Food Truck Friday features Flyin Ahi

Friday. Today we are featuring FLYIN AHI who have some great dishes for us to try. But first let’s talk about MAKERS & TASTERS food park, which is on the horizon. Food Truck Friday – Makers & Tasters vendor: Flyin’ Ahi Natalie Aczon GM, Makers & Tasters Leroy Melchor Owner, Flyin’ Ahi 1. Tell us about Makers & Tasters. Makers & Tasters is new a food park and marketplace located along the Kewalo Harbor waterfront. “Makers” would be us and the “Tasters” are the food-loving community here in Hawaii. It’s where the pop-up Street Grindz Kewalo has been temporarily operating out of since June. Beginning August 17th, Street Grindz Kewalo pop-up will close and transition into Makers & Tasters at the completion of the build-out. 2. When will it open? The grand opening is on Friday, August 28th in conjunction with Eat The Street. It will be the largest Eat The Street with more vendors and the first event at the new, Makers & Tasters. 3. What do we expect to find there? You can find Street Grindz vendors rotating daily at the location. There will also be built-in seating, green spaces, bathrooms, free customer parking and eventually, a bar. 4. Tell us about your food truck, Flyin’ Ahi. A new poke truck that serves up various poke plates, pulehu plates and fresh fish specials of the day. Our special poke is the “Flyin’ Ahi” made with ahi, salmon, tako, taegu, cucumber, onions and limu. We also serve our special Tsunami fries and re! 5.hean we nd you in the meantime? Until gust 28thwe will be pping upt Street indz Kewa. We will be e today from 10-m and you can foll us on social media for our daily schedule as well. 6. Where can we find more information? You can find more info on wwww.makersandtaste rs. com or follow kers & Tastersn stagram . TUESDAY BIN – MAKERS AND TASTERS SERVE 60 SECONDS BROLL OF MAKERS & TASTERS, FOOD TRUCKS Your top morning headlines, after the break. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back. headlines, after the break. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back.

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