Fun Recipes for Cooking with Kids : Mixing Food Coloring in Kid’s Cooking Activities

LYNN EPSTEIN: Now, it’s time for the mixing.
Now, this is a really fun part for kids to do, so let them do it. Now, you can have one
child mix it at a time, sometimes that’s best. I’m used to working with four to five children
at once. If you’re just working with your child, take your time. Enjoy the moment because
the stirring is fun and you get to watch their face when it all mixes around. It is like,
“Woo, cool, light blue, how cool is that?” You might want to use your paper plate to
put down your brushes so they don’t get on the table. And I would have a separate paint
brush for each color and let the kids mix them all together. They become really nice,
and again, you want those really vivid colors because they’re going to be the paint for
your bread. Now, let’s say you want to get a little adventurous and say, “Hey, we can
mix colors they’re primary colors. Let’s mix it and make purple.” Why not? Pour some more
milk in and show the kids how two colors becomes one. It’s another teachable moment, milking
it, totally milking it. So, add some red to the blue and what the kids surprised because
now, it’s magic! And now, we have a purple one, lots of things to pick from. So that’s
why even only if you just get three food colors, if you can find a couple or only a little
left in your bottle, don’t worry about it. Mix and match. Create new colors. Have the
kids invent colors, name ’em. It’s all about having fun and talking about what you’re doing.
So, you’ve got your colors all mixed up. Now, we get to paint the face. This is a real fun
part, ready to get the bread? This is our next step.

3 thoughts on “Fun Recipes for Cooking with Kids : Mixing Food Coloring in Kid’s Cooking Activities

  1. i cant believe what im seeing actually feed this to your kids?! Its unnatural! They are going to end up with all kinds of cancer, brain damage, and severe internal haemorrhaging. Feeding children multicoloured poison bread has got to be illegal..

  2. @cookiequeen8 i agree when did green and orange become primary colours because the primary colours are red yellow and blue lol😜😜

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