German Food – 3 Dishes To Try In Berlin, Germany (Americans Try German Food)

Good morning Adventurers. Today we’re hanging out in Berlin, Germany. So we were wondering what the foods are that we have to eat while we’re here in Berlin. We were wondering what it’s known for. So instead of Googling it, we’ve been basically asking all the locals that we’ve come in contact with to recommend some of their favorite things, and we’re gonna try a bunch of those today. Yeah.
First up, currywurst. Let’s do it! We did look up the best place to get curry, though, and this place Curry 61 has been what came up most often, so, I think we made the right choice because there’s a huge line. Alright, we’ve got the currywurst.
It looks absolutely amazing. Oh my god you guys, I wish you could smell it. -It smells so good.
-Sick. We also got a couple bottles of wine so there’s a park right over here, we’re gonna chill there and indulge ourselves. It’s really f***ing good! Maybe I shouldn’t have said f***ing.
It’s really good!
(laughs) It’s a flavor explosion man. It’s really good. Woo! It’s delectable.
I need some fries after that! Yeah, get in that mayo! So we haven’t really explained what currywurst is. I don’t think we really knew what it was ourselves until we just now got it. (laughs) But, it’s basically some kind of meat.
What is that? Um, uh, I don’t know.
Some pork sausage? -Some pork I guess?
-Oh! And we got the one they recommended without the skin. You can get the skin on, but the traditional way is without which is why it’s kind of white. And then they put, it’s like a tomato-based curry sauce on it. Which sounds really weird… -But it’s actually awesome.
-But it’s so good! And then there’s special, like, uh, seasoning that they put on top. Yeah, it might be, I think it’s more like legit curry spice. -And then of course, fries and mayo.
-Yeah, you can’t go wrong. You guys, I know just the thing we need after that high calorie meal. -Donuts.
-Donuts! It turns out that Berlin is famous for a certain kind of donut.
It’s actually called the Berliner Donut. -Yeah.
-It looks amazing. We’re gonna go check it out right now. The donut spot is a good ways away so we decided we’re gonna earn it and we’re gonna walk. -Yeah.
-Burn a little calories. It’s only like an hour walk. That’s not so bad, right? Might’ve bitten off a little more than we can chew with that walk, guys. That was a long way. It took us maybe more than an hour and it’s a little toasty today. Might be taking the train home.
But we’ve made it! This is it! Hooray!
Let’s go try some donuts. We probably should’ve gotten one to split.
I don’t know why we each got one, these are fricken huge. We should’ve learned our lesson from the currywurst. So Allison’s not a fan of the plum filling inside. But I actually think it’s kinda good. It’s kinda unique for a donut. The donuts were definitely good, but I don’t know if they were exactly what we were hoping for. The biggest problem was, we wanted something maybe filled with custard or chocolate, but all they had was the plum which was kind of interesting, but not really what we were expecting. But I think that actually might be the more traditional flavor, so I think we did it right. Yeah, so that was probably the right way to do it, just not what we’re used to. After that donut, we really want some coffee and tea. We’ve stumbled upon some cool part of Berlin. I’m looking on the map trying to figure out what it is but I couldn’t really pronounce it.
But I’ll put it in the Description below when I figure it out. But, it looks like they have a lot of cool coffee shops around here. -And after that, what are we getting next? We’re gonna go get some schnitzel.
-Schnitzel. Whatever that is! We’ve just been chillen at that café. We’ve worked up a bit of an appetite though, so, schnitzel here we come! -Time for schnitzels.
-Let’s do it! It looks pretty badass. Are you ready to dig in? Yes, I’m so glad we finally only got one plate of food. Yeah, although this is still way too much for us. We’ve had so many calories today, we might not finish this. But you guys, we already walked almost 7 miles. So I think it almost balances out. We at least burnt a little bit of it off. Ooh! It’s good! -It’s better than it looks, isn’t it?
-Yeah! It’s kinda nice. It’s kind of um, it’s not as dry as I thought it would be. It looks very dry. And it actually feels kinda light even though it’s deep fried veal. (laughs)
Yeah cause if you look at it, it’s actually pretty thin. -Yeah. And though, I think the lemon really gives it nice like, I don’t know, citrusy note.
-It’s kinda awesome. Well that schnitzel was awesome. If you’re in Berlin you gotta check that place out over there, it was called uh -Scheers.
-Scheers Schnitzel. -It might not look like much from the outside, but it is super good.
-Yeah, it is actually pretty awesome. -I think that I like the currywurst a bit more than the schnitzel
-Yes! but, for obvious reasons, it was pretty much just everything that could ever be amazing about a meat dish. Yes! I’m surprised with how much of the Berlin Wall they actually kept. There’s a ton of it in this part of town, and they kind of turned it into a giant art exhibit. It’s kind of classy. Yeah, it’s really weird what this wall has gone through, like, what it used to mean and now it’s just like artwork and we’re like strolling along on a Saturday afternoon, I don’t know.
-It’s pretty hardcore. Okay guys I think we’re gonna end the vlog right here. If you enjoyed it, or found it helpful, it would be awesome if you could share it, hit the Like button, all that good stuff. Leave a comment, tell us what you thought about it. Uh, you can also hit the Subscribe button, if you would like to follow along on our travels around the world. Also, we’re gonna make a lot more videos like this, so if you found this interesting, subscribe so you can follow along on that stuff. And, uh, I think we’re gonna leave you right here. Goodnight Adventurers. We’ll see you on the road.

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