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– Get your Girl Scout cookies! – And wine! – I’m back with my girl Elise
and we are pairing wines again but this time with everyone’s
favorite, Girl Scout cookies. We’re gonna tell you which box of cookies goes with which box of wine. – It’s a dream come true. – We’re so clever. (upbeat music) – I feel like we should
just dive right in, I mean should we start with most popular? – Let’s go for it. – The most popular is the… Thin Mint. – It used to be my favorite,
stick ’em in the freezer and then what do you do? You eat a whole sleeve. That’s usually how it works. – That used to be the serving. Speaking of sleeve… – It got smaller! – That sleeve used to be like, that long. I guess we could still
eat a whole sleeve then. Okay so let’s talk about box one. They’ve come a long way, you
know, it’s not just Franzia. Now you can get good quality ones and I did a little
research, you know it’s good for people that don’t finish a bottle of wine every time you open it. (cricket noises) We wouldn’t really relate to that fact. Anyway, but they stay
fresh for a long time and you get a better value. – More bang for your buck. – And they come in all
different sizes now. Remember like Franzia
used to be like that big– – Huge! – Gallon. But now they have these little ones that are two bottles of wine and then they have the single servings. This is good for transportation. – Yes. – Here’s the thing, it’s
hard to pair mint with wine. – I’m thinking a red. – A Merlot? – Yes. It’s been awhile since
I’ve had a Thin Mint, it’s pretty good. I like that. – I don’t mind it. – Were you thinking that a white was gonna be good with a Thin Mint? – Feel like maybe we should try the white. – I say Pinot Grigio.
– Yeah let’s try that. – It’s kinda flavorful. – I don’t know, what do you like better? We have eight wines and eight cookies. I’m kinda thinking the white. – That’s what I was gonna say! – Oh good! – [Nicole] Pinot Grigio and Thin Mint. – [Elise] Yay. – Then we’re off to a good start. – Look how good we’re being, like we have our little piece of cookie. – We didn’t even finish it. Heaven forbid we eat eight whole cookies. – I’ve starved myself all day for this. – (laughs) While we’re
at it we’ll try to pair the Merlot with something. I still think I need chocolate. – I agree.
– Oh maybe the S’mores. – Let’s go for that. – This is a newer one, and I think they have different cookies in different regions, okay
so people if we don’t hit your cookie, don’t get mad at us. This is what they have in Alabama. – Comment below and tell
us what kind of cookie that you have that we might not have. – Look at her! Comment below. She knows. These are like five dollars a box. – I was gonna say, they cost more. – It’s got your chocolate,
your marshmallow, and your graham cracker. I kinda like these. – It is kinda cute huh? So we’re gonna try to
pair this with the Merlot? – Mm-hmm. Pretty good.
– Pretty tasty. I kinda think we could
do a darker red with it. ‘Cause it’s really sweet.
– Ooh. Well let’s try the Cab. This is a sweet cookie, the
filling is really sweet. – I’m so right. Much better don’t you think?
– Yeah. I think it also has to do with
the fact that this is Merlot. – Are you more of a Cab? – Yeah.
– Yeah me too, okay. – Like we like Cabs better, but… – Right – [Nicole] This is a good wine too. It’s pretty tasty don’t you think? – I think I might purchase it. – Oh wait, what is your favorite cookie? – These. – Ooh, the lemon, Savannah Smiles. That’s your favorite? – Isn’t that crazy? – Of all the Girl Scout cookies… – I know like I’m obsessed with them. My husband’s like, why’d you
buy so many boxes of those? Nobody wants to buy those. – Those go well with like hot tea. – Hot tea. – My favorite is the Tagalong. – Because you’re a peanut butter girl. – Yes. – I remember this from Halloween. – Yes. – ‘Cause I was the Snickers
and you were peanut butter. Yep, not a fan just because– – Really? – [Elise] Too much peanut butter. – Betcha gonna have some haters. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, I know. – I’m definitely thinking
white on this, aren’t you? – Um… – Maybe a Rosé? – I like that. Good thing I lifted weights before. I mean really we could
make this a workout too. – Start the box wine workout? – You’re on to something.
– Could be a new thing. – Y’all don’t steal that, it’s her idea. Time-out. What do y’all think of our Troop
Beverly Hills hats we have? ♪ It’s cookie time! ♪ ♪ It’s cookie time! ♪ ♪ It’s cookie time. ♪ – I don’t know anything about that. – She has forgotten the whole movie. I mean I kinda like this. – Let’s try it with the red just to see. – Ooh, the lift, the lift. – Exactly. – Take another bite. – I like that better. – Do you?
– You like the Rosé better? – I think so hold on. Serious work. You like the peanut better? – Okay here’s the deal. – If you did, I’m okay with that because this is your favorite cookie. – I was gonna say, since
this is my favorite cookie, can I make the pair? – Yeah. – Okay. – Should we talk about how involved we are with our girl’s Girl Scout Troop. – Best cookie Mom’s ever! – We’re just killing it. Now we sell cookies on Facebook. – But we let them make a
video, and we post the video so I mean they are putting
themselves out there. – I actually did make Stella
go to at least 10 houses. Then half of them weren’t home and half of them don’t
answer the door anymore. That’s the way our society is now. It’s like you can’t even answer the door for a little girl trying to sell cookies? We did your favorite and
now we’ll do my favorite. – Okay. – The ole Tagalong. I feel like we did Pinot
Noir’s with the Reece’s Cups. I kinda think a Chardonnay though. I kinda like a Chardonnay
– Let’s do it. – Y’all still wanna know
about her Chardonnay story? – I still don’t have enough followers, y’all need to be
following me on Instagram. I told you if I get to 3,000 followers I would tell you the Chardonnay story. – Chardonnay. – Come on, say it the real way. – Chardonnay. – Yes! – Thank you. – You’re welcome, let me get that for you. Mm, so good. Salty. Sweet. It’s kinda good – Think you might’ve nailed that one. – I think I might have
tried this one before. – Okay. – Somewhere. – You might be making me like this cookie. – See! Dang that’s good. – [Nicole] Chardonnay and Tagalong’s. – [Elise] That’s good. – I feel like when I was a Girl Scout they were like two-fifty a box. Now they’re– – Four, five dollars. – They were three-fifty for a long time and they just went up to four dollars. Here’s a question, what’s
the most you would pay for a box of Girl Scout cookies? – Ah! – There’s the price that you pay like, ’cause you have to buy some
’cause your daughter sells them, – Right. – And then there’s just the
price that some people pay because they have been waiting all year for these cookies. Five is pushing the limit for me. – Oh I won’t do more than five. – Oh, but you know what else can go good with the Chardonnay? – [Both] The Do-si-do’s. – Sorry I get excited when we think alike. What about…have we done the Rosé? – Oh we can do the Rosé,
let’s try the Rosé. – Okay. – I like a Do-si-do, you know, it’s kinda like an oatmeal
cookies meets peanut butter. ♪ Do-Si-do, do, Ddd-doo,
ddd-doo, do-do-do ♪ – From the movie? – No, it’s buttermilk biscuits, – Oh. – So you didn’t think I
know that kinda music, and for more Sir Mix-A-Lots favorites, follow me on Instagram. – Mm, these are pretty good. – Like maybe it’ll make
us like the Merlot more? – Exactly. I like the Rosé better. – Me too. Okay good. – Rosé and a Do-si-do. Alright the Samoas, so
we still have a Merlot, we have a red blend, and the Franzia. I will not do that to the Samoa, so we’re not even gonna
bring out the Franzia yet. Here’s the thing, I don’t
like macaroons really. – Me neither.
– I don’t like coconut cake. – But these suckers– – But these are good.
– Good! – Okay this is the… – Red blend. So I had this thought in the car, if Twix came out with a coconut
twix, it would be a Samoa. – And just a hint of coconut, not– – Twix just like two
percent, that’s all I need. You can have it, two percent,
hashtag not sponsored. The Girl Scout’s are not
sponsoring this either. Try it with the Merlot. I don’t know why we can’t lose weight. (laughter) – It’s better than the red blend. – It is. Because it’s such a yummy cookie. It’s just perfect with this Merlot. – Mkay. The Merlot held out. Okay, so now, we are down to two cookies, and two wines. How do you feel about the Trefoil. ‘Cause this is like the
insignia of The Girl Scouts. – It’s got a sash on it. – Like the Girl Scout emblem is a Trefoil. – These are my father-in-laws favorite. – They’re like Marlee’s favorite. I’m like not much to ’em. I mean everybody likes
a shortbread cookie but – Now we have all the
other Girl Scout cookies – Sometimes I like to take the Trefoil and put little Nutella on it. – Of course you do. – So hopefully this
goes with the red blend. They are pretty good. – I know. – A serving is five cookies! – Oh my gosh I’m getting
old, I just went… – Oh you did do that! – I just went like this.
– I was like whoa! – So five cookies is 160 calories, so that’s not bad. – But like only two is 140 of Tagalongs. – So you can have five of these. – But I would be content with three. (gulping) – I think it was fine with this don’t you. – [Elise] Yes, yes. – Okay. We’re knocking this one out. This is my kinda thing, because, like you don’t have to make desserts you just lay out all
the Girl Scout cookies put wine, have girls over. – And our girls get to
sell a bunch of boxes ’cause even if we have to buy ’em – For the party.
– For the party. – It’s still cheaper
than making a dessert. – Yes, and our daughters
will like us more. – We might have to do this. – Did you sell all your cookies? – See, I do the presale. – Oh. – She buys a bunch and
then tries to sell them. I don’t have that
confidence in my selection. So, we go sell them
first, and then that’s it. – That’s actually really smart. – Stella has like four days
to sell them and that’s it. The final cookie is
the gluten free option. Look, bring out the Franzia, when was the last time you had Franzia? – Honestly, I’ve never had it. I’m not kidding, I’m not kidding! – I have a Franzia story. This will require at
least 5,000 followers. That’s all I’m gonna say. I just wanna see what this tastes like. If you drink white
zinfandel you’re either… – 85. (laughter) – I was gonna say you’re either
underage or a grandparent. A great-grandparent, like a 80 year old. – Hmhmm. – No offense Maw Maw. (sniffing) – Ooooh
– Ooooh (laughter)
(gulping) – Wow that’s terrible. (gagging)
(laughter) – Oh my gosh! – So I was gonna give like the worst cookie with the worst wine but I don’t even know if I can give it to the Toffee Tastic. – Why is that only like 10 in there? – And this is the more expensive, this is also five dollars a box. Just because the cookies gluten free doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. – No, there’s a lot of good
gluten free stuff out there. – But I think these are
just not that great. Let me see, I’ve only tried them once. The cookie is actually not as bad as I remember it the first time. – At least the toffee
taste is pretty good. – That is so nasty! We just gotta pair the Toffee
Tastic with something else. – Yeah! – Maybe the Cab again? Just so we can drink it again? – Yes! (grunts)
(laughter) – Please,
– It’s so heavy! – Please get that on camera! The new exercise, the box wine. – Here you go look, One, two, three. – That’s good though. – Oh my gosh that’s like,
we just burned a cookie. We just burned a calorie. – Alright so Toffee Tastic It’s just like sand just
going straight in your mouth. – It’s sand. – If you need help developing
recipes for cookies Girl Scouts, give me a call. – I mean of course I like that. – I kinda think… – Rosé? – Rosé is gonna be better with it though. – I think that’s better
– That’s pretty good. So we had to double up on the gluten free Toffee Tastic
going with the Rosé. – And I feel bad, like
I’m not putting people down that drink Franzia
but it’s just not… – I am. (laughter) Do you think we earned a patch for this? – Oh totally! – Surely there’s a patch. Is there a patch for that?
– Is there a patch for that? – Patches, we don’t need
no stinkin’ patches. She doesn’t remember that line either. – But I like your accent. – If y’all think Elise should
watch Troop Beverly Hills for the first time in 20 years then comment below! – I will do it. – If they don’t have a patch
for cookie and wine pairing then we will… – We’ll invent our own. – But if you want to boost wine sales listen to me wine people pair them with Girl Scout cookies and set your booth up next to the girls outside of Wal-mart. – Huh! Win! – Win win! I think we’re getting
more skilled in our wine pairing abilities. – I think so. – You know we are not trained sommeliers believe it or not. – Look at that word she used! – See, sommelier. But I think we know a little something. I mean I think we come up
with some good pairings so let us know in the comments below what you would like to see
us pair wine with next. Or maybe you wanna see
us pair vodka with things ’cause we’re good at that. (laughter) and by we I mean me. Ready for the new pledge? – I’m ready. – [Elise and Nicole] On my honor I will try – to like – Comment – And subscribe – On Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – Share this video and click the bell and support your local Girl Scout troops. Cheers! (glasses clinking) (patriotic music) We’ve done the damage. – It’s like house party! – Right! It’s like the Girl Scouts
threw a house party. – I was gonna say this is like
the 40 year old house party – Yeah – Come have some cookies with us – She ain’t right, she ain’t right (upbeat music)

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