Fun Painting Techniques with Kitchen Items

Hello everyone. My name is Kate
Cunningham and I’m an artist & art tutor based in Scotland.
We’re all going through a bit of a difficult time just now so I thought I’d
share this video with some fun painting techniques anyone can try using items you can find in most kitchens I’ve also now just finished setting up
to provide my one-to-one art lessons online via Zoom. so please feel free to
get in touch if you’d like any more information on that.
First of all, I’ll show you some of the things I’ll be using today. Please remember to ask permission before using any of these items and it’s always best to have an adult present for any little ones
that would like to have a go. So today, I’ll be using my watercolour set and
paintbrush and I’ve got some water in a jar. Now you don’t have to use watercolour. You can use acrylic so even the block paints as long as you’ve got some water
to make it quite watery that’ll be absolutely fine. The kitchen items that we’re going
to be using today are some table salt which I’ve popped into this little yoghurt tub a kitchen sponge a straw a piece of cling film, tinfoil, half a lime,
and some washing-up liquids in wee tub with some water. So, those are the items
that we’re going to be using today. After I’ve showed you the techniques I’ll
be putting little examples of little paintings that you could paint using
these techniques. Please feel free, if you do give any of them a go, to leave your
pictures in the comments as I’d love to see them.
Ok, so let’s get started! So, to begin with I’m just gonna
use my watercolours, pick a colour, any colour. So I think we’ll go for this
nice Prussian blue and I’m just going to make a pile here on my palette. Now, I’m
using my pallet today but you could use a plate or the lid of a Tupperware dish
anything you like really. You’ll also notice I’ve got some
watercolor paper here, you can use any paper you like but the thicker the paper the better. When it comes to normal cartridge paper it does tend to warp. So I’m making sure this is quite watery so
I’m adding quite a lot of water. Then what we want to do is just paint that beautiful colour on Now, it’s important to keep this quite wet.
And whilst it’s still wet we’re just going to take some of the table salt that we prepared earlier and just sprinkle it on top For the best results with the salt we
need to leave it to dry it completely. If I zoom in just a little bit, so the salt
causes a chemical reaction in that it absorbs water and leaves the pigment
behind so hopefully once it’s dry we’ll see some really nice kind of white
crystal-like spots.
Give your brush a wee wash and a wee wipe And we’ll move on to the next one. So,
same again just pick any colour. I’ve gone for a nice red this time. And for this one we’re going to use our
cling film so I’ve just got a nice kind of square
piece here and I’m just gonna lay that directly on top again whilst it’s still
wet, but whilst I’m laying it down I’m pushing it together a little bit so that
you get these nice patterns forming underneath Again for the best results we need to
leave it to dry but I’ll zoom in a little bit Ok, for this next one here I’m going to get
some colour again and I’m gonna get my square of tin foil this time and then I’m going to turn it the other
way and just press it down, push it about you get some really nice printed effects with this, you can repeat this step, you can crumple up You could use different colours, add different colours on top, layer Layer..
Next one that we’re going to use is the fork this time so again I’m going to make a nice puddle. This time I’m going
to use some green. I’m going to make a nice puddle at the
bottom here, again adding quite a bit of water And whilst it’s still wet I’m going to
take my fork I’m just going to drag it up through.
The next one we’re going to do pretty much the same thing this time
we’re gonna use a knife. Again, any little ones might want to use a plastic knife or have an adult help you. Gonna go for an orange this time Again similar to before just going to take it on it’s side, flat as we can, just have a nice drag through this one has a little serration to it so you might get some fine lines add more water/colour if you need to. Next thing we’re going to use is our
kitchen sponge. So for this, as you might’ve guessed you can rub it in a pool of watercolour if you’ve already made one and you can press, you can swipe and you
can use both sides in order to get some really lovely interesting marks. Next one that we’re going use is
our straw. So again, gonna get a nice puddle for this one, needs to be quite watery
you can even try mixing two colours together So make it really quick watering and
adding quite a lot of water to the paint on the paper As you probably guessed we’re then just
gonna take the straw and have a nice wee blow through the straw You can also use the straw to dip in
your paint, like so then you can print it to get some lovely
bubble type effects Next one will have a go with is our lime this time.
I’ve got another crimson red here I’m gonna take our lime and give it a bit of a squeeze You can see as the droplets of lime juice fall it creates another chemical reaction that disperses the paint Last but not least, we have the washing-up liquid mixed with a little bit of water Use a different color this time, a nice purple. Give your brush a good wash and then you can dip it into the washing-up liquid and then you can
either drop, or dab, on to the paint, and again you get this wonderful chemical reaction So that is all of our techniques for today, if I just peel this cling film up here we’ll see you start to get some of
these patterns the best is really just to leave it until it dries and if i zoom
in a little bit you’ll see the chemical reaction of the
salt has really worked beautifully So, there we have it, I’ll put a bigger
picture in the comments and just now I’ll show you a few different mini
paintings that you can create using some of these techniques.
Thank you so much for watching and if you liked please do share. It might help
somebody just to have a little bit of fun during the day. And keep an eye out because next week I should be hopefully posting another video for you guys with some different techniques that you could do,
maybe finding some things in your garden

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