Gonna Be A Good Day

– Hey, there, how are you? Everybody say hello. – Good morning. – [Asa] Abigail, say hi? Good job, wow. You are just dripping everywhere. Give me a paper towel, Mom? Thanks, holy cow. Start to a very busy day, very busy day. – Yeah? – [Asa] Yeah, we got a lot to do today. Kidding? We still have to shop, right? – Yeah. – [Asa] Yeah. – Can you hand me that? – And work concessions,
like work concessions. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – ‘Cause we’re varsity parents, we’re gonna work the JV
game, it’s a Thursday. Get Abbie to school, triple
P video goes out today. Haven’t done that yet. Got a lot to do. So the video that went
up yesterday for us, the one that went up on Wednesday, do me a favor, I would
really appreciate it if you’ll go over there, go
down in the comments section, find a comment, and just
leave some words of support or encouragement for somebody. A lot of people are
going through some crap, and everybody opened up
down in the comments, you know, on that video. – [Priscilla] It was very heartwarming. – It was, like I was
getting a little teary-eyed this morning just reading it, and thank you guys for opening up and my heart hurts for so many of you. It was tough, but I appreciate it. I’ll link that video
right up here on YouTube and down or in the
description on Facebook, so click on that, go over there, leave a good positive
comment for somebody. Show some support, let’s change
this whole comment section around to something supportive and heartfelt. Good job. You are movin’ at a
good pace this morning. It’s a cute backpack, but
I can’t stand the straps. She can’t put them on
by herself very well. Isn’t the pool so much quieter? – Yes. It is. – Somebody commented a few videos back that there might be a
valve for the air jet thing that was making all the
noise, and there was. I found it, so I turned
it, and now it’s quiet and I love it now. It was so annoying before. See we’re just people
helping people, you know? That’s what this channel’s all about. Y’all helping us, us helping you, y’all helping each other. Love it. Bye, love you. Bye, can I have a kiss? (kissing) K, I love you. Priscilla came home form droppin’ Abby off with a PSA. – [Priscilla] I did. – Public service announcement. – I want everybody to download the song, Have a Good Day by who? – [Asa] I think it’s Gonna Be a Good Day. – Gonna Be a Good Day,
by Nappy Roots, okay? Just give it a chance, I’m telling you. It’s gonna put a smile on your face. So Abby and I listen to this song every single day on the way to school. I took her picture today
’cause I wanted to see y’all, she’s jamming out, we got
the windows rolled down, the sun roof open, the worst
traffic in Jacksonville, but it’s gonna be a good day. We’re lettin’ people in and
out, be nice to each other. Be positive, it puts you in a good mood when you hear songs like that. There might be one or two
cuss words, just ignore that. The beat is good, just the vibe. I’m lettin’ people in and out, and I’m like, “Cut me off, I don’t care, I’m gonna have a good day.” It’s just gonna put you in a better mood. Now I’m ready to go, you ready? You need to listen to the song. – [Asa] You need to calm down. – You need to listen to the song so you can get in the same mood. You need to have your
whole family listen to it ’cause if one listens to it and the others don’t, and we actually listened
to it twice today. So between that and Dunkin’
I’m gonna have a good day. (laughter) – [Asa] Ready? – Yeah. – A lot goin’ on? – I’m overwhelmed. – Busy day? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Told you, told you
it’s gonna be a busy day. – [Priscilla] I know, got my
water and I’m ready to go. – [Asa] So Isaiah all in black
right next to the goal post holding the football,
the shorts he’s wearing are the ones that we got for him to dress up like a VSCO
girl for spirit week. He’s the one snapping the ball right now. Them thighs though. Why did he wear those for football? (laughter) – [Priscilla] I bet you
he forgot his clothes and they were in his car or something. – [Asa] No, they weren’t, I
folded them the other day. Yeah, I just set them up. – [Priscilla] Maybe he didn’t
realize that’s what is was and he grabbed them not knowing. – [Asa] Maybe. – [Priscilla] That’s even worse. (laughter) – Maybe they got spandex liners in them that show from underneath the shorts. Like bicycle shorts. We’re settin’ up for concessions. Priscilla and I are actually
working concessions tonight. I think I talked about that earlier. Probably did, it’s been a long day. Been a lot of talking. (whistling) Game’s almost over. – It is. – [Asa] Look, I broke the grill. Got a little bit of a lean. – Lean with it, rock with it. – It had three good wheels,
now it’s down to two. Things keep breaking on that thing. Thing sucks. All right, we’re about
done for the evening. – Yeah, we can go ahead
and start packin’ up. – Go home. Look at all this money we made, you guys. Isn’t that awesome? So all of that is for all athletics. It’s what the booster club does if you’re not familiar. I know not every country
has a booster club. It might only be a US thing, I don’t know. But booster club supports
athletics at our school. So by selling concessions,
we buy all this stuff and then we sell it,
and any profit goes back into the athletics department, but not, how do I explain that? It’s not an entity of the high school. – It’s for the parent booster club. So things we help with, like we personally just approved
to redo the weight room, so that’s like 3,000 dollars, and it helps every sport
can use the weight room. Last year, we bought a zero turn mower, so it just helps with
different things like that. – We try to buy big things
that impact the most amount of students. – Right. – Or the most amount of student athletes. Yeah, not a school thing. – This year, we also
brought back a scholarship opportunity, so one male
and one female athlete that are seniors will have the opportunity to get a scholarship for 500 dollars each. (vocal stimming) – [Asa] Walk it like I talk it. Hey girl, who are you? Are you wearing your brother’s shirt? – [Isaiah] She’s wearing
your shirt, I think. – [Asa] My shirt? So we’re Dunkin’ fans. – Yeah, yeah. – [Asa] Is this… Shh, is that sacrilege? It says Donut Shop, it’s fake. It’s fake Dunkin’ coffee. – As long as you drink
it in the Dunkin’ cup, I don’t think anyone
will now, so it’s okay. Can I get mine, too? Let me just, hold on. Let me move this out the way real quick. (laughter) (buttons clicking) (gate closing) – I’m so happy that we got
that light from that company. She loves that thing, like
that’s her chill zone. So I went up earlier, and she was feet, from the shins down hanging off the bed, and just laid out. She just went up there, checked
out her light for a bit, passed out. Where’s the kitty? – Oh, I took her back to her room. – [Asa] She went to her room? Isaiah’s room? She went to bed? – Yeah. – [Asa] Good. Maverick can have his spot. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – So I got an email today. – Yeah? – Just kinda requesting that we show more of the real real, of like
when we’ve had enough, or when the bad days, I guess. – Yeah. I’m like, do I know about this email? – So. It’s not like we don’t face hard things, and Abigail doesn’t have bad days, and we don’t deal with
meltdowns and stuff like that, I think as parents, we
want you guys to understand a lot of it is a mindset thing. Priscilla’s been putting
on the radio every day that song by Nappy Roots,
Gonna Have a Good Day, and starts her day off
like that, I mean whatever. If it’s Nappy Roots that
gets you going, hey. – If Nappy Roots can’t get
you going, nothin’ will. (laughter) – But I think it’s a good point. A lot of it’s a mindset. Yeah, we have bad moments
and stuff like that, so I think a lot of people tend to focus on the negative too often, and I don’t wanna come across like, oh we’re doing it better than you. There are times in our life where we did the same thing as well. It’s just all about a mindset thing. You just have to… That’s the best thing
that we’ve learned to do is to have that mindset,
focus on the positive things. So think back to SFA. You know, I showed at the end of the vlog where Abigail was overwhelmed by the loud music, and the dancing, and just tired from surfing all day, and swimming and stuff,
and it just got to her and she was doing her sobbing thing, and that was for a while, like I only showed a few seconds of it, but that was a good
hour and a half of that and it kinda made the end
of the night kinda meh, but I asked Priscilla, I’m like, “How was Saturday after SFA?” She’s like, “Great.” And I remember it that way, too. I was like, yeah it was great, like we focus on the positive stuff. Abigail was so full of
smiles and loved dancing and running around and just being crazy and having a great time. We just focus on the positive stuff. I think often times, we
find ourselves like oh, she was crying and upset,
and we focus on that stuff, or if your kid has a
meltdown during the day, you focus, oh, it was a
rough day, we had a meltdown. Well what about the rest of the day? This is real. – This is who we are. – Yep. – The other thing though, is
if we were negative people, I don’t feel like you
guys would wanna watch us. – Yeah. – You know what I mean? – There’s so much other drama. Priscilla’s mom said that, you know, that people enjoy watching
us because we are positive and because maybe we
give them a little bit of an escape from their real world into our real world for
a little bit, you know, and I think you guys have
enough drama in your lives that you’re dealing with,
you don’t need to deal with ours too.
– Some of the comments Yesterday were just heart-wrenching, the things that y’all are going through. – You guys take time to watch us, and you have so much crap
you’re going through in life. – So if our videos can
bring a smile to your face because you’re having a crappy day, then heck no, I have no
reason to be negative. We have a great life. – So it’s a choice not to
be negative on the vlog, but and then it’s also
just who we are, you know? – In general, you can
ask people who know us in real life, and this is just who we are. I don’t know. – So, I don’t want you to think that we’re sugar-coating things for your benefit or for ours. We just choose to focus on the positive and it’s just something
that we’ve learned to do. I think the alternative, I don’t think I’m strong
enough to deal with life if I focused on the negative, you know? Are you looking for your cat? – Yeah, I was like where’s my kitten? – [Asa] Tell her we said goodnight. – Okay I will. – She was so cute when
I took her in there. She hopped on your bed and
was leaping around the bed and onto the floor, like this is my place. – [Asa] So we were talking
about being positive. I think I just said that I don’t know that I’m strong enough minded person to focus on the negative stuff all day. – Yeah, it would be
really hard to live life. – I’ve had those moments,
and it’s not a fun day. I’m not, I don’t know. I think Isaiah would be very similar. He’s a very positive person. When you get down and negative, you don’t deal with it well. – I was just think about this today, I was like, oh man, I’m in a
really good place right now with high school, and I was like, man I’m gonna be really sad when I leave, ’cause I’m really enjoying myself, and I was like, it would almost be better if I was just hating life right now, and like I was failing all my classes. I’d be like okay, I’m finally done, but I don’t think I could do that. What’s better, hating all this time that you’re living through, and you’re like, oh my
gosh, every day is just. – [Asa] Waiting for the next? – Yeah, like when am
I gonna be out of this versus just doing really
well, I’m loving this. – [Asa] Yeah, even if
you weren’t doing great, just appreciating where you’re at now. Finding something to appreciate. It’s easy to like things
when they’re good. – True, true. – Totally off subject, have you figured out who’s
coming to your party? – I was actually just about
to ask you about that. – Party, oh my gosh,
he’s gonna be 18, y’all. – 18th birthday party coming up. We’re gonna have a party at the house. It’s gonna be epic. – Oh my goodness, I can’t
believe you’re gonna be 18. – We want you guys to have a good day. We want you to think positively. It’s gonna be a good day. – It is. – [Isaiah] It’s all
gonna be all right today, all I wanna do it get by today, hey. – It’s like our theme song. – It’s gonna be a good day. – Today, tomorrow, it’s
gonna be a good day, guys. – Bye guys. – Bye. Goodbye. (beeping) – Hey there, how are you? – Hey, how are you? – [Asa] I was talking to her. – Oh, got it. – [Asa] Not for you. (laughter) – Office dance party, let’s go.

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  1. Asa, you hit the nail on the head. Studies show that people who focus on the gratitude (or “appreciation”to use your word) for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have are a lot happier. Some times when I see the incremental steps it takes to teach Abbie to do something new or seeing her regress in some areas when you moved houses really breaks my heart for you. I think how frustrating it must be for you sometimes. But you both refuse to give into that frustration or self pity, and I admire you. We can’t always choose what life gives us, but we can control how we choose to deal with it. You guys epitomize that, and you give me perspective each day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your positivity and videos! I’m currently not able to do much due to a herniated disc in my back and I’m awaiting surgery. Your videos make my day less boring and always lift my spirits. Thank you, you all are such an inspirational and amazing family!

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  9. I really wish I had found you guys when my kids were little and I was really struggling with staying positive when my life was seemingly falling apart around me. I eventually figured it out, but I'm glad you're here for so many others. Keep doing what you're doing. We know you have bad days, but how you deal with those bad days defines who you are and what your character is. A positive mindset can change your entire life. I love you guys!! (Also, Where is this cute pet b-roll you spoke of a while back?! haha. :P)

  10. “People helping people”…love that. My words that help me (and I replied these to someone on that video you mentioned) are “one day at a time, you are never alone, this too shall pass, you’ve got this,”….I am a long time Autism mom of 28 years! Those words have helped me in so many ways! Knowing I’m not alone on the struggle bus has been the biggest help. Thank you

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  18. Our day today started off a bit rocky. My three year old was throwing a fit, and so was my one year old. I told myself "not today satan," and played that song 4 times in a row this morning and had a dance party with the kids. It turned my day around. I have a hard time not moving on from tantrums, and letting the trantrums have power over me and setting the mood for the day. But today, today was different. I have been following your channel for about a year. My children do not have autism, or do I directly know anyone who does. What drew me to you guys is your all around positivity. You are genuinely positive. We need more of that.

  19. If I can suggest a different perspective in regards to the email you received…I dont necessarily believe it's about focusing on the negative if you were to show a meltdown, a tantrum, Abbie having a period of time when she cries or if you and Priscilla have some "moments", I personally think its for you guys to show and for us to see what really goes on, what you guys do to try and stop or divert those situations, conflicts and resolutions. Being that you guys daily vlog and being that the basis of this channel is about Abigail and your family living your lives that surround autism, it's more of an educational moment(s) for us as your subscribers/viewers. I personally was very ignorant to Autism but over the past several months I have watched and learned so much more than I probably ever would have. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to share a different perspective that it's not always about focusing on the negative, we know no one is perfect, everybody whether you have autism or not has "those" days, at least for me, to see maybe a brief capture of everything, it's a very valuable teaching moment.

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