Furious World Tour | San Francisco – 10lb Ice Cream & Food Truck Challenges, Best Restaurants & More

Hey Bill What’s up, everybody furious Pete. We’re back for another world tour and you can see the golden gate bridge behind us so that means we’re in San Francisco the City has a lot to offer. let’s start the show. One of the most popular and best dishes to get when it’s windy and cold like this is some clam chowder So let’s go grab a bowl and see what it’s all about All right some clam chowder here, so this is really thick thick and creamy With a bunch of clams inside, what’s cool as they put this into a sour dough Bowl So you can eat the bowl afterwards as well. Let’s give this a try That’s actually really good tastes very fresh you can taste all the clams inside This is the perfect place to do it you’re right beside the ocean you’re really like beside the bay and then you got the pacific right beside you and then you’re eating seafood. I mean no, no better place to do it Good way to start the day with the stomach full let’s get rolling We’re at quits a three-Michelin-star restaurant. So you know we’re in for a treat let’s check it out Hello Jeff, good. How are you? Pete, nice to meet you Thank you very much for having me place looks amazing And I’m sure the food is just just as amazing can we get started? I’m starving Why don’t I take you to the kitchen? Yes, please do? Got a sheet of plastic. You’re not eating directly on the iPad Oh, I see you’re eating on top of this yeah, you’re all that’s so cool. That’s a cool experience We’re based in the heart of San Fransisco yep, Silicon valley’s 30 – 35 minutes away We get a lot of designers from these companies and the restaurant I can consider it to be a little bit of gastronomy, a little bit of technology, the end of the day it’s just supposed to be a fun fun little by tomorrow to dismember, we’ll just try to, a little. We try to kind of locate on the video where the truffle may be found by the pig That’s it (that’s it). You found one here, so I’m going to grab this one right here, and then the whole thing in your mouth right? Yep, one bite Melts in your mouth, it just explodes in your mouth. Wow. its liquid since it’s a meant to just kind of explore the Béchamel and the butter. You can’t eat it and take a little bite and not be… I was no that was really good Very rich, but like the flavors inside are fantastic, so it’s the night where you’re awarded your third Michelin star Did you know that the critic was here the taste tester was here at any given point throughout the night? He never kind of knows they’re very kind of Sort of what they do Well, I appreciate your time here today congratulations once again and good luck with everything and I hope to be back here one day in The future so thank you. Thank you I enjoy it, it’s a nice view of the city very refreshing too, you get to like lean out It’s good fun So all these cable cars are on average 1873, that’s when it started Yeah, but these obviously are as old or anything Yeah, they’re being refurbished, oh they’re just refurbished? Oh OK, cool. Very cool. The cable is in the ground, so the car has no power in it at all You know it just has the battery for the lights. Howard’s company this guy has grip. the grip has dyes on it. where it…where it releases a kick.ea We have the brakes on have brake shoes. Then you have the track We’re at Willows to try a very unique doughnut. I heard it’s amazing. So let’s go find out. Hi! Nice to meet you – Pete – nice to meet you Pete I’m Felicia. Well, I’ve heard from you know through the grapevine that you guys have a very unique doughnut here We do, we have something called Pork Belly Doughnuts – Pork Belly Doughnuts! I think I’ll have an order of those because that just sounds very very very tempting I can get an order started… Perfect. (for you) Thank you so much I’ve got doughnuts for you! Oh awesome. So what’s, so what’s the pork belly in this Pork Belly is a whole pork belly that we slow cook overnight in a bit of Beer, Orange juice, and…Spices So that’s in the middle somewhere? That’s in the middle. ok. Oh, yeah, look at that! look at all the…all the, The gooeyness on the outside. let’s cut this guy through boom They’re a little melty apart. They just fall apart huh? Oh yeah. Oh. Oh, yeah This is different, and this is a better different because it is so good. I was fantastic already It’s good, it’s really good Hey, what’s up? What’s up nice to meet you terry. Nice meeting you here. Thanks, thanks for having me. I’m here to engage in that delicious delicious dessert of yours called the kitchen sink challenge? That’s right. So if you finish it under 30 minutes you get…free ice cream for a year or something? yeah, free ice cream for a year. So I got to come back to San Francisco many times to get my ice cream. you don’t deliver right? All right. Damn. Damn! Right now, this is probably our most unusual one. it’s uh, purple yam. It comes from…Ube, which is from the Philippines All right. Sweet, some Ube. Is that going to ruin you for the challenge later? yeah, i’m totally ruined now. Ooh, that’s actually really good. There’s going to be that much unfinished. I know! And I’ll be like ‘awe, i shouldn’t have had that sample!’ It’s very important before you do any challenge any ice cream challenge to stretch We were going to have a party and we were going to share a big sundae then the challenge came about one person Joe had asked what he would get if he finished the whole thing And i told him if he finished the whole thing i’d give him free ice cream for a year. It just became a thing. Here we go. Three. Two. One. let’s go That’s good. That’s cold. That’s that brain freeze guys. I beat this in five minutes. It may look like I’m almost done, but I’m not So Pete, you’re almost there. Your making good time. Your about eight minutes in. One more cherry. Now hold the sink and tilt it over so i can see it’s empty. Think that’s good enough? oh, yeah, okay cool awesome. There we go guys. Free ice cream for a year. sweet! You have like four or five people this is a delicious treat. I highly recommend doing it. That’s about 1.5 to 2 gallons of ice cream It’s going to weigh, depending on what toppings you get, it’s going to weigh about roughly 10 pounds. It’s in my belly so what happens when you take sushi and Burrito and combine the two concepts together? You get sushirito. Let’s see what this is all about The Geisha’s kiss. This is the sushi rito. A sushi burrito right and really what it looks like is an extra large sushi roll Let’s see what it tastes. That is really good. I’m not sure What that crispiness is inside? Whatever it is. It adds It adds a lot to it. I recommend I recommend trying this if your a fan of sushi Try it if you like your burritos, but you like a little bit of fish added try it cool concept Hi, good morning, William. Yeah, hey nice to meet you So what are we creating here today? We’re going to show you our signature rebel within What’s called? It’s called a rebel within. a rebel within? Okay. It’s a all-in-one breakfast savory cake. Gonna add our eggs We’re going to add ours, from fresh. So we basically make the sausage without casings and then cook it and chop it up But It’s going to take an American breakfast sausage a little bit of spice…a little bit of sweetness Give it a little nest you know, in the bottom. That’s perfect. Yeah. So how long do we think to get these guys up about 15 minutes, okay perfect all right let’s get ‘er in. let’s throw ’em in. They definitely grew a little bit. Gorgeous. That is beautiful. And I think I think you did a great job. Yeah look at that That was good. The muffin was very moist You can taste all the spices inside, the sausage comes out The Green onion actually makes the flavor much better Hey, hey Hey, what’s up man? How are you? good man. I heard you got a good challenge here. Bring it on. Let’s see what it’s all about Drinks, fire. This is Daniel. Yeah, what’s up man? Oh my god man I watch your videos. Very cool very cool nice to meet you. Great meeting you! Yeah you too man This guy’s famous right here. Are you hungry? I can eat. This is one Monster sandwich you can feel the weight of it. It is insane like look at all the cheese and meat This is not an easy challenge whatsoever like at all at all, this is nuts. Good luck man out, LOL i don’t know what else to say dude, it’s a lot Timer starts………..now Or it’s like now. I’m like reevaluating. I’m like Two more restaurants to hit up don’t want to feel like death So thank you. It was a fun challenge, but going to leave a little bit for you. I appreciate that man. We’re not going to scrape it like how you usually might see but we’re doing a technique where you run the knife underneath the scales Sure, so what was important here? And you just want to put a place. see how the other scales lift up. Then move the knife Up and down. Don’t push. Don’t push it. You feel it sort of go on its own This is our our sushimi main, my mom’s recipe It’s fine because it’s delicious has a lot of ingredients and also the Garnishes look cool because they move That is fantastic Usually when you have sushimi your dipping it in soy sauce and here you have olive oil and changes the flavor Changes the Flavor a lot and like in a good way. I like it. I like it a lot This I would say is like The kind of food that you eat with a beer. It works well with a beer. Here, i’ll show you guys. It works well. Alot of celebrities come here. This is like the place to come this is the place to come and enjoy yourself and Kind of just like pretend you’re in a tropical island in the middle of San Francisco. It’s a lot of fun And the food is good, too.

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    btw how many episodes does he have like this?

  4. I still need to try the boudin, it’s so close to my home yet I still haven’t tried it. We got one at the mall close by so after being reminded of it from watching this video, I will definitely try it sometime this month.

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