Galette food truck !! Bretagne open-air market

Today I’ll show you how the city looks like. Today is Saturday morning so I’ll head out
to the open-air market For me, it is a must-come place,
because at the open-air market you’ll find the special products such as
groceries, foods or decorations things that represent the culture of the region. Now you can see there are lots of clothes,
hats, household products, vegetables, etc… You can find all most everything you need
here and the price is not too expensive. And now, this is a food truck!! with crêpe
and galette. If you haven’t known yet, crêpe and galette
are the traditional foods of Bretagne and also of France. She is making a crêpe. Today I’ll treat me a galette with sausage
and cheese. Normally, a galette costs you 2.5 euros. It could be more expensive, depending on what
ingredients you want to put inside your galette You can have galette with eggs, sausages,
cheese or maybe all of them. The sausage is good but a bit salted for me,
the galette is crispy. You can grab one and enjoy in the morning. You can see very big loads of bread. Bretagne is also famous for black wheat. Seafood! Saint-Brieuc is near the sea, and the famous
seafood here is Coquille Saint Jacques. Flower shops make the market cuter. People stay in line to buy vegetables. This region also has favorable conditions
for cultivation. Now is the time for music, Breton music. Breton is the traditional or ancient language
of Bretagne. Nowadays, not many people can speak it but
it is still a pride of the region. I hope you enjoy it Thanks for watching and see you in the next video

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