Food Truck Friday: Cooking with Chef Claytor’s Dream on a Plate

[Music] well it is food truck Friday and we are pretty excited because we have chef Gladers dream on a plate we hear that it is a dream and you get to eat it so we’ve talked about how he got his start what inspired him to be a chef I ran in his family but right now we got to talk about the food so let’s go over here and order something hello ma’am are you working below I am working over in her too you know I heard that there is some mac and cheese with some pulled pork is that the case so that much ease in footwork rhf later alright first we start out we’re gonna get the mac and cheese diverse okay we start with the pork okay and you have your your friend here yes this is my brother oh wait to the camera right here they hide everybody and also it will do a brisket as well so okay with the mac and cheese yes Wow what inspired this recipe tell me about it oh I don’t know it we was sitting at the table one night and at home and I said hey let me try some beef brisket and support on there okay all right and you know I have to say this is a dream truck tell me about this truck I mean it’s really spacious and it’s a lot a lot of room um I found actually found it in Lynchburg uh-huh someone else had it and what happened was I went down they took a look at they hit it up for sale and I told let me redone it it’s it’s so big I mean you’ve got a lot of space here so how many how many meals can you provide um in like one event I mean how many people can you serve do you think I think I do well least over hundred yeah easily okay all right so what’s your your uh your pork like what’s the secret to your I smoke my own you do look well that’s okay and how long do you smoke it and uh slowly for nine hours slowly from nine hours okay and you’re not giving me any more of your your secret asking about seasoning and okay just a home well family dry rub okay and what I do is just heat this up cuz I’ve already smoked it okay all right and you put some sauce on there yes tell me about your barbecue sauces barbecue sauce is homemade is that Jack Daniels barbecue sauce mm-hmm and you said that you have a family of cooks right yes our sister they graduated from actually here I graduate from Johnson wheels I always say okay but um um the extra culinary arts program here but you you’re influenced of course by family and home cooking for sure yes ma’am okay and I understand that there’s a couple of menu items called dream on a plate a sandwich yes ma’am yes ma’am the club has turkey ham bacon banana peppers cucumbers lettuce tomato mayonnaise ha ha and a little bit of honey muscle okay now is your food truck venue and your catering menu different first it’s the exact same um it’s different okay over there it’s a slight different affair uh-huh what is that what is that a sauce on them yes man this is cheese sells homemade cheese sauce mmm love it gets a little dab it is alright Brittany I hope you’re hungry this picture I love it all right so this is served up with a cheese sauce on top and then the pork barbecue is all right yes ma’am baguettes onions tomatoes onions it gets shredded cheddar and it gets jalapenos mmm and then it’s garnished with pepper cheese mmm that sounds wonderful all right well we’re running out of time so let’s go ahead and plate this up cuz Brittany’s kind of hungry I’m getting hungry out here ready for my food nice portion oh yeah yeah so where are you gonna be next you know where you gonna be this weekend weekend nothing this weekend okay we actually still have the kitchen going on so we’ll be in the kitchen right on 400 in Washington and Vinton Virginia okay so stop by the kitchen and Vinton and then check the Facebook page for where you’re gonna be next arrangement look at this Brittany yeah this out look how beautiful this is oh please Wow give me give me give me don’t let her take a bite last time for them go ahead take a little at this that is just beautiful oh my god I helped with some of it you okay I know there’s nothing so that means we can eat it and it’ll be good so you can of course you can check out chef Gladers dream on a plate on his facebook page but I gotta eat this we’ll be right back

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