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Uh, I see bread and pork on the table Yup Frog leg? yum yum yum yum yum yum Oh My God no no no no no They’re living it up. Oh This is just weird. All of it? Oh man. I don’t like this much sugar this is so so super super awful What is that is that? Is that plastic? Oh no! Mm Mm-hmm mm-hmm I feel bad for those kids. This is horrible. Mommy do you do this in China? I hope you don’t What country do you think this is from? Ummmmmm Let’s say a crazy country. A very crazy country where kids think that chocolate milk is regular milk and they dump it in cereal This is a French breakfast It is? You would have this in French all the time Oh no I hope I never live in French or move Close your eyes Pizza pizza pizza pizza Oysters? nope Is this a yolk? Beef, what is it? Raw beef ooh Looks like bread with some bouncy yolk and salmon and cucumber What if I tell you that’s not salmon? He’s don’t. [tell] me that’s cow make law Raw? It’s raw cow meat Yah It’s is horrible? Uh, you do it beef or pork? Oh? Cow No, I ate my sister’s favorite animal Before you eat it, you wanna know what it is? Yes No, no, oh, why are you giving me this ah? those Using it. I mean my mom goes to Chinese buffets she eats this Mostly more than anything, so I’ll leave this to my mom and this will be mine oh Nope, these muscles got no muscles Hmm Why do you always [do] [Kazakh] Candy buffet you’re crazy? You can turn Your try it not be nice to you Carolina. Thanks. No hardest good job Does it taste good? Okay, and Daisy’s good actually should I have yours? [I] won’t let go ahead Even that a whole thing Should we go again? no, I think I need a bowl to spit this in. It’s good. It’s like fish, but Looks like chicken. So what do you think it is? chicken fish? Mmm hmm It’s everything. I’m gonna eat French No, my mashed potatoes in yours. [oh], my mashed potatoes Mm-Hmm use some time to eat That’s like a half day [done] quiver [penton] wait I’m never going to Paris [French] people are so not Fancy I Thought there’s gonna be like a bowl of ice cream. [let’s] play. Let’s walk to the fish No No, I already taste it. I can visit from we don’t have diesel and How come no everything is goes in French? What do you see on that cheese? Uh? I dont know garlic or the French out of their mind [I] Hope that’s not wine A little bit of wine, I want less fine. It’s [ok] Is it [ok]? You know my mom she said I could never have wine until I’m 21, so I Look at the [walk]. Don’t get kid drunk and I’m ready to go because I’m crazy ah Wine is actually good It’s fine promise me. You’ll never tell mommy no, but I’m going to this is cool umm, Could You put the cam out so they cant see the alcohol

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  1. Les enfants de France ne boivent pas vin . Et ces enfants ne r矇agissent quune fois que vous dites ce que cest !
    Je me demande ce quils mangent chez eux ? Ils trouvent normal de manger du poulet pourtant cest aussi un animal

  2. l'id矇e, c'est de d矇montrer au Fran癟ais que ces Am矇ricains sont stupides car les Fran癟ais le pensent et cette vid矇o les aide confirmer que les Fran癟ais sont relativement plus intelligents, ce qui est r矇confortant. enfin, on peut renverser les r繫les et prouver le contraire aussi, mais, shut, les Fran癟ais n'aimeront pas cela, mais les Am矇ricains trouveront cela g矇nial. cocorico ici, mais pas l. Les gens ne sont pas tr癡s objectifs. Le patriotisme enseign矇 et communiqu矇 de diverses mani癡res renforcent des st矇r矇otypes et le patriotisme. Les gouvernements aiment cela. Il faut de bons soldats, virtuels ou non. Les commentaires confirment l'hypoth癡se.

  3. I'm French and I've never seen anyone put hot chocolate in their cereals wtf ! Also please stop with this frog stereotype, literally nobody eats frog in France lol, oh and cheese is not a dessert.

  4. Who the fuck eats chocolate with cereals in france? I am french and I have never ever seen anyone doing this. You could at least have had them actually taste good food instead of all these weird stuff.

  5. je suis francaise et honnetement tout les plats presenter pour ainsi dire sont de la gastronomie donc restaurant generalement ! une personne de classe moyenne ne mange pas de grenouille , ou canard a chaque repas ! ils auraient du gouter des plats comme une quiche lorraine , cassoulet , gratin dauphinois , boeuf bourguignon etc et ah oui ! je ne met pas de chocolat dans mes cereales mais juste du lait ! encore une information bien fausse !

  6. Try some real french meals. It's always better to feed children without clich矇s. BTW, maybe 2% of french have tasted frog's leg. I guess you did the same with others countries.

  7. We dont drink wine Until We get 18.
    We are french, but not stupid, thank you.
    And We dont all eat frog legs
    And We dont put hot chocolate in cereals
    And We dont all like pat矇
    And cheese too
    We have dessert.
    And we dont eat beef every lunch.

  8. Je suis fran癟aise et je ne mange pas des c矇r矇ales avec du chocolat ni du buf cru ni des moules ni des grenouilles…..cest quoi ces clich矇s

  9. Mais ou est le dessert ?? Faite leurs go羶ters des macarons, il penseront peut-礙tre que les fran癟ais ne sont pas si fou que 癟a

  10. Just so you know we Belgians eat waffles and fries damped in hot chocolate at breakfast. And we drink a strong beer (usually around 12% abv) with it. Yes, even children. You're welcome, American friends!

  11. Un steak tartar ca se mange pas tout les jours sinon mama les indigestions xD et puis c矇r矇ale avec du chocolat au lait mdr et eummm les pates de grenouille y'a que ceux qui ont pas de pallait pour manger ca xD. They are just ok with hamburger and gross food with more sugar in it then in france bcs in fact in france we don't have the ice cream truck that come every day we have to ask our parents to get money to walk to the nearest supermarket to buy ice cream ourself lol

  12. I am French and this is non-sense… + you gave alcohol to kids wtf! When you hear kids in France can have wine, those kids are 16 not 8… and only a tiny bit not a glass… not even talking about hot chocolate in cereals… no one does that…

  13. these children will never go to france because of this youtube channel it's crazy and really annoying for us living in western europe

  14. You know what….. fuuuuuuck
    I hate american
    Vous dites vraiment de la merde au meilleur pays de gastronomie du monde alors que votre pays n'a aucun sens de la gastronomie.

  15. None of these are considered as an everyday meal in France ! Most of those woul be on a restaurant menue (mostly frog legs and tartare/raw beef). And for the morning… we never put hot chocolate in cereals + cheese is not considered a dessert

  16. 1 – nobody pour chocolate in their cereal. We use milk.
    2 – Tartare and mussels are a bit fancy, most of us don't eat it once a month. And it's more like once a year for frog legs. I'm jealous.
    3 – We stoped to give wine to kids in the '50s
    4 – we sometimes eat cheese at the end of the meal, but we don"t call them "dessert"

    Bon app矇tit !

  17. So ummm. Whats the reason you guys turned off coments in episode one of this series
    but not in this episode or others??

  18. The correct way to eat that breakfast would've been dipping the croissant into the hot chocolate … Just saying. Why am I even watching this

  19. OK, so this is definitely a thumbs down because I just watched "Kids eat French food" from React channel, and everything was delicious, but this is horrible.

  20. La gastronomie fran癟aise peut changer par rapport a la r矇gion . Or sur cette vid矇o on peut voir que des clich矇s . Non, on ne mange pas tout 癟a tout les jours , d'ailleurs il y a des gens qui n'ont jamais mang矇 certains trucs. On ne donne pas du vin a des enfants. C'est marrant de les voir choques a cause du vin quand dans leur pays les enfants ont acc癡s a des armes.Autre chose, je pense que les personnes qui ont choisi le "menu" ont abus矇. Le fromage qui l'on donn矇 est trop fort pour un enfant qui n'est pas habitu矇 a 癟a.
    C'est triste le fait de voir qu'il y a 0 tol矇rance , les enfants ont 矇t矇 fermes a go羶ter tout les plats. Et bon , c'est surtout marrant de voir des petits enfants critiquer la gastronomie fran癟aise sachant qu'ils habitent dans le pays ou il n'y a pas vraiment une gastronomie.

  21. D'accord 癟a ne repr矇sente pas du tout ce que nous mangeons mais c'est quoi le probl癡me du chocolat chaud avec les c矇r矇ales ? Vous nique mon enfance la, j'ai toujours mangez 癟a !!!

  22. All y'all bitchin about how this ain't french food, when in fact it is, just not as common. Raw beef and frog legs are absolutely french. The thing is, you can't exactly fit the entire range of cuisine in France in a 8 minute video. So what do you do? Pick iconic foods(that may be more imbedded in history) and foods that the kids likely have never tried, as they likely have some experience with french food. A better option would be to explain to the kids that this isn't the usual dining choice of the average person in france, but it is still in fact french.

  23. Ah la t礙te avec le foie gras 不 nan mais au petit-d矇jeuner c'est le chocolat chaud et les c矇r矇ales s矇par矇s ! Et puis c'est pas du tout des plats repr矇sentatifs de la nourriture fran癟aise je conteste ! Donnez leur plut繫t de bonnes cr礙pes bretonnes !

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