Food Truck Invasion Festival || May December Vlog

Hey everyone.
Hello! We’re going to, what do they call this thing?
We are headed to the Food Truck Invasion. Food Truck Invasion, okay.
Yes. So we’re going to a little place that’s about 5 miles
from where we live. It is a quaint little … square, I guess, and they put the food trucks
around it. It’s just something different. Yeah, something different. We’ve never been.
It’s happened a couple times, but .. This our first time going, so. Hopefully it’ll
be fun and good food, I’m always excited for food. They’re just setting up now. Angela: They’re just setting up, we’re early. They actually start at 5, we’re here about 4:30. Joe: We can walk around this way.
Angela: Look at how cool. These are all the trucks, the beginning of all the trucks. Joe: I guess we don’t want to get in their way. Angela: Oh, man. I guess. Oh my goodness, I wish you
could smell through the camera because it smells great. Joe: Wow, look at that. Angela: Look at what I found. Joe: They have red velvet donuts. Angela: I have my own Sweet Daddy, and he’s not even barbeque. You can put whatever sauce you want on me. Ooh! Angela: Ooooh. Ooooh. I didn’t say that. Angela: Look at this fun one. Sweet Cravings. Joe: Ah, look at that! We can take some cupcakes
home for you. Angela: Indulge yourself.
Joe: Oh look, there’s Sponge Square Bob Pants. Angela: Wanna tell everyone what you think
his name is again? Joe: Sponge Pear Bob Shorts. Angela: Now this is from 5-9, so it’s libel to be a little bit dead in the beginning. And right behind you, you can see the sign, this is where I bring Angela to play. Slow children playing. That’s so rude. That is so rude.
I know, just kidding. Fry Daddy. Nice truck! Angela: Yeah, more sugary stuff. Hello! This looks really nice and I love the truck. I
love the colors, they’re so fabulous. Joe: Somebody’s out rowing on the lake.
Angela: Gourmet quesadillas like never before. “Crazydill-uh”. Yummy. Woody’s Burgers. This looks good too, Woody’s Burgers. Authentic Asian. Let me squeeze… This is the one we
saw drive in. Vegan Organic, what a pretty … Look at all the art. So gorgeous. Oh hell
yeah. Hell yeah. Joe: Chocolate banana nut.
Angela: This looks good. Churrasco? What’s that mean, it’s all going to be spicy?
Joe: Yeah, Churrasco. Churrasco, it’s sausage. Angela: That looks good.
Joe: What about this down here, let’s find what this one is too.
Angela: Yeah, let me hold my skirt … World Fusion here.
Joe: Chicken fingers with fries. Angela: Lots of fusion foods, as you can see. Joe: Man, I’m tellin’ ya. Oh, that’s got my name on it. Angela: Why does this got your name on it? Mr. Pig Sandwich.
That’s totally you, and look, they even got me on there. Miss Piggy. Yeah, that’s totally you too. What do you think, am I Miss Piggy? Yeah, I do. But you know, that’s okay. I love you anyway. Uh, so.. This bitch right here! Angela: This one. You must be hungry. Angela: Pretty birdie. Hello! Here you go, here’s Joe’s stop. Here comes Joe’s stop. Angela: The bar. The bar. I think I’ll have a beer. You want a beer?
Angela: Alright, have the beer. Anybody out there want a beer? Hey, come have
a beer with me any time you like in sunny Florida. Angela will be here too.
Joe: One Screwdriver, one Bud Light, please. Beautiful.
Angela: Here’s your beer. Joe: Thank you. Cheers! Yummy. When you’re in Florida, come to Tradition,
where you can get free drinks and food. Free?!
Well, I mean for you, because I’m buying. But come on down and visit us! Have more drinks,
Joe. Angela: Back to Sweet Daddy’s.
Joe: Certified Delicious! Angela: Here’s my food from Sweet Daddy’s
BBQ. Joe: Oh yeah, there’s some ‘natkins’ for your
butt. Angela: Thank you.
Joe: Oh, and look. Sunset. Here we go, this is going to be so hot.
Joe: Alright. Joe: Oh, yeah.
Mmm!! Oh my god, that’s so good.
Joe: You look amazing. I couldn’t even have a whole bite because
it was so friggin’ piping hot. Let me get a fry. Were they hot?
Joe: Mmmmm. Yeah, that’s good. Mmm. So good.
Joe: That be good, girlfriend. This is so good. Hold on.
Joe: Maybe I don’t need to get anything, maybe I just need to have you eat … I can eat
with you, is there enough for both of us? No?
No, it’s too good. This is a Mr. Pig’s Sandwich. Pulled pork.
It looks good. Angela: Oh man, does that look good.
Joe: Ooh! Oh, boy. Oh, man it is right so good. Angela: Mmm, that looks tasty.
Joe: Mmm, mmm, mmmmph! Mmm! GooOoOd! Ya’ll come down South now, ya hear? Mmm.
Angela: Mmm, look at that big shark bite. Oh yeah. Mmmm. That was really good, and as
if she didn’t get enough to eat, I’m going to take her over to, what is it?
Crazydill-uh! Crazydill-uh for a quesadilla. Of course,
I’ve stopped with one sandwich, but that’s me. Sensible. There she goes, Miss America.
Miss Tradition. Joe: Uh huh! We gotta go to … Crazydill-uh. Crazydee-uh. Crazy whatever the heck it is.
Yeah! That’s how you pronounce it, Crazydee-uh. Crazydilla.
It is Crazydilla! But you called it Dill-uh, because well.. I was thinking armadillo. Angela: That’s what I’m getting. The Cordon
Bleu. “Home of the Cubadilla. Kinda like a Cuban sandwich, but awesomer.” Joe’s got my
Crazydilla! He just said Angela and gave it right to me.
Do I look like an Angela? Okay, here you go. You do look like an Angela, a very beautiful
one. Oh, yes.
Angela: Oh my God, that’s huge! Joe: Yeah, well, you know what?
Angela: How much was this? Joe: 15 dollars.
Angela: I thought it was only $3.50. Joe: No, it was 11 dollars actually. 11.
Cordon Bleu Crazydilla. Alright, let’s try this. Aww, yeah. That is amazing.
Joe: You know, yes. Oh my god.
Don’t drip any more sauce on your dress than you already have. Hah. Angela really enjoys
her food, she gets into it. Amazing.
And then she– Crazydilla. Go there.. That dress will have to go to the cleaners after one meal. Joe’s going to get his Paradise Cup. Are you excited for your Paradise Cup, Joe?
Yes, I am, but I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I’m going to get something. It looks
so refreshing! Angela: This looks nice. Snow creams!
Joe: Aw yeah. Angela: Lighter than ice cream–
Joe: Oh, look at the coconut. Angela: Oh yeah, look at that!
Joe: Wow! Woman: Thank you.
Angela: That looks great. Joe: Terrific, thanks so much. Wait a minute. Oh look at this. Angela: Oooh! That looks so good.
Oh my god, oh my god. Now this you have to taste. Try this.
Angela: That’s amazing. This is good. Mmm!
It tastes like an amazing frozen drink or something. Yes, but it is so good, so filling
and it is a, what is this one? Cream? Angela: Coconut Cream. Coconut Cream. Well, that’s it.
That’s it for today, we had a wonderful — Angela’s had plenty to eat, but you can see
she has more to take care of at home. Hope to see you again soon! Bye bye!

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