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Hi there. My name is Chris with
Prestige Custom Manufacturing and in today’s video, I’ll be going over
some safety information that you, as a food truck owner, need to know to operate your food truck as safely as possible. First, let’s talk about generator safety. You need to give the generator proper room to breathe. We don’t recommend operating your food truck indoor. But if for whatever reason you need to operate
your food truck in a covered space, be sure to have the proper ventilation for the carbon monoxide to escape
from your generator. The generator and it’s muffler
get very hot during operation and with food truck events
lasting for multiple hours, the generator can get very hot. So be sure to approach the generator with caution when touching it after the generator has been running because it can get very hot. Do not store gas for your generator
or food truck indoors. Vapor from gasoline is heavier than air
and can travel invisibly along the floor. It could be ignited by a pilot light
or other source of flames such as an electric spark. Before you begin operating your generator and if you have any questions
regarding your specific generator, be sure to read and adhere to
the generator’s owner’s manual. Now let’s move on to Propane Safety. We recommend having
a qualified propane service technician regularly perform a leak test. If for any reason you smell gas, there are few precautions that you need to take. First, immediately extinguish
all smoking materials and open flames. Secondly, get everyone out of the area
if you expect the gas is leaking. Thirdly, turn off the gas supply valve
of your propane tank if it is safe to do so. And lastly, if you feel that there is a propane leak and you can’t contain it and there is some real danger, please step away from the leak
and contact your propane supplier. If you can’t reach them, call 911. Let’s move on to lighting everything safely
within your food truck. If you are noticing that a pilot light
is going out on a consistent basis, make sure that you get the appliance
or propane system inspected by a qualified propane service technician because there may very likely be
an issue with one of the two. If you are a smoker, do not smoke
or have any source of ignition in the area before lighting your pilot. Always turn on your exhaust fan, if equipped prior to turning on any LP gas valves do not let any untrained employee light the pilot. Be sure to have an employee
who knows what they’re doing or light the pilot yourself
to ensure that the pilots are lit safely. Now I want to talk about driving your food truck safely
during poor weather conditions. Have de-icer on hand during the winter to ensure the prevention of a nightmare scenario
of a lock freezing up on you. Also food trucks during the winter
can greatly benefit from swapping out there tires with snow tires. The pattern on snow tires help to
improve performance during the winter when the road is slippery. As winter approaches, replacing your wipers
become ever more so important as the ice buildup on your windshield
can accumulate and create a hazardous windshield. If you are operating your food truck
during a cold climate, be sure to use a windshield wiper fluid
that contains some level of antifreeze and be sure to fill your windshield wiper reservoir with the proper type of windshield fluid that contains a concentrate of cleaning fluids
and not just water. Thank you so much for watching today’s video
on food truck safety. I hope you enjoyed it and you are able to take something away from it. Once again, my name is Chris with
Prestige Custom Manufacturing. I hope you have a wonderful day. Goodbye!

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