Full Packer Brisket on the Pit Barrel Cooker

Today we’re making brisket before we
get into any of that I want you guys to check out the link below to Mac’s Barbecue
Team. They do some great cooks there. They do a variety of stuff and it’s a good channel so do yourself a favor and check that out
As I mentioned we’re doing brisket I trimmed off all the hard fat cap and
with this with the PVC you don’t want any more than a quarter inch of fat so
trim off all the hard fat and then no more than an eighth to a
quarter of an inch of fat The binder I’m going to use olive oil then the rub today I’m using is
Grillmates Applewood rub Now we got that on there, we’ll
let this sit and we come back we’ll be firing up the Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) I’ve got three hooks here. I’m going
to put three hooks in this because if this ends up being too long than I can
just hook it using the second one there’s three there and then rather than
waste this little hunk here that we cut off the end to give us an idea of which
way to cut against the grain upon finishing Rather than waste that we’ll just put a
hook on that and now it’s ready to hang If it hangs too low then I can just put
it on this hook if it’s not too low we’ll just hang it from the regular one okay this charcoal is pretty well ashed
over. I’ll remove the grate. and now we are ready to put in our brisket I think I’m gonna go with the
second hook. It looks like it’s a little bit long.Yeah that is better. Once we
get some shrinkage we will bring it back down to that first hook
There’s a look down there I’ve got some oak from a tree that we cut down in the yard I let it season and cut it up so we’re
gonna put that down there That’s more than enough wood It’s been 4 hours I’m going to check this temperature
You want a temperature around 160 F (71 C) a couple degrees more isn’t going to hurt that’s 168 F (75 C) there
164 F (73 C) so it’s pretty close so I’m
gonna add a cup of broth If you don’t have that you can make your own
with beef boullion cubes or you can add apple juice or beer or water
You wan to make sure you don’t lose that juice Now we can put our grill grate in
We’ll let that cook for about 2 hours or until it comes to your desired temperature
I checked this about 20 minutes earlier and we’re getting readings a little over
200 F (93 C) with some that were 186 (86 C) I wanted to put this in the thickest
part or the lowest temperature part of the meat Right now, since we’re at 194,
what I’m gonna do is check this okay 196 or 197 Fahreinheit (91 Celsius) We put it in this cooler and let it sit
for 2 hours maybe three. You don’t have
to let it sit that long but it helps I’m gonna put a towel in there and let it sit for 2 or 3 hours and then we’ll get to slicing
This has been resting for 2 hours You can see I’ll try a bite Mmm It’s really good! There’s a look that. It’s got a nice
smoke ring here, good juiciness, jiggly so overall that turned out great!
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31 thoughts on “Full Packer Brisket on the Pit Barrel Cooker

  1. Great idea using the multiple hooks. That PBC does a great job. Your brisket looked so delicious. The point didn't look dry to me. Thanks for sharing😃

  2. Nice Chip… your brisket looks good. I was confused about about a couple of things: It looked like you did hook it at the point and the flat was hanging closer to the coals and when you cut the flat it looked to be you were cutting it with the grain instead of perpendicular to it which would make for a more tender bite… because the brisket was cooked nice! Good job! Thanks : )

  3. looks like you were cutting with the grain of the meat … try against the grain next time you might like it better … just a thought

  4. WOO HOO! You hit 103!! Congrats! We are still running neck and neck towards that 1,000 mark! Mine kinda stalled out, no new subscribers for a few days now. Sadly, no wolves either. Today was the last day of wilf hunting/trapping season in my area.

  5. Yum Yum..  Now I know you didn't eat all that.  Did you steal that from one of your dads cows that was eating your little trees?  Its ok you can tell me I won't tell him.  What time did you start the video it looked dark outside?  I am definitely getting a Pit Barrel Cooker.

  6. Every single time I put a full packer on the PBC, the flat comes out dry as hell. Ive tried wrapped/unwrapped with no luck.Everything else comes out great. The PBC is just not cut out for brisket it seems. I feel your frustration lol!

  7. Wow Chip that looks great for a carnivore, but what the hell If I wasn't Vegan I would love this meal. Thanks great presentation, watch full, lke 54 Gary

  8. Looks like it came out pretty good. I think next time I would get the pit going first that way you're not dropping the brisket into a freshly lit Barrel you might get that black sooty smoke on your food which is bitter you might not like that

  9. Man that looks great. I have got to make that setup for myself. Be blessed and Keep up the great work

  10. I've decided to torture myself bu watching your older brisket video. I would love me some brisket right now.

  11. Pbc!!! Did my first brisket EVER yesterday !! Trimmed it injected it, rubbed it and cooked it at 400 degrees!!! Yeah that’s right, hung it for 2hrs wrapped it for 1!! Done baby done. Super good, super juicy!! Started it at 7am done by 10. Went and got a round of golf in, got home, sliced it up and enjoyed it. Don’t understand this 12 hr bs!!! You gonna waste all day sitting there watching your meat!!! I don’t get it!! 400 degrees, HOT AND FAST OH YEAH!!!

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