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Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re making a Giant Sour Worm! My eldest son doesn’t really like eating that
much cake so he requested this for his birthday instead. To make this you’ll need sugar, glucose syrup,
sorbitol, citric acid, flavours and colours of your choice, water and gelatin. And that
gelatin needs to be a strong gelatin with a 250 bloom. Add the water to the gelatin and stir it well
to combine. And you’ll find all the recipe quantities that you need on the
website and i’ll also explain about the gelatin there and what that means too. Leave that to absorb all of the water. And
then put the citric acid into the pan with the sugar, then add the glucose syrup. A bit
of a trick that I use when pouring glucose syrup is to microwave it for about 5 to 10
seconds, that just makes it a little bit more liquidy. If you don’t have glucose syrup where you
live then look for light corn syrup instead. Stir that over high heat and at first it will
be very thick and then as the sugar starts to dissolve and melt it will become thinner. Keep heating it and once it’s bubbling like
this you can stop stirring and wash down any sugar from the sides of the pan using a wet
pastry brush to do that. Lift up a spoonful and just let the bubbles
subside and check if all that sugar has dissolved. I’m using castor sugar or super-fine sugar
so it will dissolve fairly quickly. Remove it from the heat once it is all dissolved
and add in the gelatin. Now you’ll need to keep stirring this, it’s a big lump but the
heat of that sugar syrup is going to melt it and it will just mix into the rest of the
mixture. Once that is all melted in, add the sorbitol
and stir that through too.Now pour half of this mixture into a separate pan and add the
flavour and colour that you want into each one. Now if you want your snake to be two-coloured
you’ll need to fill one half first and let that set so to do that we’re going to pinch
the mould in the middle and I’m just using some clips to hold it there, you can use pegs
or whatever you’ve got. We’ll probably still get some leakage but we can cut that off and
neaten it up once it’s set. So pour it in and then with any leftover mixture,
tip it into a muffin tin or a silicon muffin case and we’ll use to straighten up the edge. Once it’s set unclip it and just use scissors
to cut off that bit that’s not straight. if you’re happy with it how it is then that’s
fine you can just leave it but if you want it straight add the muffin shaped piece and
any off-cuts and then pour in rest of the mixture over the top and let that set. Obviously in that time the other half of your
mixture will have set in the pan too so just heat it up over a medium heat over a stove
top and stir it the whole time until it’s dissolved and liquid again. And then pour
that into the other half. Oncee that’s set you can peel off the mould
and we have a giant gummi worm but we want it to be a sour worm so to do that mix together
some sugar and citric acid. Stir it in well and then give it a generous
coating all over the outside. Now this really is to taste, the more citric acid you add
the more sour it will be. And citric acid is just the acid found in
citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Shake it and rub off any excess sugar and
it’s ready to serve. And if it’s for a birthday you can of course
stick candles in it like we did. Happy birthday to my wonderful son and you can check out
his YouTube channel over here. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Click here to go to the website to get the recipe and here
to go to the channel on YouTube and see all my other videos. Have a great week and I’ll see you all on

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  3. It did not work. I added the right ingredients. the right measurements. it turned into goo. do you know what temperature it is supposed to be at?

  4. Wow, another brilliant … cake? Haha, the gauze but whoever gets it for a birthday party will be happy :3 😀 I love you channel <333

  5. How To Cook That Hey Ann!!! Plz help me out! My little bro loves gummy candies n particularly loves the cola flavoured ones! Can I substitute water in this recipe for coke? Will that give in cola flavour n get it to taste like cola gummy?

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