1. Phew! Just about managed to put a video up this week folks! Sorry it's a little different style, was just much quicker for me to film this way 🙂
    Here's the ingredients http://www.myvirginkitchen.com/recipe/garlic-mushroom-spaghetti/

  2. like the other I much prefer the you in the video but I understand time limits, most people don't realize how long editing can take. Awesome recipe, also as i quick tip to anyone who reads this you can do this as a one pot recipe as well by pre making your pasta and doing the rest of the skillet steps in the pot. but if you don't have a non stick saucepan/skillet you have to watch the sauce carefully, when done toss the pasta into the pot again stir and serve from pot.

  3. Don't mind this kind of video, but the music was awful…!
    Take the time to actually find something good and not this 'insane-in-the-brain'-driving kind. Yeah?

  4. I rather like that music. I also enjoy hearing you speak, but I don't mind the music from time to time. Thanks for the recipe Barry! I bet it would be good with chicken and vegetables… mushrooms are the only food that I just absolutely can't eat… I will try anything other foods. But I appreciate the optimization of this. 😆 You're the bomb!!!!!

  5. Barry, I'm here for the witty chitchat & pugs, not the music! I've never cooked anything here but I still watch every video!
    Besides, I think you need some nice new stainless steel pots & pans, because yours are looking kinda tired.

  6. So, just fyi for those that are confused by white gravy in the US, the sauce he made was one ingredient shy of a type of sausage gravy (the sausage – should be browned and crumbled to the size you prefer) – I mean, you can call it whatever suits you wherever you're from, but that's what's put on fluffy buttermilk 'rolls' if you prefer calling them that.

  7. for those looking for a lower carb version, you don't need to add flour to thicken the sauce, just use heavy cream and simmer till it thickens 🙂

  8. As far as the video style – I definitely prefer the other style of video. Half the reason people watch the channel is for your personality, and this style removes that from the mix and makes it just another recipe video like you can find on many channels. I don't hate it though, I could totally understand doing this every now and then when you don't have much time to make a full video or whatever. As for the recipe, it looks good but I think I'd probably cut some of the mushrooms and add in some chicken in their place. But that's just personal preference, I prefer dishes that have meat in them.

  9. i do not like this style of video, i understand that you put a lot of effort into it and i appreciate that but i like it better when you talk us through how make the dishes, it seems more personal.

  10. Loved the video as always! Obviously prefer your talking through recipes but this is equally as good in a different way! It's nice to spruce things up from time to time 🙂

  11. I can understand the need to change things up a bit, but have to admit I prefer the other style with you talking! If you do more of these, I do have a suggestion. Sometimes your watermark at the bottom right of the video covered your white captions making them hard to read. Just a little moving to the left would have prevented that…

  12. I prefer the talk through videos better , but this is a nice change for once ! Might actually try this recipe ! (But I'd use less mushrooms personally cause not a huge fan of them)

  13. Want to know true pain? I'm young and living with my mother and mushrooms are my favourite food of all time……my mother's allergic to mushroom….

  14. As much as I miss the talking, I Like the style, I think it would make a good advert for MVK. Especially love the shot of the pugs in background of cooking – I know you are getting your own camera person but you really do some stunning camera work yourself, if only you could split yourself in 2 haha.

  15. Your commentary is what makes your channel stand out against other cooking channels, but the occasional quickie in this format, especially when pressed for time, work really well. I think some people are being unnecessarily harsh – and obviously weren't paying attention when you said that this style is a rare necessity, though I can certainly see why you prefer making your videos like this. Great work, Barry. =) I would try this recipe, but my fiancé can't stand mushrooms, so I might have to reserve it for a solo night or a filling hot lunch. Haha.

  16. I get the reason why you did this, being short on time yet still wanting to upload a new video – and whilst it worked ok, what makes mvk so watchable and great fun is you Barry (and your family). To be honest it didn't feel like mvk, as others have noted it was more like the myriad of other generic food channels found on YouTube. I'm hoping this isn't going to become a regular feature, you have a great presenting style and it's just not the same without you ☹️

  17. Hi Barry, cool to see you trying something new, however I do think that the strength of your channel lies in your awesome commentary 🙂 Cool recipe though

  18. I loved it. Great video and music choice. Plus works wonderful if you are super busy but need a recipe video up. Awesome job Mr. Barry 👍😊🍝

  19. Barry ghet youre parmegeiano facts together please. Regiano and Grana Padano are two grades of parmegino cheese. Regiano is the cheeper stuff and grana padano is aged more and more upper shelf.

  20. Like 👍🏻. I enjoyed the video style and your choice of music not so much LOL. Just as a point of technique I like to use thongs to mix my pasta & sauce. It also makes it a bit easier to service. Keep the vids coming

  21. Everyone's complaining as if Barry said "This is the only type of video I'm going to make for the rest of my YouTube days, get over it." I get that people don't love this style but he was pressed for time, it's not the end of the world. I don't care if he does these once in a while. I HIGHLY doubt all of his usual banter and chit chat is going to stop in his videos. There will be plenty more of him to look forward to. Give the guy a break.

  22. I really enjoy vids like these. But also don't mind ur talking coz ur actually very funny. So whichever type of vids u do, just .. just like make vids, Kay.

  23. I figured this would be something I would like… And as I watched the video, I realized I pretty much already make this recipe, lol! Sooo good! I love cooked mushrooms just as much as I hate raw mushrooms (which is a lot).

  24. While it was pleasant to watch it was also very impractical to follow along.
    I tried cooking this dish (its delicious btw) and it was a nightmare without a written recipe. I had to go back many many times to check again what the next step was.

  25. What herbs are in the mixed herbs? Need to know as I don't think I've seen a packet of that at the grocery store or bulk barn before.

  26. I'm hoping I can swap the milk for almond milk, as I don't do 'moo juice', but I love garlic and mushrooms so I have to try this. Thank you so much.
    As for the video style, I'm a nightmare in the kitchen, and very culinarily challenged, but I don't give a toss about the style of video when it's such an easy recipe. By not holding our hands through something so simple you're not insulting our intelligence. But obviously when it's a more complicated recipe, hold my hand please!

  27. I had to go on the website to check out the full recipe just to make sure I'm not hallucinating … seriously, no salt? XD

  28. While I like having the ingredients written out on screen as you go along with the recipe, I'm also here for the personality as you cook. There are hundreds of videos of arms and bowls on camera to royalty-free tunes. And while obviously we're here for the recipes, it's you, Becky and your kids who make the videos entertaining and not just another "pause, write down an instruction, play, repeat' recipe video. It's because of that personality that I watch every single video you put up (even the ones for recipes I know I'll never make due to severe allergies).

  29. I have an amazing recipe for Creamy wild mushroom soup…just made a fresh batch tonight. Maybe will try some of that over pasta with Grana Padano. 🙂

  30. I know this video is 6 months old, but hopefully someone can answer the question: What is in "mixed herbs"? not sure i've seen anything by that label over here in the colonies.

  31. Hi Barry. Just watched this vid and we'll done. As much as it's great to hear you and you lovely family this style is good too. I'm sure it would be useful for you when like in this vid, you're pushed for time or just want to cook. Loved the music choice although I would love to know what band is it but besides that good on ya. Do vids how you like them mate….we will love ya all the same for your efforts and charisma. (Insert smiley face and two thumbs up here) xx

  32. I love this because it's easily veganisable too! Change milk and butter to dairy free, and instead of grana padano, use nutritional yeast and crushed pine nuts 🙂

  33. I just tried this recipe and over all it was nice! However it does need salt to taste and I think a dash of white wine in the sauce would give the flavour a nice sharp kick to ofsett the savoury flavour 😁, keep up the good work 👍

  34. Hi, it seems cooking is my weak side. I made everything okey, till I got to the sauce. I put in 2 spoons of flower and everything else. But it was thick and terrible at the end. WHY'? 🙁

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