing hard to it, right? H : Nothing difficult…at all. T : Not like that. *Still shy* *Less dancing, more singing* *HA:TFELT doing her best* *That went well* T : I thought there would be someone playing the elephant. playing the elephant. *Just you wait*
J : Oh, there will. There will. T : I thought you’d come out as elephants. J : There will be. Just you wait. T : Would you like to do it again? T/H : One more time, with Ten dancing with us. *Show us*
K : We sing together. H : Teach us. *Getting confused*
H : Ten, you lead us. / T : Aren’t I supposed to be following your lead? H : Right here. *Tricked!*
T : How do I do this? / H : Just do it. T : Like this? / J : You said you wanted an elephant. T : I was kidding. *MC Ten’s first Elephant dance* *Elephant family* *How do I dance?* *Someone is eager*
N : Okay, let’s do the Three Bears. *Back to spectator seat* K : One time only, okay. *Bear family ready!*
T : Ah, you’re all set. Yep. *Follow my lead* *Teddy James is unsure* *Teddy James reversed* *Dancing instructor mode* *Gleeful laugh* *Well done* *Bear song complete!*
J : I want to see a good dancer dancing to this tune. / K : Yes. *Ten…*
J : Ten, Ten. *Teddy Ten*
T : How do I dance the Three Bears? *Teddy Ten*
N : Start the song. H : Like that. H : Yes, there. T : HA:TFELT, join me. *Finding company*
T : You too, Nam Tae Hyun. / Why should I? *Teddy Ten’s moves* *Papa bear* *Mama bear* *3 cubs* T : Together now. *Bear family dance complete!* T : We’ve seen the performance by the contestants. *Fun!*
I loved it, so I prepared a special meal for you. T : Chef Gun is now preparing a seafood BBQ for you all. K/N : I’m hungry. / Me too. *Let’s go*
T : Let’s go eat some seafood. *Hungry team* G : Hi. J : Chef Gun. T : You missed the four of them dacing to the Elephant song. *Peeking from afar*
G : I was peeking while preparing the BBQ. T/H : Chef Gun was sneaking a peek at us dancing. / Really? *#Hungryman2019*
J/G : I want to do the grilling. / You’ve been wanting to do this for days. J/G : I love it. / I’ve got one prawn left for you. J : Here goes. *One left for me?* G : I’m not peeling the crabs for you today. *HA:TFELT can’t wait*
H : Let’s eat! N : Let’s eat. J : I know how to peel shells. *Parroting*
K : Okay. / J : But these are crabs, not shells. / K : Crab shells. / N : Crabs or shells? *I’ll take care of it*
H/T : Let’s eat. T : James is serious T : about peeling crabs. / J : I’m not doing a good job. K : Let’s compare this to the first day we had crabs. *Nice move*
J : Ladies first. *Gentleman*
H/J : Thank you James. / Thank you. T : Look. Gentleman. N : Well done. J : Well done. *No idea what that means*
J : I keep parroting the words, no idea what it means. T : It means “well done”. J : Oh, well done. / K : You sound sarcastic though. J : Well done. J : This doesn’t look nice, Ten. *Peel some for me*
T : Oh, that’s okay. [After the meal, we go for a walk to catch the sea breeze.] T : That’s too close, too close. K : Sea! G : Beach! K : Gun, go stand behind James. You’re Rose. *#GunJamesShip* G : Do I hold him like this? *#CoconutwaterReview*
G/J : Have a taste. How is it? / So sweet. G/T : Coconut water. How is it? / Refreshing. G : We use stevia instead of sugar. *#supersalesman*
T : In the future, Concept Water will launch coconut flavor. And we sell it in real coconuts like this in 7-11. K : And they’ll be hiring us s presenters. *#myshop*
J : How do I get your contacts? K/J/T : Here are our contact info below.

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