Food truck courts growing in popularity

setter when it comes to food trucks. Now, another trend is developing that places a variety of food trucks in a single location. KITV4’s Andrew Pereira shows us some of the current spots, and a new one that’s about to open. Yeah Kenny, after success in the heart of Waikiki, HL Honolulu LLC is developing a new spot by the Hawaii Convention Center. Build it… and the food will come. This parking lot on Kalakaua Ave. by Fern Street will soon become a food court for food trucks. HL Honolulu is installing bathrooms, landscaping and more. JONATHAN IMAI: “WE’RE IN THE PROCESS OF OBTAINING OUR LIQUOR LICENSE, SO WE’LL HAVE A FULL BAR THERE EVENTUALLY. SO, YOU KNOW, MAKE IT A DESTINATION THAT THEY CAN BUY FOOD AND ALSO EAT THERE COMFORTABLY IN THE SHADE, NOT JUST BUY FOOD AND GO.” The company is building on the success of its Pau Hana Market on Beach Walk in Waikiki. The food truck court opened about a year ago, and vendors are starting to cash in as the concept catches on. CHRIS ROGERS: “YOU KNOW IT’S FAST, IT’S CHEAP AND IT’S PRETTY GOOD FOOD.” With low overhead, food trucks are also the perfect opportunity to get into business on your own while providing that unique niche. The owner of Kamitoku Ramen showcases Japanese celebrities from his previous career. CHRIS ROGERS: “HE USED TO BE A TALENT AGENT IN JAPAN, SO HE MET AND HE KNOWS A LOT OF LIKE MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS.” There’s also power in numbers, and having more than one food truck at a single location is a draw. JONATHAN IMAI: “FOR LOCALS AT LEAST, THEY KNOW WHERE TO GO TO FIND THESE FOOD TRUCKS. THEY DON’T HAVE TO SEARCH AROUND FOR WHEREVER THE FOOD TRUCK FINDS PARKING.” SO, THAT’S AN ADVANTAGE.” ANDREW PEREIRA: “HL HONOLULU HOPES TO OPEN THIS NEW LOCATION BY THE END OF THE YEAR. AND FOR ANY OF YOU HOPING TO BREAK INTO THE FOOD TRUCK BUSINESS, THEY’RE STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.” JONATHAN IMAI: “WE’RE LOOKING FOR ROUGHLY FOUR TO FIVE TRUCKS LOCALLY RIGHT NOW. SO, THEY DEFINITELY CAN CONTACT US.” In June Street Grindz opened this food truck court in Kewalo at the former location of Fisherman’s Wharf. Food truckers who are part of this developing trend only see more to come. CHRIS ROGERS: “THESE THINGS ARE POPPING UP EVERYWHERE AND IT’S JUST BEEN LIKE PRETTY HUGE GROWTH. IT SEEM LIKE YEAH, I THINK THAT IT’S GOING TO BE A THING.” HL Honolulu’s new location will feature about seven food trucks in all. If you’re interested in becoming one of them, go to and click on the article for contact information. Kenny?

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