Former Royal Chef Reveals Prince Harry And Prince William’s Fave Meal And Kitchen Mishaps

– I’m Darren McGrady, the Royal Chef, former chef to the Queen, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry, and I’m going to be preparing one of Prince William and Harry’s favorite dishes, cottage pie. Cottage pie is a traditional nursery dish, and it’s been served by the Royal Family for over 100 years. William and Harry were seven and 10 when I started cooking for
them at Kensington Palace, and they’d come in the
kitchen all the time. If they saw me cooking this one, they knew it was gonna be a fun lunch. Cottage pie is just a
delicious combination of the ground beef and the onions, a little garlic, a little gravy browning, salt and pepper, some flour to thicken, and some nice broth in there as well. That just simmers away, and once that’s done, we put some mashed potatoes on the top, finished off with a little
cheese, a little cilantro, and it just makes the most incredible dish that I prepared for the boys, at least every time they came home. William and Harry were in
the kitchen all the time, whether it was to find
out what was for lunch, or to just play hide and seek, or just to come through and chat. Sometimes they’d want to
come through and cook. That was always a worrying experience, but it was always fun having the boys in the kitchen, and although it was a royal palace, they were royal children, and just like normal children, running around the house, having fun. So I’m now adding some gravy browning just to darken the meat
a little, and the sauce, and then some garlic. William and Harry are much different. I remember Princess Diana
being in the kitchen one day, and the the boys had just
been in, chatting away, and the princess says, “You know, the boys are so different. “William’s deep, like his father, “and Harry is just an
airhead like me,” yikes. When the boys were bored, they’d actually come and ask you if they could cook in the kitchen, too. One day, I was making stuffed
eggplant for Princess Diana, and William says, “Oh, can I make that?” I lifted it out of the
oven, put it on the table, and he lifted it onto the plate. Just as he did, Princess Diana walked into the kitchen, and he just twisted it like that, and it just collapsed onto the plate. It was like a train smash. I said, “Oh, your Royal Highness, “William’s made you lunch.” Yikes, that was a mess. When they stayed with
Princess Diana at Kensington, it was a lot more relaxed, and the princess would let them eat dinner watching TV on a Saturday night. That was always fun for them. She wanted them to be royal princes, but at the same time, she
wanted them to be children, too. I think it was probably
a little bit more relaxed when they were with mum. So we want about five
minutes or so on that. William and Harry really were good when it came to whatever foods we put on the table. It was a balance, really, of dishes that Nanny chose for them, like the sort of roast chicken and the green vegetables, and then switch in, you know, other days, too, things
like the cottage pie and burgers and hot dogs. They were pretty good. They never really sort of
left lots of food at all. They always made sure
there was room for pudding. It was really funny cooking
at Kensington Palace for William and Harry. There was a constant battle going on with Princess Diana and the nanny, and Nanny always insisted that the boys have their greens. “They’ve got to have their cabbage, “they’ve got to have their broccoli,” and Princess Diana was, “Oh, if they don’t want that, “they don’t have to eat it. “They can go straight to burgers “and hot dogs and things like that, “and if they want to skip that altogether, “they can just have pudding, that’s okay.” She was a real mum. Then, before we put the
potatoes on the top, this has to set for about 30
minutes in the refrigerator. I have so many memories of my 15 years with the Royal Family. Seeing Princess Diana
come into the kitchen with William and Harry, just seeing a real family, that’s when she was happiest, when she was in Kensington Palace with her little boys,
just her and the boys. They were such fun times, seeing the boys growing up, giving them the new experiences, letting them sample different foods, and seeing their faces when they’re trying
dishes for the first time, watching them cook in the kitchen, seeing Harry throw pasta at the wall to see if it sticks, ’cause I told him that’s
how you tell if it’s cooked. Happy memories at Kensington. (relaxing music) You don’t normally have a relationship or stay in contact with
members of the Royal Family after you leave. We’re servants in the
kitchen to the Royal Family, and they’re just on a different level. I send William and Harry
notes every now and again. I sent them copies of my
cookbooks when they came out. Hopefully they use them. Prince Harry cooked
roast chicken for Meghan when he was dating. I think I showed him
how to do that recipe. Delicious layer of ground beef, creamy mashed potatoes on the top, and I think that this was William
and Harry’s favorite part, that cheddar cheese sprinkled over the top so that when it comes out of the oven, it just runs and melts and goes all gooey into the mashed potatoes. What’s not to like about cottage pie? (relaxing music) William and Harry were at school all week and would come home odd weekends, so this was a real treat
for them to come home to, some steaming hot cottage pie with that melted cheese on the top, the potatoes running
into the pie mix there. This was one of their favorites, and if it wasn’t on the menu, they’d come in and say, “Can we have cottage
pie, please, for dinner?” (relaxing music)

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  1. Didn't Harry just get cut off by the Queen? I don't think he'll be able to afford anything like this anymore! Remember, gentlemen, NEVER marry down.

  2. I just heard him say on the cottage pie he added garlic the queen they say will not allow garlic on the property someone help me out and explain this one to me okay I'm seriously I would like to know and no fun intended at all.

  3. This is from childhood. Both William and Harry both cook for themselves, go to the supermarket etc. They are normal people.

  4. We called this shepherds pie growing up. My family was from England too. I never liked it but his version looks good with the fancy mash on top and cheese!

  5. Honestly……$t what these two, or any ”royal” likes to eat. They’re just people. But then again, I’m not from England or a commonwealth country, so…

  6. Delicious winter recipe. I make something like this, but in the tradition of my country, to the meat we add raisins, very few pitted black olives, and one hard boiled eggs cut in six pieces lengthwise, then goes the mashed potatoes, on top, instead of cheese, we add regular sugar, it becomes golden in the oven, it is delicious. Try my recipe, you will like it. Thank you for your stories.

  7. I find it interesting that the favorite meal was cottage pie. It seems similar to Shepard's pie in the United States.

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  11. omg I love this guy! this is soooo cool! and he is so wholesome and kind. You can tell he's just an amazing chef/person who really enjoyed his time cooking for the Royal Family. What an amazing job!

  12. Beef is from cattle and we drink milk from cow when we’re small and then kill it and eat it’s meat subsequently!

  13. I thought all the royal staff signed non disclosure agreements… so many sources close to .. leak stories and tell secrets.

  14. He is so sweet, humble and charming when he tells a story. Please give him his own cooking show! It would be a massive ratings winner

  15. I'm making this with you as the video progresses. Did you ever use Marmite to flavour the gravy? I put some cooked veges on the meat before adding the mashed potatoes. I'll bypass the special decorative effect for the potatoes, but you can make peaks like with meringue. I used marble cheddar. Love your voice and your stories. Someone at home in the kitchen is what every child wants.

  16. If you work with the public i feel it’s important to stay “normal” as possible. Helping “mom” of cheif cook is “normal” it makes you appreciate the things people do. Than just seeing fine meals served to you, having no clue how it got there. Also the kitchen is such a fun place for children. The smells the helping, etc etc,.. it seems small but i think it shows now how they are more “down to earth” than others. Which is suitable for our time/generation. Everyone will always love william and harry and especially diana only because diana was such a kind genuine person.

  17. Funny, I was lax with veggies and didn't push it. I think it becomes a bit of a rebellion thing. The neighbor more strict than me, can't get her kids to eat veggies. Ya know what's funny, my daughter now feels she's discovered veggies on her own now as a big girl. She actually requests salads everyday (but does dislike green beans). It's like opposite, if I would of pushed she would have said no on purpose. This kid now loves spinach, broccoli, squash, (didn't have much as a baby) and now eats this stuff up. . I must have done something right.

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