FoodChain opens access to healthy, sustainable food

THEIR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE EASY AND AFFORDABLE ACCESS TO HEALTHY FOOD. A LEXINGTON NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION… WAS AWARDED A 75-THOUSAND DOLLAR GRANT. AND AS W-K-Y-T’S REBECCA SMITH SHOWS US… THAT MONEY WILL GO TOWARDS BUILDING A NEW COMMUNITY KITCHEN. IT’S A STORY THAT’S NEW AT 5-30. AT THE HELM OF THE AMBITIOUS PROJECT IS FOODCHAIN… KNOWN FOR ITS ON-SITE FISH FARM right NEXT TO WEST SIXTH BREWERY. SINCE 2011, THEY’VE PRODUCED MORE THAN A THOUSAND POUNDS OF TILAPIA AND OVER A TON OF FRESH PRODUCE. AT THE SITE OF THE BREAD BOX WILL BE A FOOD PROCESSING FACILITY AND COMMUNITY STORE. Rebecca Smith, WKYT: :15 “We’re inside the same building where the West Sixth Brewery is located. Here in this room, which dates back to the 1870’s, is where the food processing will be located. The room over will house the Community Store.” ORTGANIZERS SAY IT’S ALL TO MEET THE NEEDS OF ACCESS TO HEALTHY FOOD.. IN A FOOD DESERT. Rebecca Self, FoodChain :32 “We can teach people not only how to prepare fresh food, but also to process that food so it’s more accessible and more convenient. Ultimately, to a neighborhood store so that it’s more affordable to this commnity.” IN LEXINGTON, RS, WKYT. THE GRANT WAS AWARDED BY THE ‘JOHN S. AND JAMES L. KNIGHT FOUNDATION DONOR ADVISED FUND’ AT THE BLUEGRASS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.

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