100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Cooked For Vladimir Putin

  1. "I don't want to get into politics"
    Yeah bullshit you literally read a tweet of Donald Trump's that never existed as a general attack on the Republican party as a whole.

  2. Love Chef Ramsey. Would love to meet him, bucket list. Would not want to cook for him…..well maybe. I've been cooking since I was 14. I'm 42 now.


  4. I wanna make a grilled cheese , I'm good at that , so good that Gordon Ramsey might actually cuss at an 11 year old because I …. You'd have to watch my channel

  5. so chicken wings are his one "They can't possibly fuck this up" food? That's fascinating if you're into cooking. They are really really fucking easy to make. as long as you take care of your grease and cook 'em for the right amount of time they come out great no matter who does 'em.

  6. It's amazing how easily you can tell nobody in the comment section has ever worked in Food Service of any kind before. Let me put it for you simply, a mistake in food service can make someone sick or even kill somebody. That is the reason Gordon is so angry, because professionals who are supposed to know how not to kill people with their food are actively serving subpar poison. Even the chefs that aren't serving deadly food are serving food that is so half-assed you wouldn't even eat it if your mom made it for you and they are supposed to be professionals. Ever notice how he doesn't expect them to cook Grand meals or to copy every recipe that he knows how to make? because he doesn't give a shit about his own brand or whether they're doing the thing that he does, he cares about whether they're doing the right thing and whether their customers are going to be going home with salmonella that night.

  7. You could tell Colbert was instantly regretting inviting Ramsay onto his show when he didn’t rail against Putin like he was hoping he would 🤣. He even called Putin a “great man”…..that probably gave Colbert a stroke 🤣

  8. Two of the MOST handsome and charming men in Show biz in the same show!!! Totally salivating right now… 😜😜😜😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  9. Gordin Ramsey is a fraud and a liar he conceals roaches and rat droppings with other things probably on his person or crew member plants it and ruins a hard working mans business for profit and entertainment. And he lies too, a lot, even when it isn't needed. This is an indicator of a social-personality disorder with criminal tendencies. He has also been caught red handed in his lies, and so called kitchen nightmares. Its true look it up.

  10. In real life, and not in gordan's dream land, Vladimir Putin would eat him! Ramsey is such a liar you can't believe any thing he says.

  11. So I noticed Gordon Ramsay’s behavior was just slightly odd here and connected some dots from what else I’ve seen of him, is he autistic?

  12. The lack of research put into this interview he threw Gordon under the bus, asked him about England Gordon being nice agreed went along with it then says but your scottish😂 Americans are real dumb

  13. Other good questions to ask would have been do you actually film for 24 hours, why, and when are you going to stop this crap program and bring back Kitchen Nightmares?

  14. He is not only nice to kids, he is also nice to the adults of Master Chef. He only goes real Ramsay if he is faced with "professionals" who are bad at their job.

  15. I'm so confused. On "Gordon Ramsey Critique's Stephens PB&J" Gordon said he didn't like grits at all. Are grits just his go to answer when he gets a question about American food?

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