Food Truck Roadblock – Main Preview

(Music) Eddie: I manage the Cheesie’s truck. We
sell perfect grilled cheese sandwiches. (Music) Manny: The name of my company is called the
Tamale Spaceship. Our theme is we’re gonna provide great food with a little bit of fun. Amy: My food truck was the DucknRoll truck
and I used to sell Asian style Bahn Mi sandwiches and rice bowls on there. (Music) Teodoro: We have Chicken Tinga, Al Pastore,
La Tejana, and for platters we have Al Hambras, which is like a Mexico City specialty. Eddie: This is basically our company on wheels.
We’re all entrepreneurs and small businesses. We just want to provide the consumers more
opportunities to have different types of food. Lisa: They provide like a really friendly,
really fast, on the go kind of service. It’s nice to just come out and be able get something
to eat. Alex: I realized that food trucks don’t
have it as easy as I thought they did. I thought they could pull up to any curb and serve any
customer who was willing to pay for it, and that’s far from the truth. Teodoro: If you get caught parked too close
to a restaurant now, it can be a $2,000 fine. Yeah, it could put somebody out of business, you know. Amy: I’d like to be able to have the freedom
to sell wherever we’d like, and not have the restrictions that we have right now. Teodoro: We are not criminals, we’re not
bad people. We’re not out trying to, mess up anybody’s business. Manny: They treat us almost like second-class
citizens; we’re going to make your life impossible, so hopefully you’ll be out of
business in a year. Teodoro: It blows my mind that you would restrict
somebody that wants to make food and feed people.

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