Giant Nachos and Inferno Burger- Food Truck Rally 2018 – Claremore OK

there’s a Jose
y’all know Natalie you got Ricardo hey Carrie
there’s the good chef right back here and again we’re all here to eat some
moose tracks because why not right I got chicken nachos moose tracks like I’m
naked you got naked these good nachos for moose tracks yes they’re delicious that’s weird that’s ridiculous
Jose try it dude try that yeah isn’t that ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous
ridiculous like jump in there seriously grab something it doesn’t matter where are we going
next let’s try some soul food man so close look it looked amazing like a lot
of people are standing waiting for their food so I think it’s really nice let’s
just go and try that all let’s do it purple people eater oh this truck
earlier this year set up a couple of donation baskets for me for the gloves
for the homeless drug I love their cheese burgers and stuff anyways
overnight in this vlog we’re gonna do it again this I really don’t know why I’m obsessed
with eating the hot stuff but I got to do it
so whom are not Umar and I are both gonna go after this Inferno burger and
see if we can put this thing down Peter look at this look at this monster be excited for that bro let’s go find a
gentleman one go so here’s the palm of my hand look how big this thing is it’s
quite substantial for a little burger and it’s supposed to pack a punch so
we’ll see how hundred that is fantastic Purple People beater
look at his burger thank you totally be in your mouth I want a free smile come to get free smiles oh my gosh
that’s awesome look at that everybody tell me where I’m at right now if you’re
in Claremore make sure to come by this spot right here because the people here
are super friendly you get free smiles and they have really cold bottles of
water which is great when it’s super hot outside and take all this stuff lots of
stuff look at range so happy that your carry a
greater heavy hey I’m so happy looking what I’m about to get right now long closed ghetto corner I’m getting
some cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate don’t hate me oh my ah first but use your face off the screen
that’s weird three so thanks again guys for watching this
video I certainly appreciate it I’m wrapping up where my parents are set up
not in downtown Claremore just east of there between Claremore and Pryor at
Lady Luck fireworks din so anyway guys this was a thanks again watching this
video I appreciate all your support what the subscribes and all the thumbs up but
before I leave I gotta tell you guys part of being biggest sometimes is
always following the rule of law um I was questioned last night while I was
out flying my drone over the the food truck rally and I made it got pretty
upset for flying my drone over the event so it came up that the man just asked me
is it legal to fly a drone over people and the law is actually pretty vague on
the subject an FAA regulates that you don’t fly over large groups of people so
always follow the law do the best you can to keep your drone flying as safe as
possible make sure you’re flying in Class G airspace if you’re not make sure
you call and get the required clearances I recommend using an app called air map
or before you fly know what you’re doing and be safe not everybody’s gonna
recognize that what you’re doing is safe if they have questions just talk to them
about it it’s okay so anyway guys again be biggest do what you can to make
somebody else’s day great see y’all in the next video you

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  1. Tell me about a time you found some great food at a Food Truck Rally! Also, be sure to follow my friends on social media! Links in the description!

  2. Oh m'dear Lord! Cheesecake dipped in chocolate! I damn near had a foodgasm when I saw that!!! (475!!! YAY!!)

  3. Chitlin Strut in Sally, SC every Saturday after Thanksgiving!! You can smell the chitlins cooking from miles away!!! I bet the chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick was awesome!!!!!!

  4. Very Good StreetFood Pls Watch and Subscribe My Video

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