Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and Metabolism – Online short course

The course is Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and Metabolism and it gives a basic knowledge of biochemistry and physiology involved in human nutrition, and it will give you a foundation to enable you to understand how the food we eat affects the human body. The course is for anyone who’s got an interest in learning more about nutrition, particularly those that may have done an undergraduate course in nutrition where it will act as a refresher course, or those that perhaps want to study nutrition much more in depth, who have got a science background but not particularly in nutrition. Well I think that we’re best placed to teach this course because most of the course is going to be delivered by scientists who are based at the Rowett Institute in the University of Aberdeen, and the Rowett is a place where we’re doing cutting edge nutrition research and publishing world leading papers in the subject of nutrition. So you’ll have access to these experts and really be able to pick their brains as to what’s happening in the world of nutrition at the moment. You will learn basic physiology in terms of their nutrition, so you will learn how the body works and how it responds to what we put into it in terms of food, so it gives us an idea in terms of what’s going on society with complex changes and what you’re eating. So it will give you an insight into what actually happens when you eat. This will give you a basis in human nutrition which will allow you to then perhaps do further study in human tissues particularly in the MSc in Clinical Nutrition at University of Aberdeen. Also it will allow you to just understand better how the body reacts to the food we eat. This is a fully online course, so it will be fully distance learning, so we will basically have lots of online worksheets and quizzes and activities which you will participate in and you will be assessed by multi-choice questions which will be delivered online, and you will also have access to online discussion boards in which you can react to different topics and discuss things with tutors and with others who are taking the same course. Online gives you time to do it when you want: you can choose whether to do it after work, or before work, or at weekends, and you will basically only have to study for quite a short time. It is 10 to 15 hours a week for 10 weeks so it’s quite a short amount of time and you should be able to fit it in. All you need is access to a computer.

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