Okay awesome ones. So today we’re at a food festival. It’s amazing, it’s awesome and try out the banquet of life folks. Let’s check it out in just a few seconds. Alright so there are literally dozens of trucks here. Buster’s sea tacos I’ve tried those those are amazing. We’ve got some jerk chicken, The Hog Father. What’s that this one, Oh Tacos, Frenzy Temptations…..now look over here we’ve got some dumplings behind you here and these trucks over here….we’ve got oh my goodness grilled cheeses….we have Heirloom Farm to truck and of course there is lots of vegan food here if you guys want to try the vegan food. What are we going to try today Bill? What do you want to try? Everything….. so as you can see there’s some winners here. This is the rib fest people of a few first places there and of course it’s the place that you pick up your knives and forks and lots of paper towels for the ribs. That’s for sure. Okay so we found lots more on this side and as we can see down there, there’s another smokehouse, oh look at this white truck here Bill, it’s got gluten-free so that’s great for a lot of people. Fully loaded chicken…..we’ve got Curb your Crave in the orange one, that’s all bacon cheeseburgers and there’s a lineup over at the at the Thai food. It’s really healthy Thai food and of course there’s balloon man….balloon man is oh he’s got a little Elmo there, these guys are actually quite talented and a real hit with the kids and lemonade, oh boy oh I think I’m gonna have to hit the lemonade, it’s gotta be 90 degrees today eh and I think we’re going to…..I found the place where we can sit down thank goodness, once we find what we want to eat and found the bathrooms Bill. After a beer or two Bill, I think and I will anyway, on to the next. Okay so I found the one I want. I’ve tried this food truck before it’s absolutely delicious. They’ve got lobster rolls and you know, they’ve got tacos with buttered haddock…..so key lime pie in a jar…..hmm that sounds pretty good too. Okay so Bill has decided. He’s over at the rib and pulled pork place and yep that’s what he’s having. Okay so we got our food here, I’ve got my lobster roll with a dill pickle and some chips. Bill you’ve got your pulled pork sandwich and this is just a start right. We’re gonna get going on some More soon. I saw a couple of other trucks there. I definitely want to try the food. All gone. Oh my god that was delicious, absolutely delicious. And as Bill says, make sure you’ve got some cash on you, but even in the middle of a park they can put up an ATM. Hey….Heather maybe looking around at some great food things, but hey I just found some great Italian food. Looking forward to that….that’s one of my favorites. You can see that….you know these are like homemade menus and these entrepreneurs are really working hard. Let’s look at the truck next to us here. Again this is more like Nann food…. that sort of thing and lamb roti. So I was wondering where all the line up was coming from, but these guys are selling ice cream cones on a very, very hot day. Now that’s what I call a walk!! Wow…farmer’s feed cities, isn’t that the truth. Look at all these hard-working, some of them farmers, some of them family businesses, a lot of them are amazing chefs. Okay so look what I found. The ice cream truck!!! How many of us remember running outside when we heard the ice cream truck. That has to be the original food truck for sure. So I’ve been seeing a lot of people drinking out of a watermelon. So I was wondering what it is and here we found it. Drink from a Fruit. So like I said if you’re vegan if you want something super healthy you can still find it at these Truck festivals. This looks amazing. It’s a watermelon smoothie folks. So that tasted just like a watermelon. Totally pure watermelon…. delicious. So Heather and I have been here for a little while. We got here about two o’clock and now it’s just starting to fill right up. It’s hot out and we just finished that watermelon drink and look at the crowds now. So I think Bill, I found our dessert and make sure you leave room for dessert. So Bill and I found this nice little spot. It’s amongst the trees. We’re going to sit down. What did we buy? Oh my gosh the calories on this must be as gazillion, but you know what I think….you gotta eat more ice cream once in a while like don’t just go the whole summer without eating some ice cream. Don’t go through a most amazing place and look at these funnel cakes with there’s strawberries on them, so those are healthy, and say oh no oh no I can’t, you know, indulge once in a while. There’s a banquet of life out there. We only have so many summers. Enjoy the ice cream once in a while and even the funnel cake. And talking about enjoyment, we really enjoy our subscribers, all your comments….everything that you’re doing. We also really love doing these videos for you. We do the Tuesday ones on inspirational food all that sort of thing and of course the Fridays are beauty and fashion. So there is a lot of noise around here. It is a party going on at this Food Festival. And until next time….oh and by the way if you want to subscribe, oh my hands are full, but then there’s the button, come on down and subscribe folks. And keep it awesome. We’ll see you later. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.

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