[Today is the second day of Food Truck Battle in Chantaburi.] T : Hello, welcome both teams *2nd round*
to the second round arena of Food Truck Battle. *Huge crowd* T : Today is also the last day we will be competing in Chantaburi. Yesterday’s battle saw Team Blue as the winner. T : A question for both teams: How did you prepare for today’s contest? *Blue team prep?*
G/T : Winners go first, do you think you can defend the title? N : Like we said, we’ll be focusing on the crispiness of the bread. T : You’re focusing on the cripsiness / G : And spiciness too. N : That’s right, more spicy. T : What about Kitty? *Following oppa’s lead*
K : Everything he said. T : Now for Team Red. H : We will try to improve the speed of cooking. *Like a rocket*
We had a little chat and came up with a good idea. J : Yesterday we came across some issues, but now we know how to deal with them. Like HA:TFELT said, today we’ll be faster. *No waiting time*
To be able to serve our customers in time. T : Okay, so Red is trying to be faster, while Team Blue is aiming for crispiness and spiciness. Do you have any advice for the contestants? N : But I think we can still make it quicker. *Competitive mode*
T : Blue believes they can do it quicker. *Wait and see* *Intense*
T : I think the contest today will be more intense, because both teams are now well-prepared. G : Personally, I think both teams G : have been through yesterday’s contest, they will improve. T : Here are the rules: [Team Red is selling Korean chicken tom yum sandwich,] [paired with salad with Kewpie’s Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] [and Concept Water, 0 kCal vitamin drink with stevia, lychee flavor.] [The price is 100 baht] [Team Blue is selling Pork bulgogi sandwich,] [paired with salad with Kewpie’s spicy Japanese roasted sesame dressing.] [and Concept Water 0 kCal vitamin drink with stevia, grape flavor.] [The price is 100 baht] [Each team has 60 minutes. The team with the highest sales wins.] *Go to 7-11*
T : For those at home, our sandwiches are available at every 7-11. Don’t forget to try them. G : We should let them get prepped. *Ready?*
T/G : Do you want to get prepped? / Are you ready? J/H : Yes. T : Hello, hello, Nam Tae Hyun, how’s the prep going? N : Good. Can I get a signing pen? T : Okay. Signing pen, just a second. T : Can we have a pen? / G : Here comes his marketing plan. *Cool* *Special box*
T : Can you sign slowly? G : And you’re wearing sunglasses. G : I’ll show them for you. I’ll bring one and show them. *Awesome strategy*
G : This is their marketing plan. G : If you want an autograph, come visit Team Blue’s truck. J : Can we start grilling the toast first? / G : Yes. *For sure*
J : I’ll talk to the camera more. G : Okay. / Talk to us, okay? Don’t stay quiet. J : I won’t. T : HA:TFELT, what are you doing? H : Right now? H : My mind’s rcing right now, there are so many things to do. T : Do the Fighting pose. T : Together. *Fighting*
H : Team Red fighting! *Super*
T : Everything’s good? N : Everything’s good. T/K : Kitty, everything’s good? / Good. T : Both teams have got their truck prepped. The time of the contest draws closer. Now, we will have both teams promoting their dishes. G : Should we start with the winners? T : We started with the winners last time, let’s start with Team red first. *Red first*
G : You’re first to go, call out to your customers. J : Do you want to say something? T : To promote your team. *Go James*
H : What should I say? J : Hello everyone. Team Red’s dish is Korean chicken tom yum sandwich. *Sweet words*
Please come and buy now. *Sweet words*
The dish is delicious. Thank you. H : Hello. *Please come*
H : Red Team, Korean chicken tom yum, very delicious. T : Don’t forget to support Team Red. Team Blue’s turn. N : Hi. N : Blue team, bulgogi sandwich. Very, very spicy. *Spicy warning*
Be careful. Very dangerous. K : Our sandwich is as hot as he is. Please come. T : That’s it from the two teams. A small reminder. 1 person can buy from 1 stall only. G : If you want more, buy at 7-11. T : Pick the dish you want and join the line. *Join your line*
Enjoy your meal, they really are delicious. T/G : Let’s start. / The countdown begins. T/G : 3 2 1 Start!

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