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Welcome to A Recipe Reborn, featuring your favourite foods
from Final Fantasy XIV. Hello, my name is Lemon Drop and today I am making… Ginger salad! Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “you don’t
make friends with salad” right? I’d like to propose that you won’t need friends because
you’ll want to eat this all by yourself anyway. Let me just say up front that I’ve taken some creative
license in this video. In my opinion, the in-game recipe doesn’t sound very good,
so I wanted to challenge myself and improve upon it while
still staying true to the game. I’d love to hear how you would change it up, let me know in
the comments. I’m going to start by making pickled ginger. You could buy this from an Asian market, but this is easy to
do at home. After peeling off the skin, I’m also using the peeler to
slice it thin. Prepare the brine by combining the ingredients in a small
pot over medium low heat. Allow it to simmer until the strong acidic smell of the
vinegar is gone, about 3 minutes. Set it aside to cool while we prepare the ginger. Boiling the ginger will soften it slightly and take the edge
off its spicy flavour. Put the ginger into a sterilized jar and then pour the
cooled brine over it. Allow it pickle at least 4 hours before serving. Ok let’s move on to the dressing. Set a pan over low heat and toast the sesame seeds until
they get nice and brown. I’m going to combine all these ingredients into a measuring
cup and then puree them using a hand blender, but you could also do this in a regular standing blender. You could also buy this style of dressing at an Asian
market, but I wanted to make it from scratch so I can have more
control over the balance of flavours. I’m going to garnish the salad with toasted almonds, so
these go into the oven for about 7 minutes. If you’re looking for temperatures and measurements, the
recipe is in the description below. These are wonton wrappers that I’m going to fry to make
Asian croutons. You could also buy these pre-fried but I couldn’t find them
anywhere so I’m frying them myself. Heat 1 inch of oil in a pan over medium high heat, this could be vegetable oil or peanut oil or any oil that
doesn’t smoke at high temperatures. Fry the wontons for about 20 seconds, let them drain on a
wire rack lined with paper towels and season them with
kosher salt while they’re still hot. This is a daikon which is a radish that is commonly used in
Asian cooking. I’m going to slice it thin and then use that little flower
cutter to make decorative shapes. And now, I’m finally ready to assemble! So, I can confidently say after eating three servings of
this salad that it tastes great. The bold toastiness of the sesame seeds, almonds and wonton
chips balance perfectly with the sweet peppery ginger and
daikon. There’s also the multitude of different crunchy textures
that makes this so much fun to eat. For the full recipe and instructions, please check out the
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14 thoughts on “Ginger Salad | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

  1. How would you jazz up this in-game recipe: Ginger, peppers, lettuce, daikon, and olive oil. Please share your ideas! 🥗

  2. Fresh cut ginger does sound a little too spicy. You could also put some fresh ginger in the dressing too. That's always tasty.

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